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Growth Mindset: Definition and Ways to Develop it

A growth mindset is one of the most important considerations when you plan your career path. It is one of the critical elements of workplace success. Thanks to increased automation and technologies such as AI, as well as other trends have made the concept of “punching the clock” a thing of the past.

Now more than ever, our careers require us to evolve constantly. According to a recent McKinsey study, about 375 million workers globally will be required to upskill by 2030.

Adopting a growth mindset makes it easier to get a job, excel in your career, and discover more opportunities along the way. It also helps you approach any new possibility with a positive mindset.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A fixed mindset can hold you back, while a growth mindset at work can help you recognize your potential to the fullest.
A growth mindset refers to the ability to approach any work with a positive thought of wanting to become better by the day and keep learning.
Those with a growth mindset at work understand that hard work, effort, careful decision-making, and other attributes are essential and that it is possible to grow in other areas of work. Such people can take charge and are always better at decision-making. They do not feel limited about their potential.


Growth Mindset VS Fixed Mindset

Someone with a growth mindset will view aspects like talent or intelligence as qualities that can be learned and achieved. On the contrary, someone with a fixed mindset may accept them as inherent qualities and something they cannot acquire.
Simply put, a fixed mindset is unchangeable mainly, while a growth mindset is ready to adapt.

Here’s a quick comparison for better understanding.

Fixed Mindset  Growth Mindset 
Want to demonstrate brilliance or talent Want to enhance intelligence or talent
Avoid challenges for fear of defeat Engages challenges to develop
Sidestep hard labour Persist in overcoming obstacles
Treat criticism as an offence Treat criticism as a possibility
Feel intimidated by others’ success Feel motivated by other success

How to Develop a Growth Mindset at Work?

It was Carol Dweck, author and psychology professor, who coined the terms “fixed mindset” and “closed mindset.” She says it is these two aspects that can decide whether you will become who you want to be and accomplish what you value. A person who is more adaptive to an open mindset is taking the first step towards growth. According to a study, knowing the difference between these two mindsets mentioned above can lead to a massive shift in thinking.

One of the first steps towards developing a growth mindset is to embrace failure and use setbacks as a stepping stone. Ignore the negative aspects and use experiences as valuable lessons to not repeat the same mistakes. After all, they can help you improve and grow in the future. All these failures can be considered as positive learning experiences as you plan your career goals.

Another thing to keep in mind for a growth mindset is taking feedback constructively. Criticism, especially when it is positive, can actually help you grow. It can also help you develop into a better professional and become the best version of yourself.

The third important aspect to keep in mind to develop a growth mindset is to challenge yourself. Someone with a fixed mindset is likely to believe that they are not capable of some things since it is complicated or beyond their skill set. Those with a growth mindset are more likely to take on challenges when the opportunity arises. This extra effort and determination are what make the impossible, possible!

Growth Mindset and Career Growth

Everything around you is evolving, and a growth mindset will help to keep up with these changes and progress in your career.
If you wish to develop a growth mindset, here’s some advice you can follow.

Keep Moving Forward

If you fail, find out why rather than sulking and giving up. Failures are great teachers that show you where you are and what you need to change for the future. If you find success, do not get complacent but think about how you can take a different approach to improve things.

Don’t Stop Evolving

Are you doing something to help you grow, or are you stuck, going around in circles? Be it in our personal or professional lives; change is the only constant.
Focus on learning at the workplace, whether at a senior level or a fresh employee. Connect with people as there will always be someone with a new idea or approach. Take some time to think about how you approach your work and your interests.
Upskilling is also a step towards developing a growth mindset. You can enrol for a degree or an online course to learn new skills and connect with like-minded people.

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Be Patient, And You Will Grow into It

Developing skills needed for a growth mindset will automatically become second nature over time. Not only will you feel inspired but also look at every situation in a new and out-of-the-box manner. It will also enable you to always look at the positive side of things and become a problem solver – and, therefore, emerge victorious in your professional life.
But all of this does not happen overnight or all at once. We all have various skills, and only some of them develop together. Be patient and take one step at a time. Catalogue your progress and failures, so you can create a plan to help you grow.

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