A Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy: 2023

A Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy: 2023 | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

Businesses are adopting digital marketing methods to make their brand more visible in front of potential customers. A digital marketing strategy is created by organisations to set KPIs and goals to achieve, goals can be related to branding & improving brand awareness, driving up sales & conversions, and more.

Implementing successful digital marketing strategies can help with an organisation’s success, especially during a time when consumers are increasingly engaging in business transactions via mobile devices. But brands must be able to understand the difference between a digital marketing strategy and a digital strategy.

A digital marketing strategy in 2023 serves a crucial role in making the online presence of a brand count. As you create an effective digital marketing strategy, you will be able to create buyer personas and understand the correct channels to reach your target audience.

Brands also have the opportunity to use different types of digital marketing strategies to increase awareness of their products and services. For instance, of businesses rely on video marketing.

Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Brands must maintain an online presence to survive in the competitive market for a long time. With the growing popularity of digital marketing, industry leaders are able to understand its benefits over traditional forms of marketing.
The biggest reward of a digital marketing strategy is that it enables you to reach audiences globally in a constructive way that helps you set clear goals, targets and manage spends. It also helps businesses in building & strengthening their brand awareness goals.

What are Digital Marketing Tactics?

Digital marketing tactics refer to the channels you are using to reach your target audience. Some popular tactics used in a digital marketing strategy of 2023 are as follows:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the tactic of increasing website traffic in an organic way. You must use relevant keywords in your content seamlessly to rank on top of search results. SEO can be of two types:

On-page SEO:

It refers to optimizing elements present on the website. Keyword research is important for on-page SEO. Moreover, you will also have to focus on using the right title tags to increase clickthrough rates. Some other on-page SEO techniques include adding a sitemap and internal links.

Off-page SEO:

It can improve your credibility and increase the trustworthiness and domain authority of your website. Link building is an integral aspect of off-page SEO. It involves adding external links from other websites to yours.


Infographics refer to presenting data or information using charts, graphs, and eye-catching elements to make complex information easy to grasp. Since infographics let you communicate better with your target audience, they should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy in 2023.
Infographics increase the willingness of individuals to read something. They are also more persuasive and memorable. You can reach a larger audience by sharing infographics on social media platforms, newsletters, and websites.

Call-to-Action Campaign

CTAs are important because they indicate to audiences to take a specific action usually linked to purchasing a product/service from your organisation. From liking a social media post to buying a product, effective CTAs can make your target audience do what you want them to and aid in building brand loyalty.
It is best to experiment with multiple CTAs to see the kind of audience response you’re getting, you can even run A/B tests with the same on your landing page, on your social pages, and more.
While most brands prefer a clear and simple CTA but depending on the occasion for eg. the festive season or depending on a complicated product you can try different types such as Click here for your Diwali surprise or complete your application or click to know more
It keeps it creative & can be eye-catching in an era where consumers are flooded with generic CTAs.

How to Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Some popular tips for creating a successful digital marketing strategy in 2023 are:

Keep Creating

If you want to stay relevant in the market, content is the key. Whether it’s blogs, videos, reels, posts, or stories – you need to have a comprehensive content calendar to keep your audiences engaged & to keep driving conversions.
Forming a credible team to create relevant content should form a major part of your digital marketing strategy.

Up Your Social Media Game

Even though posting on social media seems simple, brands need to be careful about a lot of things. Before beginning your social media efforts, you must develop in-depth knowledge of it.
The first step is choosing the right social media platforms, depending on where your target audience remains the most active. Brands must be able to reflect their values through their social media profiles.
Social media can be used to promote products and services via pictures as well as videos. Engaging with the audience through interactive posts and responding to their comments is crucial for building a strong reputation on social media. You can create a whole persona for your brand using the right social platforms which in turn leads to creating stronger customer loyalty and in driving sales.

Cross-Market the Campaigns

While creating a digital marketing strategy, you will be including various platforms, including social media and emails. If you wish to reach a larger audience, you must combine all the strategies seamlessly.
For instance, add your social media icons to emails to make your audience land on them easily. Add blog links to your social media posts to make your audience read them. Higher engagement with your audience will translate into higher ROI.

Digital Marketing Courses from Emeritus India

If you are looking for the best digital marketing programmes online, Emeritus India has you covered. We offer digital marketing programmes from globally known reputed universities catered for your convenience. Whether you want a long-form programme to dig deep into digital or a short-form programme to brush up on your skills, Emeritus India is the answer for you. The programmes will help you develop advanced skills and knowledge to build an optimal digital marketing strategy in 2023.

Ending Note

Digital marketing has become the need of the hour for businesses to find a competitive edge in the market. Leverage the power of different types of digital marketing to make your brand grow and generate higher revenue. But after developing a digital marketing strategy, don’t forget to track its effectiveness.

Continuing to invest in marketing plans that fail to offer high conversion rates is a waste of your budget. You can use several methods, including CRM monitoring and KPI metrics, to track the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy.

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