AI in Astrology: How Accurately Can AI Predict the Future?

AI in Astrology: How Accurately Can AI Predict the Future? | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | Emeritus

The past is set in stone, but the future, with its fluid possibilities, has always enamored human beings. Whether it is picking from a deck of tarot cards to know what the future holds or checking the day’s horoscope predictions in the papers, most of us are guilty of wanting to know the future. But after November 2022, when ChatGpt by OpenAI suddenly appeared in our lives, AI in astrology has transformed the prediction game like much else. 

So now, instead of getting your palm lines read by a psychic at a fair, you can dabble with Yes/No Tarot predictions. With the proper input of birth time, birth date, and birthplace, astrological charts could be generated using various programs before the advent of AI. These charts were then used for matching horoscopes and playing Cupid. But now, will AI in astrology put the Seema Aunties of the world out of business? Let’s find out. 

How We Use AI in Astrology


Just like any other algorithm, AI in astrology programs are trained on data sets. Once you input your personal data, it matches with its algorithm to generate charts and predictions based on the calculation in the charts. In terms of process, this is a rather mathematical one. 

However, reading such astrological charts accurately for predictions and providing proper remediations to lessen the impact of any adverse events is all that remains based on human experience and knowledge.

Examples of AI in Astrology

1. Automated Horoscope Generation

Automatic horoscope generation is possible with the help of AI. AI algorithms can use a person’s birth facts to create a personalized horoscope by evaluating massive amounts of astrological data and patterns. The goal of this method is to make horoscopes more reliable and efficient.

2. Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition

Big datasets of horoscope-related data can be analyzed with AI. Machine learning techniques allow AI systems to analyze astrological data for trends, patterns, and connections. Astrologers might learn new things and improve their interpretations from this study.

3. Personalized Recommendations

AI-powered recommendation systems can generate personalized suggestions by combining horoscope data with user preferences. An AI system might provide personalized horoscope readings, astrological applications, or associated items by analysing a person’s zodiac sign and other birth facts.

Moreover, users can test out a wide variety of astrology services and apps that are accessible on the market. The following are some of the astrological items that are most in-demand:

  • Natal Astrology: Birth charts and life forecasts based on planetary positions and other luminaries are included.
  • Modern Astrology: Personality tests based on Carl Jung’s work that combine psychoanalysis and astrology are included. 
  • Vedic Astrology: Based on Hindu religion and philosophy, which are based on ancient Vedic writings. 
  • Western Astrology: Based on your birthday and month, it provides daily, monthly, and yearly insights and is the most popular and well-known. 
  • Chinese Astrology: Chinese Astrology is rooted in traditional Chinese astronomy, calendars, nature, and human energy philosophy. 

4. Matchmaking

One of the most important facets of astrology in India is matchmaking. In the Indian context, horoscopes must match even if mindsets don’t! AI-powered software can now compare different aspects of horoscopes in a matter of seconds and give a verdict on whether or not the couple will be a good match. 

The Best AI Astrology Tools for 2024


1. Kundli GPT

KundliGPT is an innovative application of AI in astrology that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide unprecedented individualized astrological information. This software can unravel the mysteries of the universe and provide significant insights into various aspects of life, such as profession, relationships, health, education, and finance. This app integrates ancient wisdom with advanced AI/ML technology to provide customized horoscope suggestions and responses to your daily astrological inquiries.

It streamlines the process of acquiring astrological insights. You may easily input your birth information using a user-friendly chatbot interface, which includes your complete name, date of birth, exact time of birth, and the ability to select your birthplace accurately on a map. It guarantees precise astrological computations.

2. Melooha

Melooha is advanced astrology and horoscope software with an AI-driven, hyper-personalized approach. The app employs advanced astrological algorithms to interpret intricate life trajectories. In addition, this tool provides real-time insights into the most critical questions in life.

The tool recognizes that life is deeply personal by incorporating personal parameters to provide a customized experience. Those exploring life’s mysteries trust it due to its algorithmic precision and customization.

3. Aistro

Aistro provides users with the capability to delve into the intricacies of astrology. Users can gain invaluable insight into their personalities, relationships, careers, and more anytime by accessing their personalized horoscopes. Now, the platform’s purpose is to provide users with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions and successfully navigate the difficulties that arise in life.

The integration of primordial knowledge into a contemporary application serves as a link between tradition and innovation. Additionally, it delivers a cohesive experience that concentrates the knowledge of the constellations in your hand. In fact, the astrology software provides individualized, wise, and reliable astrological counsel to facilitate self-exploration and individual development.

4. Vedic AstroGPT

Vedic AstroGPT integrates the profound knowledge of Vedic astrology with contemporary society. It offers consumers real-time astrological readings that are highly tailored. In addition, the platform effortlessly integrates the accuracy of Vedic astrology with the capabilities of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. In fact, users can explore their birth charts to acquire meaningful insights about different parts of their lives, such as employment, relationships, wealth, and health.

The platform provides individualized horoscopes and forecasts using your birth chart and astrological transits. It guarantees that the advice is customized to your life circumstances and experiences. Moreover, the astrological companion is meticulously crafted to provide reliable guidance that profoundly resonates with the evolving narrative of your life.

5. AstroGuide AI

AstroGuide AI, utilizing OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo, is a cutting-edge astrological software engineered to decipher the enigmas of life and offer users invaluable perspectives. The AI tool provides various services in astrology, numerology, tarot reading, and dream interpretation. Its purpose is to assist individuals in acquiring self-awareness and uncovering the world’s mysteries.

Upon interacting with the AI astrology tool, users get an interactive chat box that prompts them to provide information regarding their requirements and interests. Additionally, the interface is designed to be easy to use, allowing users to select from various services, each offering a distinct viewpoint and opportunity for personal exploration.

How Accurate are AI in Astrology Predictions?

Astrology is considered a science of subjectivity. Two different astrologers can read the same birth chart differently and offer varied opinions on how to fix a dosha in your horoscope. But when we use AI-powered astrology tools, the results are more absolute. There is very limited room for subjectivity in the results. 

In a way, the situation is not very different from searching on Google and using ChatGPT to get an answer. While the former gives you the best options, the latter presents an absolute answer. 

Despite the lack of concrete evidence supporting the accuracy of human-led astrological predictions, this ancient practice has persisted across various cultures and civilizations throughout history. Its enduring relevance suggests that it possesses some intrinsic value. 

Integrating AI predictive analytics and algorithms can enhance the accuracy of predictions for the general population by combining the fields of science and astrology. Now, what is lacking in terms of nuances must still come from humans.  Hence, instead of pitting the two against each other, it would be more logical to utilize them synergistically to propel humanity’s pursuit of unraveling the enigma that lies beyond. 

NOTE: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Emeritus. 

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