Data Analyst : Jobs and Salary in India in 2023

Right now, data analyst is one of the most in-demand job positions, and you will discover that skilled professionals in data can find themselves a position in any industry. This is because big data and data analytics are making their mark in every industry at the moment. The advent of big data has opened up uncountable doors for professionals in data, rewarding them with a varied and beneficial career.

To give you a glimpse into where a career as a data analyst will take you, here are a few of the most sought-after job positions in this field. Each role is explained with everything that it entails and the amount of experience you’ll need to be eligible for the role. All of this will allow you to gauge the progress that you can make in this industry.

1. Data Analyst

The most common role that is associated with a professional that has the skills of data analysis is that of an analyst. Analysts can have positions across a very wide range of sectors, including marketing, finance, media, insurance, healthcare, and IT technology, to name just a few. When you enter the industry as a beginner, you will probably start as a “frontline” analyst, whose responsibilities include extracting, cleaning, and analysing data and finally sharing your analysis.

The role of an analyst is extremely hands-on, and you will be in direct contact with stakeholders of businesses and will be guiding them in their business decisions. When looking for your first analyst role, you should specifically look for entry-level or junior positions. However, you might even be able to get into the role of an analyst directly, since many companies are providing on-the-job training. After acquiring 2-3 years of experience, you can start considering more senior roles for yourself.

You generally do not need any industry experience to get into junior or entry-level positions. You can opt for a certification course in data analytics from Emeritus India, in collaboration with renowned institutes like IIM, IIT and XLRI should help you find a job in the sector. The average salary for a junior position in India is Rs. 3.5 Lakhs, and the salary ranges from Rs. 2 Lakhs to Rs. 7.8 Lakhs.

2. Business Analyst

The next role that is extremely common for professionals in data analysis is that of a business analyst. The titles of data and business analyst jobs are sometimes used interchangeably. This is most prominent in smaller companies. But, there are several notable differences between these positions. In larger organizations, these positions are differentiated correctly.
The main focus of the role of a business analyst is to conduct a comprehensive analysis and optimization of the business’s functioning. This can include the evaluation of an existing business model, the determination of how best to distribute the employees in the organization, and the investigation of where costs can be cut.

As a business analyst, you need not be sourcing and analysing the data with the help of your data analytics course. But you will also be very involved in the strategic decisions that are made based on this data. You will be highly involved in shaping the overall direction of the business.

The role of business analyst generally requires at least a year of experience, but this varies from business to business. You might choose to move on to the role of a business analyst after getting your initial data analyst resume.

3. Data Scientist

The duty of a data scientist is very high in demand. This is one of the jobs that have the highest data analyst salary among all the other roles on the list. Just like analysts, data scientists are also experts in collecting and analysing data to create actionable and meaningful insights from it. In addition to this, data scientists also have expertise in machine learning and programming.

Analysts identify the patterns and trends to answer some unique questions. Data scientists, on the other hand, design new ways to model data, devise predictive models to make future predictions, and write algorithms. Similar to analysts, data scientists can also choose to focus their expertise in a singular field like Finance.

The transition from the role of an analyst to a scientist is not at all linear, since these are two completely separate roles. But, if you aim to become a data scientist, mastering the data analyst resume is the first step you need to take. The role of a data scientist generally requires 2-3 years of experience.

After mastering the basics of the analyst role and getting beneficial hands-on experience, you will have to delve deep into machine learning, programming, and algorithms to make the change from analyst to scientist.

4. Healthcare Data Analyst

Data analytics and big data have had a very significant effect on the healthcare industry. The healthcare sector is a sector where skilled analysts can bring a lot of value. The role of a healthcare analyst has become one of its own titles and is a very important title on this list of data analyst jobs.

Sometimes, the job of a healthcare analyst is referred to as the business part of medicine. Your role as a healthcare analyst will involve providing clinical researchers, physicians, and important decision-makers in the sector with data-driven and actionable insights.

Compared to analysts in other sectors, healthcare analysts also collect and analyse data to help the sector in improving the quality of healthcare provided to patients. Generally, the position of a healthcare analyst needs at least 1-2 years of experience, but this doesn’t specifically need to be in the healthcare sector. This is a very rewarding role to transition into once you have gained experience in data analytics.

The Bottom Line

These are four of the most rewarding data analyst jobs. This list is basically the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a career in data analytics.

Since data analytics is slowly taking over the industry, the scope of growth in this sector is limitless. So, if you are considering a career in the data analytics field, then this is the perfect time to do it.

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