Career Options for Maths Students after 12th

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There are a plethora of career options for maths students. It is a subject that equips a candidate with logic, analytical thinking, and time management skills, which are essential for a successful career.

Career options for maths students after 12th can be amplified by strategically opting for courses which can prepare them for futuristic job roles such as data scientist, business analyst and in arenas like investment banking etc.

Despite all of the above, students are confused or unaware of the scope due to a lack of proper guidance and information.
Hence, in this article, we will look at some of the best career options for maths students and how to prepare for these roles:

Career Options for Maths Students

Data Scientist

Data science has become one of the most sought-after careers in India. The country has a huge need for data scientists. Whether it is academic research or study on consumer behaviour, data science is being deployed to generate meaningful insights in various fields.

Huge data volumes are being generated each day, and a data scientist analyses the available data to understand trends. Evaluating longer-term historical data and identifying patterns and trends makes it possible to accurately predict what might happen next. Data science is also at the forefront of medical research, as witnessed during the recent COVID-19 outbreak when data science models were deployed to predict the occurrence and impact of various waves.

  • Job Potential – If you are passionate about maths and technology, then data science will allow you to apply both. In the post-pandemic period, over 11.5 million jobs will be generated in this field by 2026.
  • How to enter the field – After completing the 12th standard, maths students can enrol in some world-class data scientist courses and enjoy tremendous career growth.
  • Average Salary – The average salary is also usually higher than most other fields even at the entry levels.

Business Analyst

– One of the best career options for maths students is being a business analyst. The primary job profile of a business analyst requires studying data and generating analytical insights for better outcomes. As a maths student, this is among the best career options to pursue after 12th.
As per research, a lot of business decision-makers now rely on data analytics to formulate their strategies. With an ever-increasing flow of data, more business analysts will be required to generate the necessary insights. It can be quite exciting for a maths enthusiast to solve existing business problems by applying mathematical and statistical principles.

  • Job Potential – As per information available, there were almost 1 lakh openings for business analysts even prior to the pandemic. Now with the massive digitization taking place, there are lakhs of opportunities available in India, which has become the second highest market for business analysts after the United States. With the rapidly rising integration of AI analytics solutions in every field of work, the demand for quality business analysts will only increase in the times to come.
  • How to enter the field – One can enrol with a good institution for a certificate in business analytics and acquire the skills necessary to enter this field. By using advanced machine learning and AI tools, business analysts can generate actionable insights to help businesses grow faster.
  • Salary – An average business analyst can easily command a salary of over INR 50,000 a month, which makes it a well-paying job even at the entry level.

Blockchain Developer

– The term blockchain has been brought into the public discourse by the emergence of cryptocurrencies. However, virtual currency is just one dimension of this incredible technology that is now growing rapidly and finding applications in various fields, including healthcare, business and finance and even logistics. It is widely regarded as an extremely secure and scalable technology, making blockchain development one of the best career options for maths students after the 12th.

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a blockchain developer is that it is a comparatively novel industry, and there is ample scope for learning and growth for aspiring maths experts. They can join a company in this profile and leverage the technology to create futuristic tech frameworks for better outcomes.

  • Job Potential – As more and more companies are learning about the great benefits of blockchain technology, the demand is also rapidly growing all over India. As per estimates, the number of available vacancies in this arena is growing anywhere between 20 to 50 times year-on-year. Currently, the demand is far higher than the supply side, making it an even more lucrative career option for maths students.
  • How to enter the field – After graduation in engineering, data science or mathematics, one can undertake relevant certificate courses in blockchain technology. This will equip the learner with the advanced concepts and skills required to succeed in the blockchain arena.
  • Average salary – A blockchain developer can easily earn more than 65,000 rupees a month in India.


– Banking sector jobs have always been about number crunching, making them one of the best career options for maths students after 12th. Banking is one of the largest and essential fields that will keep going strong even with changing times because individuals and businesses both need financial services.
As a banker, one gets an opportunity of a well-paying job that is socially respected, offers long-term job security for those who are serious about their careers, and even incredible great opportunities until late into their career.

  • Job potential – Millions of jobs are available in the banking sector for the right candidates. Currently, there are dozens of public sector and private banks in India, and there is a lot of growth in the micro-banking and other financial sectors too. In the conventional banking industry, one can get various roles such as Bank Probationary Officer, Financial Analyst, Account Manager and Marketing Officer etc.
  • How to enter the field – Banking is a highly competitive field, and to enter the public sector banks, one needs to clear relevant entrance exams such as Bank PO exams etc. You can enrol in an advanced banking course to acquire the right skills and a bright career.
  • Salary – The banking sector offers handsome salaries, perks and job security making it one of the best maths student career options.


In today’s data-driven world, there is no lack of career options for maths students after 12th. As long as you have a good grasp of diverse mathematical principles and are keen to apply those to solve real-world problems and create innovative solutions and services, ample employment opportunities will be available.

However, apart from the mathematical bent of mind, you also need to understand modern technologies and the field you aim to enter. That’s where prominent learning institutes such as Emeritus offer learners curated courses and certification programmes that ensure students are ready to choose. Go ahead and browse through the courses, as one of them could get you closer to your dream job!

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