Building the Perfect Resume for a Project Manager Role

As companies face stiff competition, amplified by the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and persistent skill gaps across talents in different industries, the need for a new paradigm of business planning seems more relevant and important. Moreover, business leaders are believed to trust skilled, specially trained, experienced product managers to navigate changes that yield the power to turn around the company’s fate obstructed by uncertainties. As a result, experts believe there is a sudden and erratic demand for candidates for managerial positions across the globe.
So, if you want to make a career in project management, or start your journey as a project manager, now is the time to make significant strides in the right direction. You start with building a perfect resume, which will provide a peek into your ideologies, skills, and knowledge about project management and its uses in contemporary business.

How Important Is A Project Manager’s Resume?

When uncertainties loom, the need for a talented and skilled manager substantially increases. Moreover, the only way to gauge a candidate’s capabilities is through their resume. Therefore, the importance of a resume is also substantially increasing with each passing day.
And if you are an aspiring project manager, here are some of the reasons why a resume is the cornerstone of your career; check out:

  • A Project manager resume for freshers and experienced professionals helps highlight the candidate’s career objective, skills, and educational qualification. It helps employers gauge if the aspirant a great fit for their company.
  • Automation in human resource management has led to various applications that help assort ideal candidates from an array of resumes. Therefore, to stand out from the rest, using the right keywords in the resume is essential. It is possible only if you make a perfect resume that matches the company’s requirements.
  • Whether you are a fresher or an experienced project manager looking for new work opportunities, a perfect resume helps attract the right and quality work opportunities.

In addition, the hiring manager today is more interested in knowing a candidate and disinterested in understanding whether an aspirant knows the answer to questions such as what is project management? or what is project management life cycle? Hence, leading to more reasons to make a perfect resume. Therefore, in the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the important elements of a project manager’s resume for experienced professionals and freshers.

A Detailed List Of The Imperatives Of A Project Manager’s Resume

A project manager’s resume for fresher and experienced professionals echoes the ideologies and ethics of candidates. Moreover, it is the right paradigm for the employer to check the efficiency and abilities of an aspirant. Therefore, here are some components of a project manager’s resume that will increase your chances of getting a job.

1. Format
Many project manager resume templates are available online; thus, while choosing the one, you must concentrate on finding the one with the right format. So, what is the suitable format for a project manager’s resume? Something that puts the experience, skills, career objectives, and other essential details about a candidate in the foreground. Here are some of the prerequisites to consider while choosing a resume template:

  • Font style
  • Font size
  • Resume length
  • Resume file format
  • Bullet points

2. Summary or header
The next important aspect of a project manager’s resume is the summary or header that piques the employer’s attention. It includes all details related to the background of the candidates. In addition, it also states the aspirant’s career objectives, skills, and educational qualifications.
The main prerequisite to consider while formulating the resume summary should be concise.

3. Work experience
From internships to full-time job roles, you mention all that and more in this section. The main of including work experience in the resume is to help employers quantify your skills and abilities. Therefore, a detailed list of your previous roles, projects, and responsibilities, will help them gauge if you are a perfect fit for their company.
While writing work experience, keep in mind the below-mentioned points:

  • Add your previous job titles
  • Include the previous employer’s name
  • Add the tenure of your employment
  • Write down your responsibilities
  • Mention the accomplishments and accolades earned at the workplace

4. Educational qualification or certification
The current business environment is riddled with uncertainties, so employers are looking at recruiting candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management. Meanwhile, many aspirants are taking diverse certificate courses to understand the different facets of project planning and management and equip job-specific skills.

Emeritus India has some of the best project management courses online designed for aspiring project managers curious to learn the nitty-gritty of the field. And Emeritus have partnered with renowned universities and colleges to make the courses accessible to everyone.

5. Appropriate skills
A project manager requires a mix of soft and hard skills to introduce efficiency into daily tasks. Here are some of the skills employers look out for in aspiring project managers:

  • Budgeting
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Communication skills
  • Strategic Planning

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