9 Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Job

Applying for a job is so simple now. Visit job portals, look for job listings, upload details and apply. It is exciting when you find the job you want and fit the requirements. So hard to resist!
But then you don’t get a revert, or you do, and it is a no. Not a good feeling at all. Then you start assessing yourself and stressing about what went wrong. But did you follow all the necessary steps before applying?
Here are some tips to keep in mind while applying for a job.

9 Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Job

Your job application needs to be great to create the perfect first impression in the eyes of hiring managers. You must ensure that you fill out your application meticulously with all relevant details.

Consider the job application carefully

Take your time with your application when you see a posting online while applying for a job. Read the job description (JD) carefully to understand whether you are the right fit, whether your existing skills match the roles, and whether your long-term career goals match this JD. Applying without all of these careful considerations does not make any sense.

Research about the company

Try to find out as much as possible about the company before filling out the online application. Read about them on their official website and social media handles, and also read reviews. Connect with the alumni and existing employees. Understand the organisational culture, hiring process, and tips so that you can nail the interview. This will make the process of filling out the job application easier.

Give accurate and concise responses

Answer all the questions in the online job application accurately. Sometimes, you may be tempted to stretch the truth, but it is always better to stick to the point. This is because the reviewers only have so much time. Please do not skip any response since leaving them unanswered can negate your candidature.

Justify your career breaks

If you took a break from your career, then make sure to justify the gaps when applying for a job. Provide adequate grounds to make sure the gap looks productive. Many people take breaks from work for some reason, and recruiters know that. Just be honest about it.

Build and customise your resume

Building a resume that is specific to a job is very important. It is advised not to use a generic resume for all job postings. If needed, edit it as per the requirement, arrange your skills, and highlight experiences. This will maximise your chances of being shortlisted. Make sure to list accomplishments that have impacted your previous roles.

Proofread your cover letter and resume for mistakes

Make sure that your resume and cover letter format is consistent and clean. The font should be clear, and the key points should be highlighted. Make sure that the layout is also visually appealing. A hiring manager spends only about 6 seconds on each resume. Therefore, the first presentation should be striking. Double-check your resume and cover letter for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Clean your social media profiles

Employers are known to do a background check of potential candidates through their social media profiles. Therefore, your social media accounts must be positive and professional. Strong opinions, heavy trolling, wild pictures, and videos can harm your persona and affect your prospects.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is an addition to your resume. It is something almost every recruiter refers to when assessing a candidate. And while you are restricted to having a one-page resume, your LinkedIn profile can be more detailed.
Update your experience, qualifications, certifications and awards, work samples, and anything relevant to your professional success to stand out as a candidate.


Candidates with relevant skills and certifications enhance their chances of being recruited. Upskilling is, therefore, an essential consideration. Not only does it set you apart when applying for a job, but it keeps you relevant and updated.

Emeritus India offers top-notch courses you can take to upskill yourself, thrive in this competitive world and get a high-paying job in India or anywhere across the world. Some of the many categories you can choose from include leadership and management, sales and marketing, finance, project management & operations, and product and design. You can explore the courses across categories, go through the curriculum and choose one based on your area of interest.

Be patient

Applying for a job involves a lot of time and effort for both the applicant and the recruiter. Rushing the process to be first can harm your application.

Follow the tips mentioned above, and they will help you improve your application.

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