5 Successful Steps for Virtual Recruitment in the Post-Covid Era

The biggest reality post-Covid in the world of HR is Online or Virtual Recruitment. The pandemic has clearly accelerated their adoption as more businesses have taken a remote approach to hire.

If virtual recruitment is new to you, then this article is worth it.

  • Maximise social media

The growing importance of social media in the modern-day recruitment process is due to the dominance of the mobile channel. The enormous reach and exposure provided by such platforms can help you connect with the right people that should see your posted openings.

You may not know it, but your passive candidates are viewing your social media content too.

The nature of social media can prove particularly useful when you’re looking to directly engage with individuals and establish the foundations of a relationship with them.

  • Get used to doing everything on the mobile

89% of candidates think mobile devices play a critical role in the process of finding a job, while 45% use their phones to search for opportunities every day. It, therefore, becomes significant to ensure that the various channels and platforms you use to engage with job seekers are optimized for mobile devices. Your website is certainly a good place to start. Making your entire site – or at the very least your job listings careers pages and contact information – mobile-friendly.

  • Have More Online Events

If in-person events are an important part of your recruitment strategy, you might be thinking about ways to replicate this experience virtually or online.  Online events can also be a good way to give candidates a clearer insight into your business and what it’s like to work for you.

  • Make use of Video

Post-Covid Videos are huge. With video interviewing it is easier to arrange times that are suitable for all parties and remove the need for anyone to travel. You can even access recordings of the event for future reference.

You might even want to consider adding video content to your job descriptions, which can bring your advertisements to life and give a more compelling, attention-grabbing account of the role.

  • Employer Branding

Candidates are now even more dependent on online research to learn about their employer brand than ever before. Therefore, it has become more important to refine your branding materials and to ensure they convey the right messages about your organization and your employer’s value proposition.

It’s worth taking a fresh look at your website, as well as your social media profiles and other off-site content, to make sure you’re giving candidates the right impression of the company and what it stands for.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does your website give a clear impression of the EVP and identity you want to present to candidates?
  2. Are your various social media profiles consistent in the way they express your values and articulate your company culture?

Social Media Tips

  • Share content that is relevant and interesting to your ideal candidates
  • Get your existing employees involved in creating and sharing content
  • Take the opportunity to show a more human, personal side to the business
  • Provide quick responses to questions and get involved in conversations

Video Tips

  • Use a presentable space without any background noise or distractions
  • Test the technology in advance
  • Make sure the candidate is familiar with your chosen platform and knows how to use it
  • Provide instructions if necessary
  • Prepare your questions in advance and be ready with some ‘ice breakers’ to help both parties get used to the format and the nature of the audio and video

Aditya Chakravarty, HR Leader

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