Jobs after BBA: Career & Salary in India

Jobs after BBA: Career & Salary in India | Upskilling | Emeritus

Analysis suggests that an advanced business administration and management degree helps steer a commerce graduate’s career in the right direction. Moreover, employees are expected to find more meaningful work opportunities with advanced business courses like BBA, MBA, B. Com, M. Com, etc. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the growing scope of business courses and also look at career opportunities to pursue after graduating in commerce.

An Introduction To Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) is an undergraduate course that focuses on training aspirants to thrive in the contemporary business milieu that is filled with uncertainties and difficulties. The startling similarities between BBA’s curriculum and other commerce courses like Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Commerce, and others make it a popular choice among graduates.
Moreover, the growing scope of the course is also one of the reasons for its popularity. In addition, the high paychecks drawn by BBA graduates are also an alluring reason for the increasing demand for the course. So, below, we enlist some of the reasons why pursuing a BBA in the current milieu is an intelligent choice; check out:

  • The curriculum of the learning programmes provides a peek into various case studies and behind-the-scenes of a business issue, exposing aspirants to the industry’s turbulence. It prepares them to thrive and tackle complex business situations easily and finesse.
  • The course has a wide scope in the current business milieu.
  • The learning programme’s curriculum is focused on equipping candidates with leadership and managerial skills that help shape future leaders.

Now that you know the benefits of BBA, let’s understand the scope of BBA. Therefore, in the next paragraph, we will look at the growing scope of the course, emphasizing more the career options after BBA and the salary drawn by an entry-level professional.


What Is The Scope And Salary After BBA In India?

BBA’s expanding scope has brought itself umpteen career alternatives and meaningful work opportunities for course takers. There are a plethora of job titles that a BBA graduate can take, from management trainee to business manager. Moreover, with an average salary of ₹ 5,00,000, BBA is a lucrative career choice for freshers and experienced professionals.
So, if you are planning to take a job after BBA, here are some career alternatives and their average salary that will come knowing your door; check out:

Investment Banker

Investment bankers are trained professionals who perform various portfolio management responsibilities in an organization, from investing funds to raising capital for operation and manufacturing. Therefore, investment bankers are the highest-paid employees across various industries.
Investment bankers are among the highest earning professionals with an average salary of ₹ 9,42,000 per annum. Generally, an aspiring investment banker can apply for jobs after BBA and draw a good salary, completing a master’s or certificate course specialized in the field, increasing their chances of attracting quality work opportunities.


An accountant is a professional responsible for maintaining and interpreting an organization’s financial records. They are trained to tackle accounts-related issues of a company and make financial statements like income statements, balance sheets, etc.
Several other terms are often used in conjecture to accountants, which entails confusion about duties and career growth. However, the job title changes with education qualification and experience a professional hold. For instance, a bookkeeper has an advanced degree in bookkeeping but performs similar functions to an accountant. However, in the professional realm, a bookkeeper and an accountant are two job titles that perform varied organizational functions.
So, if you want to pursue the job of an accountant after completing a BBA degree, it is imperative to know the salary and growth prospects of the career. Therefore, for the unversed, an accountant, on average, earns ₹ 4,45,000 annually. However, the figure is relative and changes with experience, company, location, and qualification.
Thus, it is suggested to take certification courses in accountancy or finance to increase the chances of drawing a strong six-figure salary after completing a BBA degree.

Human Resource Manager

A human resource (HR) manager is a vital part of every organization, varying different industries. They are responsible for the company’s workforce recruitment, training, and development. Moreover, they perform many complex duties to increase employee satisfaction, growth, and efficiency.

Being a critical part of the organizational structure, HR managers, on average, earn ₹ 7,00,000 per annum. However, the salary of an HR manager is a relative figure that fluctuates due to various factors such as location, company, skills, educational qualification, work experience, etc.


A sophisticated, predictive, customized, and effective marketing plan cannot perform to its full potential with the expertise of a marketer. Therefore, marketers are integral to companies dependent on goods and services for growth and revenue. Moreover, they are also part of agencies that provide third-party marketing services to brands and multi-national conglomerates.
With the increased use of social media and the widespread availability of free internet service, the demand for digital marketers has increased substantially. Also, they are earning more than a traditional marketer. However, With an average salary of ₹ 6,85,000 annually, marketers are among the highest earning professionals after BBA.

However, if you want to enhance your career prospects, you can take digital marketing courses provided by Emeritus India. We have partnered with Indian universities to offer some of the best marketing and sales courses designed by industry experts.

Sales Executive

Sales executives are responsible for creating new business opportunities for the company and maintaining the existing ones. They are trained professionals who are good communicators and multi-taskers. A sales executive with an average salary of ₹ 3,00,000 per annum is a prosperous career alternative for candidates with excellent interpersonal skills.

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