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The USD 191 billion Indian IT industry is slated to clock USD 350 billion in revenue by 2025. This growth is fueled by an increasing focus on digital transformation and an uptick in emerging technologies disrupting 'business-as-usual' processes across industries. Get the most in-demand skills in IT for career growth.

Information Technology

$ 19.93 bn

Projected reach for India's IT & business services market by 2025

$40 bn

Predicted reach of eCommerce sales using voice search by 2022

30.9 bn

Predicted IoT devices by 2025


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Guide to Information Technology

Concepts: Information Technology

Indian startups surged by 15,400% from 2016 to 2022, emphasizing the need for web developers who boost online presence and outreach to customers. Full-stack developers with broader skills enjoy higher pay and demand. Enrolling in IT Courses is one of the most popular ways to learn the latest skills and grow your career in full-stack development. Emeritus offers IT courses online from top universities that teach the latest trends, tools, and practices for both back-end and front-end development.

DevOps, a fast-growing trend, combines development and operations for streamlined processes, collaboration, and efficiency. It scales resources, fuels innovation, and meets the demands of a competitive business landscape. Pursuing IT courses online is an excellent way to master DevOps practices and tools. Emeritus’ online IT courses from some of the world’s leading universities teach DevOps concepts, including Azure DevOps, serverless computing, and DevOps on Google Cloud. Moreover, the IT certificate courses help professionals learn the latest DevOps skills and trends.

Michael Page’s 2023 report shows a 28-30% surge in demand for blockchain, AI, and machine learning experts in India due to blockchain’s versatile applications in industries like finance, trade, supply chains, and energy sustainability. Blockchain offers promising career opportunities for IT professionals. Emeritus offers IT courses from top universities that teach blockchain fundamentals, including smart contracts, distributed systems, and architecture. These IT certificate courses provide practical insights for business integration and boost job prospects in various startup industries.

In 2023, EY and FICCI report rapid digital growth in India, driven by cloud and data. Indicating security, cyber threats, interoperability, and performance challenges fuel demand for cloud experts. Pursuing Emeritus’ IT courses from top universities is one of the best ways to master cloud computing. These IT courses online teach the latest cloud computing skills, tools, and practices to advance your career. Moreover, these IT certificate courses are taught by industry experts offer insights into how organizations integrate cloud computing.

Nasscom’s 2023 report emphasizes tech’s role in business innovation. Programming, a key skill, drives automation, efficiency, and innovation, giving organizations a competitive edge. IT professionals should seize this opportunity to learn through reputable IT courses for a successful career. Enrolling in Emeritus’ IT certificate courses from the world’s best universities is definitely a step in the right direction, as they teach various programming languages and high-paying programming skills. Moreover, IT courses online are taught by industry experts that offer valuable practical learning.