A Guide to Developing a Laser Focus

A Guide to Developing a Laser Focus | Leadership | Emeritus

Bill William has been a lead trumpet player with major orchestras internationally. Around 20 years ago, he was determined to find the answer to the question of why nerves get in the way of a great performance. Playing the trumpet on stage is not an easy task.
There’s no room for hiding, and one cannot afford to make mistakes. He realized that when things work well, you will be able to remain completely focused on the time. You won’t be able to hear what others are saying or get clouded by self-doubt while playing the trumpet when everything is well and good.
No distraction has been able to make him lose his focus while playing the trumpet. But when things aren’t well, distractions become more prominent than ever. Individuals get clouded by second-guessing, doubting, fear, and regret.
Bill realized that when his focus wasn’t in the right place, he became reactive instead of proactive. It happens to every individual when they are not focused. While determination, hard work, and willpower are necessary, having the right focus is also an integral part of finding success.
Whether it’s a keynote speech, an important decision, or a live performance, success will depend on your ability to utilize knowledge and expert skills in these areas instantaneously. Let’s dive deeper to become familiar with the importance of having focus in life and some tips to achieve a laser-sharp focus.

Importance of Having Focus in Life

Having your focus in the right place will help you climb higher on the ladder of success. Let’s consider why having focus is such a crucial aspect of life.

Focus enables your mind to access valuable mental resources.

When your mind is not focused, you will be distracted and second-guessing. You will constantly be worrying and fail to devote your mind to the important work at hand. An unfocused mind lays more emphasis on the fear of what can happen. But a focused mind has a clear vision of what it wants.
Suppose you are learning how to ride a bike. Your focus should be on where you want to go and not the things that you wish to avoid hitting on the way.

Focus supports productivity

Focus is all about heightening your productivity and getting everything done. Whether you work remotely or in a corporate environment, you are bound to face distractions. It can be anything from unexpected phone calls to email alerts.

According to research, you will need to refocus on the task at hand after any workplace distraction. When you calculate the monetary value of lost time through distraction, you will understand the importance of focus.

Focus leads to Success.

Focus is a crucial part of achieving both individual and organizational success. Having a clear focus drives your plans and actions.

Focus impacts your well-being.

The link between the mind and the body is extremely powerful. An unfocused mind often focuses on negative thoughts, and they can have a negative impact on your physical state. A lack of focus often leads to health issues like elevated blood pressure and muscle tension. It contributes to the amount of stress that your body has to deal with every day.

Focus helps develop relationships.

Focus has a huge impact on your interpersonal relationships. The world is filled with distractions that can divert your attention. For instance, digital devices are making it difficult for us to form meaningful connections or remain attentive during conversations.
How many times do you check your mobile phone throughout the day? Whether you are at home with your loved ones or at work, you can’t seem to get enough of those rectangular devices in your hands.
Remember that a majority of the information stored by our brain is visual. When you are constantly looking at your screens during a conversation, your brain is not getting enough time to capture a mental image.

Tips to Develop a Laser Focus

Say no to zoning out between tasks with these smart hacks up your sleeves:

Get Adequate Sleep and Rest

Most entrepreneurs agree that getting good sleep is one of the best tips for increasing their concentration. Staying awake after drinking multiple cups of coffee might seem exciting in the movies. But you won’t get much work done by forcefully staying up.

Know What to Do and Develop an Action Plan

Having a clear focus requires you to know what you want in life. It will ensure that you know what to do to achieve the things that you want from life. You can segment bigger goals into small tasks to achieve them smoothly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Breaks

Sometimes working for too long at a stretch can hamper your focus. You can schedule small breaks in between tasks to reset your mind. Going out for a walk or grabbing a glass of water won’t be a waste of time. Instead, it will recharge your brain and help you plough through the tasks again.

Build Your Focus with Emeritus

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