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CAGR, revenue reaches US$4.78bn by 2028


above the global average, India reports the highest cybercrime rate


of the global cybersecurity market by 2028, India's share


of Indian organizations demand mandatory cyber risk reporting

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Guide to Cybersecurity

Concepts: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is pivotal to any company’s digital framework in today’s world. Ethical hacking allows organizations to mitigate risks by identifying potential vulnerabilities in a system before they are discovered by cybercriminals. A hacking attempt is authorized on a company’s network to expose its cracks. Emeritus offers cybersecurity courses from some of the top universities in the world. These cybersecurity certificate courses are designed to help you neutralize every cyber threat out there. Moreover, these cybersecurity courses online will help you upskill.

Every company is waking up to the importance of cybersecurity and the need for a dedicated team. It is through cybersecurity engineering that companies nurture architects responsible for our firewalls and digital fortresses. Cybersecurity engineers design, build, and securely maintain computer systems and networks. You can also become a cybersecurity engineer with the help of cybersecurity courses from the world’s top universities only with Emeritus. These cybersecurity courses online are crafted by experts to impart practical skills relevant to the industry.

Cybercrime results in the loss of billions of dollars to companies each year. Cyber threats are like chameleons that evolve rapidly. For example, malware is different from phishing; a data breach is not similar to a zero-day attack. It is crucial to identify these threats to mitigate them effectively. So, it is advisable to learn how to differentiate a variety of threats and vulnerabilities from cybersecurity courses designed for this specific purpose. Moreover, these cybersecurity courses online are developed by industry experts.

A company needs a robust security operations team to detect cyber attacks in time and minimize the damage. The team identifies incidents and devises a mitigation strategy accordingly. They also ensure coordination with various teams and law enforcement. A security team is significant to an organization’s well-being. Emeritus offers cybersecurity courses designed by the world’s top universities to help you grasp the key concepts essential for your organization’s security. A diploma from cybersecurity certificate courses can provide access to jobs.

FAQ on Cybersecurity

Generally, the answer is no. Effective cybersecurity requires consistent education, robust processes, and strong executive commitment.

Cybersecurity measures such as multilayered protection, machine learning, and behavioral analysis help safeguard customer data and maintain trust.

Regular testing of cybersecurity systems is crucial, incorporating both manual checks throughout the year and automated systems that help maintain continuous oversight.

One of the largest cybersecurity challenges is keeping up with ongoing education about cybersecurity and staying aware of evolving cyber threats.

A cybersecurity self-assessment is a tool to identify potential security vulnerabilities within a company. It helps in understanding current risks and the adequacy of existing cybersecurity strategies.

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Cybersecurity involves protecting data and technology systems that handle, store, and verify data. It includes technology, processes, and educational efforts to prevent cyberattacks.

Managed cybersecurity involves outsourcing cybersecurity tasks to specialists who manage and protect the IT infrastructure on behalf of a company, often providing a higher level of security expertise and technology.

Training and educating employees about safe practices is crucial, as many cyberattacks start with exploiting user credentials through social engineering tactics.

Businesses should conduct regular assessments, invest in ongoing employee training, and implement multilayered defense strategies to mitigate risks.

While larger businesses and those holding sensitive data are often targeted, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are particularly vulnerable due to generally having fewer cybersecurity measures in place.

List of Cybersecurity Courses

Emeritus India offers best-in-class online cybersecurity courses for early and mid to senior-level professionals, with multiple financing options, encouraging more and more individuals across the world to undertake these courses. Experienced and renowned faculty members impart these courses via video lectures to give you a thorough knowledge about cybersecurity and the required skills and tools like security information and event management, user and entity behaviour analytics, endpoint detection and response, incident response, penetration testing, encryption, and more.

To apply for any of these courses, you just need to fill out an application form and attach the required documents (where applicable). Once selected, you’ll be intimated about the same. You can pay a percentage of the fees to book your seat and pay the balance amount in instalments. That's how seamless it is to upskill yourself!

Programme University Duration
Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity MIT xPRO 10 Months