5 Best Career Options After Graduation

5 Best Career Options After Graduation | Upskilling | Emeritus

Graduation is the stepping stone in your journey towards professional excellence. However, the real journey to professional excellence begins after completing graduation.

With a vast ocean of career options available today, feeling confused and overwhelmed is quite natural. But you don’t have to be a confused graduate stressing about what career option to pursue.

We have compiled a list of some of the best career options to pursue after graduation.

Best Career Options After Graduation

Firstly, take a few steps back, assess your strengths, and list your interests. Once your list is in place, compare it with the available options and evaluate what’s best for you.

Below are five career options to pursue after graduation.

1. Data Science
Data science is an ideal career option for students with strong mathematical and statistical skills. As a data science professional, you will closely work with different departments to draw insightful conclusions from data extracted from various sources.
To become a successful data scientist, you must pursue an advanced course in data science and learn skills like data visualization, programming languages, high-level math, and others.

Emeritus India has partnered with Indian universities to offer the best data science certification programmes to equip aspirants with skills and deep knowledge of the field. In addition, we provide career management services that help candidates build a professional resume, create an excellent LinkedIn profile, prepare them for interviews and group discussions, etc.

After completing the certification course, you can apply for jobs like Audit Manager, Credit Analyst, Investment Manager Insurance, and Treasury Manager at banks, financial institutions, and FinTech companies.

2. Software Engineering
Indeed’s newly published ranking reveals that software engineering is one of the highest-paid and growth-inclusive fields in the world. The 2022 report states that the demand for skilled software engineers has increased 87% worldwide in the last few years. Therefore, software engineering is a viable choice for aspirants looking for a high-salary job.

As a software engineer, you will be responsible for designing and developing high-end software products. You will also need to test the product to understand its relevance and track its performance.

After completing the preliminary degree, candidates can apply for jobs like QA Test Engineer, Testing & Implementation Engineer, and others.

3. Digital Marketing
Businesses are undergoing a digital transformation that has accelerated the use and significance of digital marketing. Many established companies are actively formulating digital marketing strategies to promote their products or services and increase their online presence.
Students from different streams can develop a successful career in digital marketing by taking advanced courses in the field. These advanced courses in digital marketing equip aspirants with skills like communication, adaptability, collaboration, social media, etc.

Emeritus India offers an array of digital marketing certification courses with top Indian universities. These programmes have an immersive learning curriculum designed by eminent faculty members. Enrolling in Emeritus India courses skyrockets your chances of getting the right work opportunities.

4. Financial Analysis
Many established organizations have started embedding finance and analytics professionals into their company’s structure. This has accelerated the demand for trained finance and analytical professionals across varying industries. If you are someone who desires to land one of the highest-paying jobs in India, pursuing an advanced course in finance will be an ideal career move. These learning programmes shape your cognisance of evaluating and analyzing a business situation regarding revenue and market share. Moreover, these courses will prepare you to deal with financial risks, bottlenecks, and issues arising in companies regularly.

5. Product Management
Product management has never been more important than it is now. The amount at which the products fail emphasizes having a skilled and experienced product management team across different industries. A product management team ensures that the product is well-research and ergonomic. In addition, they interact with the audience and incorporate their requirement into the products, making them an instant hit among the users.

Suppose you want to develop a career in product management, then you must take up an advanced course in the field. Emeritus India has knowledge-rich product management certification programmes that prepare candidates to deal with the current market. It equips them with the skills and knowledge to perform their tasks efficiently.

There are umpteen career options for candidates with a graduation degree. Therefore, before deciding which career path to choose, it is important to do a SWOT analysis to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It will help in choosing the right career path.

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