BCA Course Subjects And Syllabus In India

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BCA or Bachelor of computer application is a three-year undergraduate course that provides knowledge about computer applications and software. BCA course subjects include web technology, database management system, software engineering, operating systems, web technology, and computer languages like c, C++, JAVA, HTML, etc.
One must pass through a merit entrance-based process to get admitted into BCA. The minimum requirement is 50% in 10+2 or equivalent examinations in computer science. BCA fee ranges from 2 -3 lakhs depending on the university. BCA subject lists include hardware lab, data structures, operating systems, OOAD using UML, client-server computing, etc.

BCA Syllabus in India

BCA syllabus includes various BCA subjects like programming languages, statistics, computer fundamentals, data structures, database management systems, programming in Java, computer networks, embedded systems, computer architecture, multimedia applications, and computer graphics and animation. A few subjects like data structure and computer networks will help you gain data science knowledge.

List of Subjects in BCA

The BCA syllabus includes statistics, computer applications, software, hardware, etc. The core subjects of BCA are computer graphics and animation, computer networks, operating systems, database management systems, programming in Java, etc. Here are the subject lists in BCA:

  1. Semester 1
  • Hardware lab
  • Foundational maths
  • Creative English
  • Digital computer fundamentals
  • C programming lab
  • PC software Lab
  • Statistics I for BCA
  1. Semester 2
  • Communicative English
  • Operating systems
  • Data structures Lab
  • Data structures
  • Case tools Lab
  • Basic discrete English
  • Visual programming Lab
  1. Semester 3
  • Financial Accounting
  • Software engineering
  • C++ Lab
  • Domain Lab
  • Oracle Lab
  • Database management system
  • Introductory Algebra
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Object-oriented programming using C++
  1. Semester 4
  • Financial management
  • Programming in Java
  • Computer networks
  • DBMS project lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Professional English
  • Java Programming Lab
  1. Semester 5
  • Python Programming
  • Business intelligence
  • UNIX lab
  • Business intelligence Lab
  • Python programming lab
  • OOAD Using UML
  • User interface design
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Web designing project
  • Business intelligence Lab
  • UNIX programming
  1. Semester 6
  • Client-server computing
  • Cloud computing
  • Soft computing
  • Multimedia application
  • Advance database management system
  • Design and analysis of algorithms

What to do after BCA?

Software companies are always looking for professionals having good experience and knowledge. However, there is tough competition in the industry for BCA pass-outs. So, if you are confused about what to do after BCA, here are a few options for you to choose from after completing BCA:


– It is one of the common choices after BCA. It includes some basic topics related to computers and languages, but also has more advanced subjects than the BCA syllabus. Most IT companies prefer MCA pass-outs for various posts such as Network Engineer, Database administrator, System Analyst, Software Engineer, and Troubleshooter.
MCA is a great way to enhance your skills in this domain and your career.


– Studying an MBA will be quite different from BCA course subjects. It covers various topics to train you to become a manager. This way, you could work in tech without focusing on a technical role.
You could work as an IT manager and earn a good package at a reputed IT service company.

Data scientist

– Data science is a great option for a BCA graduate. It will be a great addition to the things the BCA course syllabus has taught you. The course consists of programming, data visualization, predictive analysis, natural language processing, machine learning, and big data.

There is a huge demand for data scientists in the Indian IT industry, which is only expected to grow as more businesses are going digital.

Digital marketer

– Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field with a lot of job openings. Today more and more businesses are striving for online success. They need digital marketers to help them boost revenue through online marketing.

Digital marketing offers a lot of opportunities to BCA graduates who have done a digital marketing course.  However, you need to learn online business skills for the same. You will learn things such as search engine optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing, and marketing analytics, to name a few.

A BCA graduate can work as an SEO expert, content creator, media manager, and more.

Why Pursue BCA as a Course

BCA is a good course, but just by itself, it does not offer a lot of opportunities in IT. Most companies expect candidates to have more knowledge and certifications. So, developing technical skills after BCA is beneficial.

Various certification courses available today can help you develop such skills, making you eligible for numerous job opportunities worldwide. You can select these certification courses based on your interest and/or depending on what career you want to pursue.

Emeritus is one of the best platforms to enhance your skills through certification courses. It is one of the renowned learning platforms worldwide and offers numerous courses to people who aspire to widen their knowledge horizons. The courses are offered by premium institutions like IIT and ISB. The faculty is highly experienced and knowledgeable. It offers the chance to learn from experts and prepare for real-life challenges.

Whether you want to be a data scientist or a digital marketer, getting a certification course from Emeritus helps you progress in your career. Once you have completed the certification course, you will be ready to take your career to the next level.

India is a growing hub of the IT sector, and ample opportunities await you if you have the knowledge and expertise.

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