Best Courses and Career Options after MCA

Best Courses after MCA: What to do after MCA

Wondering what to do after MCA? We will help you decide. MCA or Master of Computer Applications is one of the most popular courses in India. It’s a 3-year course designed to teach you how to program computers in different languages like Java and Python. You will learn how to write code, manage databases and make websites. It also covers web development (HTML 5), mobile application development (iOS & Android), and Big Data technology (Apache Hadoop).

If you want to make the most of your qualification, you can either enrol in any of the best courses after MCA or kickstart your career. While enhancing your qualification is always good, not everyone can take that path. But you can get a job and upskill later.

Here’s a list of what to do after MCA to start your career.

List of Career Options After MCA

Software Developer

Software developers are one of the most sought-after career paths in the IT industry. A software developer has to be highly skilled and knowledgeable to build a good application that is reliable and secure. The demand for software developers is constantly on the rise, which is why many companies are looking for freshers to join their teams. This is a very popular career option for people who have studied any part of computer science. It is among the highest paying jobs after MCA.

Hardware Engineer

A hardware engineer is one of the most sought-after job opportunities after MCA. Hardware engineers are mechanical engineering experts who design and develop electronic products like mobile phones, computers, GPS systems, etc. They also have to test these products before launching them in the market. Some even supervise the production process, testing, installation, and repairs. A hardware engineer could also be responsible for ensuring the proper internet functioning if they are a part of IT. It is among the highest-paying jobs after MCA.

Data Base Engineer

MCA allows you to dive into the intricacies of database management systems and their administration. Because of this exposure to database management, many list this as one of the career options after MCA. It is a dynamic field that requires you to keep learning and updating your knowledge. Engineers must have a solid understanding of mathematics and physics to design machines and systems. They also need to be knowledgeable about human behaviour and how things work to develop efficient and safe solutions.
Database Engineers are responsible for creating and designing databases according to business needs. They should be able to work with different databases such as SQL or Oracle. They also need to know data structures, relational theory, and advanced programming languages like Java, C++, and Perl.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architect is a new career option for MCA students. It involves the design, development, and management of cloud computing solutions. It sometimes needs a certificate in data science, or some might also need a project management certification.

Cloud Architect can be described as someone who designs, builds, and manages software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and infrastructure based on cloud computing technologies. Cloud Architects are responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and managing all cloud services within an enterprise. They analyse requirements and identify a suitable technology solution that best serves their organisation’s business needs..

Business Analyst

Business Analysts are responsible for analysing data and information to help management make informed business decisions. This is among the top highest paying jobs in India. They help organisations develop strategies and make decisions to improve their efficiency and profitability.
Business analysts use their knowledge of business analysis, accounting, marketing, management, and economics to help organisations make informed decisions about the best way to manage their resources. They also identify gaps in the current system and recommend ways to fill them.

IT Architect

Being an IT Architect is one of the renowned jobs after MCA since curriculum has Computer Organisation and Architecture as one of the core subjects. An IT Architect reviews and analyses the infrastructure and suggests changes to optimise technological performance. Companies hire IT Architects as external consultants and pay them based on their level of expertise.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are one of the most popular career options for MCA graduates. The role can be applied across various sectors, from advertising and marketing to government, healthcare, and education.

Social media managers are responsible for managing a company’s social media presence and ensuring that it meets the needs of its customers through relevant content. They must also be able to create engaging content that will keep people coming back for more.

Project Manager

Project management involves planning, organising, and controlling the work. It also involves managing all project elements from inception to completion. Project management is an important field that allows you to work with people from different backgrounds and on projects involving multiple people. You can also work as a solo professional or a team leader.

A project manager is a career that offers numerous opportunities for you in the field of construction management. While project managers are typically hired from within, they can also be hired from outside the industry. This is mainly when a person has undertaken any reputed course like project management certification or has previous work experience.

Data Scientists

Being a data scientist is one of the many career options after MCA. Data scientists work with large-scale data sets and help make sense of them by extracting knowledge from the data. They use machine learning and natural language processing tools to analyse data and find patterns.

Data scientists also create models that can predict user behaviour based on experience. This helps companies predict their customers’ behaviour to provide better customer service or products tailored to each individual’s needs. In order to have a deeper understanding of how data science works, Emeritus India offers certificate course in data science collaborated with renowned universities across the platform.

Ethical hacker

Ethical hackers use their skills to find security flaws in computer systems. They do not conduct illegal activities like hacking into other people’s computers. Instead, they look for security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit and then report them to the companies that develop the products being used. They use their knowledge and skills to protect data from being stolen or lost due to viruses, malware, or other malicious software.
Ethical hackers must communicate effectively with those who manage computer networks and software applications. They need to work independently without consulting anyone else about specific projects or procedures. They also need to have a good understanding of how computers operate to find every possible way a network could be breached or a system compromised by malicious software.

Like mentioned earlier, many even consider upskilling after an MCA. So if you want to add more knowledge before getting a job you can check out the courses Emeritus India offers in collaboration with top business schools in India.

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