Best Courses and Career Options after MA

MA or Master of Arts is a postgraduate program that enables students to learn subjects like social sciences and humanities. The course duration is two years, and the admission is on merit. However, some colleges and universities have an entrance examination for admission. Students seeking admission in an MA course should have a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent CGPA in the undergraduate program from a recognized university.

Top MA colleges in India are Miranda House, LSR New Delhi, Hansraj College, etc. Students can also study MA from IIT, where they will have subjects such as developmental studies, society, culture, etc. There’s a distance learning opportunity available in universities like IGNOU.

There are many elective courses in MA like English, History, Economics, Bengali, Political science, Sociology, etc. Each course in MA has its syllabus and subjects.

In addition to career options after BA , there is a wide range of MA job opportunities which includes journalism, marketing, insurance, sales, etc.

List of career options after MA

There are many career options after MA that you can pick according to your interest and career goals.


Lawyer is one of the great career options after an MA. After completing your MA, you need an LLB degree to become a lawyer. LLB covers all the basics of the law, including criminal law, evidence law, civil law, intellectual law, etc.
A lawyer manages the legal matters of his clients. You must represent your clients in court and help them with the case. A lawyer needs to have good oratory skills.
The average salary of a lawyer can range between 5 lakhs to 40 lakhs depending on the experience, specialization, and employer.


A managerial job is the most sought-after among the many MA job opportunities. To become a manager, you will need to have an MBA degree. There are many reputed institutes like IIM and ISB offering MBA programs.
Managers are responsible for managing an organization or a department and are accountable for their team’s performance. They need to have strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Managers chart out the plans and help their team achieve them.
The average salary of a manager in India is around 20 lakhs yearly. Freshers earn an average salary of 5 lakh annually, but with experience, you can increase your salary. An experienced manager can get a salary as high as 50 lakhs. Many factors, like expertise, location, and experience, determine your salary in this profession.

Digital marketer

There’s a misconception you need technical education to work in the tech sector. Sectors like digital marketing are a great place for someone with an MA degree.
A digital marketer is responsible for managing the online presence of a business. A digital marketer promotes the clients’ business on the internet through various platforms like social media, content marketing, ad campaigns, etc. A digital marketer should be an expert in Search engine optimization, social media management, search engine marketing, and other related skills.
The average digital marketing salary in India may range from 4 Lakhs to 20 lakhs per annum. Apart from being a digital marketer, you can also play other roles in the sector like a content marketer, PPC, SEO specialist, etc.

However, to become a digital marketer, you should be highly proficient in online marketing. A certificate course in digital marketing will help you become a professional digital marketer. It is one of the most popular courses after MA.


If you have great prowess for writing, journalism can be a great career option. The field needs a lot of courage and creativity and is apt for people passionate about research and telling stories. Journalists research, write, proofread, and edit a news piece and work with newspapers, news channels, online publications, and television.

Journalism is a field that demands excellent oratory and interpersonal skills. The average salary of a journalist is around 3.5 Lakhs yearly. However, the pay depends on the experience and location.

To become a journalist, you need a bachelor’s degree in journalism. However, after MA, you can opt for a PG course in journalism to learn the required skills for the role.

Data scientist

Data science is one of the fastest-growing fields. Since data is precious for every business, the demand for a data scientist is growing rapidly. After completing your MA, you can get a certificate in data science to become a data scientist. A data scientist needs to be proficient in the subjects like statistics, economics, and maths.

Data scientists evaluate a large quantity of data so a company can get valuable insight. They use various algorithms to identify the patterns in the data. In addition, data scientists are also experts in programming, data exploration, extraction, and visualization. They work closely with the data engineers and the related team, so they should have strong communication skills.

The average salary of a data scientist is around nine lakhs per annum. Freshers earn up to 3.5 lakhs per year, but with experience, they can earn as much as 20 lakhs per year. Data science is one of the best career choices after an MA.

Insurance executive

An insurance executive is responsible for the sales of insurance products. This job is for you if you consider yourself a person who can market a product and increase sales.
On average, an insurance executive earns 2.5 lakhs per annum. However, depending on your performance, the pay can go up to 10 lakhs per annum.
To pursue a career in insurance, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. After completing your MA, you can pursue your career as an insurance executive. You can also take a course to improve your understanding of the field.

In this world of cut-throat competition, you should always spend time improving your knowledge and learning new skills. Companies and businesses are always looking for new talent with exceptional knowledge in their respective fields. So, it would be best if you looked for certification courses to help you achieve an edge in your career. These certification courses are of short duration and inexpensive but give you the knowledge and skills that will enhance your career.

Many platforms offer a variety of certification courses, but not all of them are trustworthy or high-quality. It would be best to look for a platform that provides multiple genuine certificate courses. Emeritus is one of the leading platforms offering courses from premium educational institutes that you can easily avail yourself. The courses are taught by mentors who have experience in the field. With industry experts and an excellent curriculum, your skills will develop the right way, and you can achieve your career goals quickly.

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