Career Options after BMM: What to do after BMM

If you are confused about what to do after BMM and are aiming for a high-paying job, then this article is meant for you. With changing technology, mass media continues to evolve and have a significant influence on our culture and society. The curriculum too is changing fast in keeping with the changing times and has come to encompass several fields of digital and social media that are in demand in today’s highly competitive job environment.

If you have done your Bachelor’s in mass media, then keep in mind that the job market has evolved to absorb candidates with niche skills that go beyond traditional skills and there are a plethora of BMM career options. It is an era of convergence whether in the field of media or marketing and sticking to one set of skills cannot help especially in today’s day and age. And therefore, it is important to find the right course that can give you a competitive advantage in the market.

Career options after BMM

A BMM degree is the foundation for many diverse career options ranging from journalism, media marketing, and social media management. You can also develop your skill sets in photography, advertising, or any other core media business. And of course, playing smart and choosing the right field that suits your temperament and aptitude is very important. In this article, we provide you with some information about BMM career options that can help you choose the right career option. Below is a list of some great courses after BMM that you can opt for.
Learners receive an average salary hike of 58% with the highest being up to 400%.


Journalism is one of the most popular courses that can be a good career option after BMM. It covers the whole gamut of news gathering and involves presenting this information using different mediums including newspapers, radio, television, and more. Each one gives emphasis to a particular format as the print media relies on the written word, the spoken word is important to radio, and visual communication is what assumes primacy in television. And in terms of themes or subjects to cover, the sky’s the limit. From general reporting to specialised reporting on crime, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and finance, the choices are wide-ranging and exposure limitless.

The BMM degree itself includes a journalism specialization in the final year which serves as a stepping stone for starting your professional journey. Practical exposure to broadcasting, television news production or even publishing can help. Since journalism involves meeting new people daily, it is exciting and never gets boring. Taking up journalism as a profession also gives you wide exposure, brings different perspectives to your life and can make you well-informed and knowledgeable in the long run.


Another interesting industry where you can reap rewards and end your confusion if you are worried about what to do after BBM is advertising. Creativity is an asset that brings its own reward in the advertising industry besides bringing lucrative offers to your table. Inspired, creative and motivated individuals can join the ad industry and help clients deliver powerful campaigns that can strengthen their brand presence and bring visibility.

Advertising encompasses all media fields like print, radio, and television. Thus, we have billboards and newspaper ads, radio jingles and television ads all designed to create an impact in the larger consumer space. These days, there is advertising on apps and social media platforms as well. So, the scope of advertising has widened with the advent of the internet, making it one of the most sought-after BMM career options.

Professionals in the ad world are involved in the process of identifying the target audience for a brand, speaking to potential consumers via original or customized campaigns, and developing dissemination strategies for the intended message, brand identity, and more which made this one of the best courses after BMM. You can go for diverse profiles, such as copywriting, media planning, and branding after choosing to advertise.

Public Relations

One of the most lucrative career options after BMM is public relations or PR. PR is designed to benefit organizations, causes, or individuals by creating awareness and information material that can help people understand what they do. It is, in a sense, a function that creates a bridge between the organisation and the wider public and helps form perceptions and influences public opinion. As a PR functionary, you would represent a company or person and devise ways to communicate their image or ideologies to the public.

PR work involves building and maintaining relationships with the media, managing publicity and helping in crisis communication. In the current fast-paced world, PR strategists are increasing demand to coordinate the messaging, particularly by large multinational corporations, non-profits, and political candidates.

Digital Communications

This perhaps is the most expanding field and offers an exciting career option after BMM, especially for those who want to explore the techie in them. Though not just for nerds and geeks, the field combines exposure to technology and media strategies in ways that can provide a quantum jump to communications to organisations looking for a global reach in the shortest possible time. In the last decade, e-marketing and cloud-based tools have transformed the way organizations communicate. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing in a lot of digital opportunities in almost every industry, digital marketing is one of the essential skills that can provide any BMM graduate a distinct advantage in today’s changing landscape. Businesses need people who are adept in communications to handle social media, create digital marketing tools, use blogging, and content marketing to reach target audiences and many more! You can check out Emeritus’s certificate courses in digital marketing to know more and plan accordingly.


If you have a passion for photography as a BBM student, then this field is much more suitable for you. Photographers are employed in every field like newspapers, the advertising industry and even in large organisations with an elaborate PR set-up. Once you start working, you can pick up additional design skills, such as image editing and Photoshop. Photographers have a wide range of job prospects like photojournalism, product photography, fashion photography, wildlife photography, travel photography and fine arts to name a few.


Many of the post-BMM courses prove to be the best career options after 12th. So, if you are confused about what to do after BMM, think of the media passion that led you to explore BMM in the first place. And you can take the plunge to combine your passion and profession.  And the foundation for many of these certificate courses is laid in school or college now, remember to start early and advise others to do the same.

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