Top 5 AI Annotation Jobs and Their Salaries for AI Enthusiasts

Top 5 AI Annotation Jobs and Their Salaries for AI Enthusiasts | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

The foundation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models is based on high-quality data, and this includes images, videos, texts, and audio. Engineers use relevant data sets to train AI and ML models and improve their efficiency. However, computers do not understand raw data. The data collected for training purposes undergoes various processes such as data cleansing and aggregation and data labeling or annotation—one of the most challenging steps in the AI workflow. Data or AI annotation refers to the process of labeling data or adding relevant contextual information, which makes it easier for computers to interpret the data. A report by Nasscom states that AI annotation makes up 25% of the AI workflow. Hence, AI annotation jobs are extremely crucial for AI companies. Let us analyze the top AI annotation jobs and their career scope in India.

This blog discusses the following topics:

  • Top AI Annotation Jobs
    1. Annotation Analyst 
    2. AI Annotation Engineer
    3. Data Labeler
    4. Data Annotation Specialist
    5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer
  • Is AI Annotation a Good Career? 
  • Frequently Asked Questions About AI Annotation Jobs

Top AI Annotation Jobs


The following are the top 5 AI annotation jobs in India worth pursuing:

1. Annotation Analyst

The key responsibility of an AI annotation analyst is to analyze and label data. For example, they listen to audio files of Siri users, transcribe those files, and analyze Siri’s responses to ensure that they adhere to quality and other guidelines. Moreover, they ensure the use of high-quality training data sets for AI and ML models through consistent and accurate annotations. Furthermore, they also collaborate with and guide team members to follow a standard annotation process.

Average Annual Salary: ₹6,55, 958

2. Data Annotation Engineer

This role does not directly involve data labeling but using technology to enhance and automate the AI annotation process. In fact, data annotation engineering is one of the most popular AI annotation jobs in India. The primary responsibilities of data annotation engineers are as follows:

  • Developing, customizing, and integrating automation tools to enhance AI annotation processes and improve efficiency accordingly
  • Implementing quality-control mechanisms according to the prescribed guidelines in annotation tools enhances the efficiency of automated AI annotation tools
  • Ensuring effective data privacy and security frameworks and methods to protect data

Average Annual Salary: ₹4,56,000

3. Data Labeler

As the name suggests, the core responsibility of the data labeler is to label/tag/categorize data according to project guidelines. As a matter of fact, they either annotate data manually or use AI annotation tools to perform labeling tasks like object detection.

Average Annual Salary: ₹2,31,001

4. Data Annotation Specialist

This is one of the most popular AI annotation jobs in India. The role of a data annotation specialist is similar to that of a data labeler. The key difference is the relative seniority of the role. Data annotation specialists work full-time in annotation firms and have a professional experience of two-to-three years.

Average Annual Salary: ₹3,82,000

5. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

This is the highest-paying AI annotation job in India. NLP engineers develop ML models that enable AI algorithms to understand, interpret, and generate human language. In addition to this, they also perform AI annotation tasks for training AI algorithms. Moreover, NLP engineers can choose appropriate labeled or annotated data sets for supervised training.

Average Annual Salary: ₹8,95,275

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Is AI Annotation a Good Career? 

The growth of AI in India has created a high demand for data labeling, making AI annotation a popular career choice. In fact, research shows that AI annotation firms offer fixed salaries, modern equipment, and an organized work structure to data annotation analysts and engineers.

The following are some of the most popular crowdwork websites to find AI annotation jobs at data annotation companies:

In addition to the above-mentioned platforms, you can also apply for AI annotation jobs at the following leading data labeling and tech companies in India:

  • Cogito Tech
  • Zuru
  • TaskMonk
  • Paytm
  • TechMahindra
  • IBM

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Frequently Asked Questions About AI Annotation Jobs

1. What Does an AI Annotator do?

The primary responsibility of an AI annotator is to annotate or label sample data for training AI and machine learning models. They, in fact, label/tag and add contextual information to images, text, and videos, making it easier for computers to understand and interpret information.

2. What is the Salary of AI Data Annotation Jobs?

The average annual salary of AI annotation jobs in data annotation companies in India is ₹4,56,000. NLP engineers earn the highest sum in this field; their average annual pay is around ₹8,95,275.

3. What is the Salary of Annotation?

Annotation associates in India earn an average annual salary of ₹6,55,000. This again depends on technical qualifications and professional job exposure in the AI field.

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The efficiency of AI models is highly dependent on quality data and AI annotation. Therefore, as the use of AI and machine learning models increases across various sectors in India, AI annotation jobs will continue to grow, creating a high demand for AI annotation roles. However, as discussed above, the key criteria for getting AI annotation jobs at data annotation companies will be technical education and not prior experience. If you are wondering where to start, consider exploring Emeritus’ online courses, which can surely help professionals gain relevant knowledge and skills needed to excel. Enroll in Emeritus’ online artificial intelligence courses and machine learning courses today to build a successful career in the field of AI.

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