5 Interview Tips for Your Job Interview

5 Interview Tips for Your Job Interview | Upskilling | Emeritus

With each interview, you learn something new, connect with new people, create a network of skilled and talented professionals, and open up doors to exciting possibilities that weren’t there before. However, this is only possible if you are not intimidated and anxious before an interview.

Everyone gets jittery before an interview, be it someone with little skill and knowledge or an experienced professional with decades of work experience. But what makes you succeed is the preparation before the interview.

The more time you invest in learning about the company, the role you are applying for, and other essential things related to the interview and job profile, the better your chances of landing the job.

5 Interview Tips to Ace Your Job Interview

Practice common interview questions

While a finance manager googles common finance interview questions, a cybersecurity manager searches for common technical questions during a cybersecurity professional interview. It is a common phenomenon that candidates undertake as they prepare for a face-to-face interview round.

Therefore, the first interview tip would be to review the common interview questions pertaining to your skillset or job role. You can also familiarise yourself with sample answers that are concise, knowledge-rich, and demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and capability as a professional.

If you have a problem memorising these questions and answers, write them down and rehearse them regularly until the interview. You can seek the help of your family members or peers for rehearsing.

Note: While it is essential to familiarise yourself with answers, it is equally important to listen to the interviewer carefully; practising active listening skills will help you provide the hiring manager with the information they are looking for.

Research about the company

As soon as you pass the initial screening process, start making a list of things you can find on the company’s website. You can find information like the mission statement, vision, objective, company culture, and others on the organisation’s website or social media channels. Researching the company before the interview will help impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the company.

Moreover, doing your homework will help you answer the question, “What do you know about our company?”

Pro-tip: Along with searching about the company, you can read our article on how to prepare for an interview.


Punctuality is a personality trait that is the best testament to your professional behaviour. More than the skill or education qualification, personality traits like punctuality, active listening, intuitiveness, and promptness play an essential role in landing your dream job.

To avoid getting late for the interview, here are some tips or a rule of thumb that you can follow:

  • Select your attire a day before the interview
  • Keep the accessories that you will be wearing with the dress handy
  • Pack your office bag the night before the interview. Keep all the documents, a resume copy, a notepad, and a pen.

Note: If you are attending a virtual interview, check your internet connection and the gadgets you will use for the interview in advance. It will be helpful to do a trial run to ensure everything works without any problem. Also, silence your phone and computer notifications to avoid disturbance during the interview.

Develop a connection with the interviewer

Forming a connection with the interviewer helps you make a lasting first impression. You can start by learning the hiring manager’s name and use that during the interview. Moreover, you can use gestures like nodding or smiling during the interview or while the hiring manager is talking to show that you are paying attention to them.

Try to stay calm

Interviews are intimidating, and staying calm is the only way to pass them. You can devise a strategy that helps you stay calm like listening to your favourite music or meditation.

Moreover, staying calm helps exude confidence and positive body language.

Here are some tips on how to showcase confidence in the interview:

  • Maintain eye contact with the interviewer while answering the questions.
  • Avoid cutting off the interviewer. Let them complete, and then continue with your answer.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the questions before answering.
  • Frame answers in your mind before conveying them to the interviewer. You can pause in the middle if you need a moment to think before speaking.

What’s The Importance Of Follow-Up?

If you are an experienced professional, who has given more interviews than the words in this sentence, you know the importance of follow-up. As for freshers, here are some reasons why you need to follow up after an interview:

  • To reiterate your interest in the position.
  • Impresses the interviewer, increasing your chances of getting an offer.
  • You can include details you forgot to include during the interview round, like the number of online digital marketing certificate courses you took after graduation.

Apart from preparing for the interview, you can take Emeritus India’s advanced courses designed to provide cutting-edge to freshers and experienced professionals looking to accelerate their careers.

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