Best Career Options After Engineering

Best Courses And Career Options After Engineering

For many, engineering is one of India’s most preferred career options after 12th science. While being called an engineer has a special feeling, what you do after getting the degree is also important. There are several career options after engineering, and many are just aware of a few.
Here’s a list to help you make an informed decision.

List of career options after engineering

Higher studies

Most of the students, after completing their graduation go for further studies. An engineer can prepare for the GATE exam to get a seat post-graduation. GATE is an exam that checks one’s understanding of undergraduate subjects. A good GATE score can help you get a seat in prestigious colleges like NITs and IITs for M.Tech, which is one of the most prefered courses after
M.Tech expands the knowledge further and helps become a better and more qualified engineer. If you don’t want to pursue M.Tech, then you can prepare for JAM which can help you get academics and research.

Public service undertakings

After completing your engineering, you can also choose government-run PSUs and earn good money. Though the competition for such jobs is high, it’s worth it. PSUs usually check your GATE score before recruitment. Each PSU announces its GATE score for application every year.


Doing MBA after B.Tech is another career option after 12th science or engineering that you can consider. A management degree can help you get a high-paying managerial job in any multinational company. But first, you will have to give the CAT (Common Aptitude Test) exam and get a high score to gain admission to a reputed institute. MBA is a known way to get a lucrative job and climb the corporate ladder quickly.


In the last few years, many engineers have become successful entrepreneurs. You can also start your entrepreneurial journey after B.Tech. To make your career as an entrepreneur, you should identify any prevalent problem and find its solution. The problem can be related to any sector. You can also join a start-up incubator and start your company.
Though entrepreneurship requires patience and effort, the results are usually priceless. You can also get seed funding to start your business. Many entrepreneurship certificate courses can offer you the expertise and training needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

Campus placements

It is another way to land a job after engineering. You can get the job after completing your B.Tech through campus placement. Campus placement can help you in getting a high-paying job after engineering. In the last few years, the number of engineers getting the package worth crores of Rupees has increased. To get a good placement, maintain a good CGPA score, regularly prepare for job interviews and keep studying for the companies you are applying for.
Campus placement provides you with the security to get a job when you complete your degree. You can also showcase your soft skills by participating in extracurricular activities.

Become an expert

If you want to start your career with a high-paying job, then you should look for the best courses after engineering that will help you become an expert. Big companies are looking for professionals who know the latest technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. These sectors offer a good salary and have plenty of job opportunities. Professionals having expertise in areas like data science, AI, blockchain, etc., are in demand today. You need to pick one niche which you want to master.


For some students, it is not easy to grab a job just after graduating. In such cases, internships can be very useful. Internships allow you to expose yourself to the real world. Though they are for a short duration, they help in providing you with a deeper understanding of the work culture. Internships allow you to learn how to conduct yourself in a workplace and what your strengths and weaknesses are. The best part is that you can also get a job in the same company if you succeed in impressing your employer.

Private sector jobs

Although campus placement is one of the easiest ways to grab a private-sector job, you can try searching yourself. The best way to start your search is by registering yourself on some job portals like LinkedIn or Indeed. These sites will help you get a relevant job.

Get into certification

Learning never stops, especially for people who always want to grow in their lives. To stand out, you need to gain new skills and new knowledge. You can hone your skills by applying for certification courses like digital marketing courses online, certification in ai and ml, cybersecurity  and some of the best courses after engineering that are relevant to engineering field like Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified ScrumMaster, Project Management Professional, etc.

An engineering degree is the most sought-after undergraduate program in our country. The profession is in demand worldwide, and if done at a good college, you are placed immediately after graduation. Engineers often get placed in various sectors; however, after some time, everyone faces career stagnancy.

But even if you have a job, it is important to keep learning new things and developing new skills to progress in your career. An extra degree or certification helps you get a higher package and puts your career on the fast track.

Emeritus offers a variety of certification courses for people from engineering backgrounds in collaboration with top institutions like the Indian School of Business and IIM. The best courses after engineering that you can try are the ones related to software development, MBA, blockchain management, machine learning, data science, and digital marketing. These top-notch courses are designed to stand on par with the global standards and offer the students subject expertise.

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