Here’s why ISB Executive Education’s IT Project Management is a must for professionals who want to bridge technology and build for business success.

Project management is often seen as a support or administrative system when it can be a transformational tool. To properly respond to digital disruption, Project Management needs to be integrated with technology and be seen as an important business lever for growth and expansion. Around the world, digital business transformation and product-centric delivery models are altering the role of project and programme leaders. And now, an increasing number of businesses are adapting to this change and coming on board.


That’s why, as per a recent study by NASSCOM, 90% of the surveyed Global 2000 (G2000) companies are expected to increase IT budgets by more than 10% (weighted average) during the next 12 months. As organisations accept that business processes and technology can no longer work in silos, they are also moving away from traditional methods and towards processes more suitable for current market conditions and customer expectations. IT Project Management, which incorporates methodologies like Agile, can reshape business strategy, encourage fluidity, and maximise alignment, value, and performance. It is increasingly becoming the ignition to high performance, value creation, and new revenue streams.

To manage this shift, companies are hiring professionals with strong project management, problem-solving, analytical, logical & reasoning skills. They are on the lookout for leaders and facilitators who can embrace digital disruption, adopt lean techniques, and use tools that adapt to increasingly agile environments.

Why IT Project Management?

Mastering the basic project management tools and software techniques of IT project management can help you:

  • Initiate, plan and run both traditional and agile projects
  • Understand the tools to monitor and control IT projects including project performance, tracking, reporting and communication
  • Deep dive into the different phases and associated activities in a project lifecycle

Acquiring these skills will not only make you competent in the planning and development of comprehensive project and software management but also make you a sought-after candidate for businesses across sectors.

The good news is that project management includes perks for everyone. Professionals adept at project management for software; those who can use tools like MS Project, Jira and @risk, among others, to minimise project risks, drive business value, and deliver desired business outcomes are in top demand. They can customise their career and transition to prestigious Information Technology Project Management roles, managing projects for clientele across the globe, and leverage in-time and efficient project delivery to accelerate their career.

Why ISB Executive Education’s IT Project Management programme?

This 12-week online programme is a must for professionals who want to bridge technology and business for faster business outcomes. This programme offers actionable, industry-relevant learning through modules like Project Selection, Prioritisation and Project Portfolio Management, Project Planning through the lens of risk, resourcing, budgeting, Project Execution, Project Monitoring, Control and Closure, and a lot more. Through comprehensive learning, this programme will help you explore the different phases and associated activities in a project lifecycle, understand the tools to monitor and control IT projects, initiate, plan and run both traditional and agile projects. Towards the end of the programme, you will become adept at delivering projects in-time and efficiently to accelerate your career. Join this IT course and advance your ability to manage IT projects with expertise and agility.

About ISB:

ISB evolved from the need for a world-class business school in Asia. Ranked #1 in Research in

India, ISB anticipated the leadership needs of the emerging economies. The rapidly changing tides of

the business environment, especially in the context of emerging economies, require leaders today, and in the future, to be equipped with leading-edge levers to sail through them. ISB Executive Education designs programmes for professionals providing timely learning interventions that help them enhance their capabilities through specific skill sets and progress in their careers, while positively impacting the organisations they operate in. Through innovative programmes, outstanding faculty, and thought leadership, ISB Executive Education is committed to creating future-ready leaders.


ISB Executive Education is collaborating with online education provider Emeritus to offer a portfolio of high-impact online programmes. Working with Emeritus gives ISB Executive Education the

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format that stays true to the quality of ISB Executive Education. Emeritus’ approach to learning is built on a cohort-based design to maximise peer-to-peer sharing and includes video lectures with world-class faculty and hands-on project-based learning. More than 250,000 students from over 160 countries have benefitted professionally from Emeritus’ courses.


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