Top IT Interview Questions and Answers

Top IT Interview Questions and Answers | Information Technology | Emeritus

Passing an Information Technology (IT) interview is not easy because interviewers ask numerous technical questions to gauge the skills and knowledge of the candidate. So, preparing beforehand is the key to successfully passing an Information Technology (IT) interview round.

To help you make a lasting impression on the interviewer, stay ahead of the competition, and crack the interview, we have collated a few common IT interview questions along with the possible answers. Let us walk you through the same.

IT Interview Questions and Answers

Brushing your technical knowledge is the first step in preparing for an IT interview. Here are some technical and general questions commonly asked during an IT interview.

What is an IP Address?

Internal protocol (IP) address might seem like an easy guess for a commoner. However, IP address goes beyond the textbook definition for an IT professional. So, while answering this IT interview question, don’t stick to the basic definition of IP address. Instead, elaborate and display your skills and knowledge with this question.

The interviewer wants to gauge your practical knowledge and communication skills with this question. So, be clear and succinct.

What do you do when you can’t solve an Issue?

Patience, perseverance, and consistency are the three essential qualities of a good IT professional. The interviewer may ask similar or the same questions to gauge how you react in a difficult situation. Your answer to this question in an IT interview will describe if you are a capable IT professional or not.

So, while answering the questions, highlight the qualities mentioned above. Also, demonstrate situations where your right attitude helped solve the problem effectively. Furthermore, talk about your biggest strength and your flaws.

Tell us about a time you took the lead on a project

Besides technical know-how, a successful IT professional imbibes the qualities of a great leader. So, if you want to land your dream job, keep handy some real-life instances where your leadership qualities were put to use.

It is a common IT interview question because the interviewers want to access every candidate’s leadership skill and team spirit. IT is an industry where teamwork and leadership skills help achieve great results. Therefore, while answering this basic IT interview question, emphasize how you work well in teams.

How do you stay up to date about new technology?

IT is a very dynamic industry, and therefore to stay relevant in the industry, you must learn and grow all time. With this question, the interview wants to know how aware you are of the new things that are happening in the industry.

So, while answering this question, discuss the courses you have undertaken or are planning to pursue to remain up to date.

How familiar are you with the different operating systems?

Different companies use different operating systems like Windows, Mac, or Linux. So, a company hires people aware of the operating systems they use.

With this IT interview question, the recruiter wants to know if you are versatile and adaptable. Therefore, talk about the operating systems you have worked on in the past. Also, show some samples of your work to make the employer believe in your skills..

How would you make sure a computer network is secure?

With this question, the recruiter wishes to know if you can keep their data safe and secure. So, walk them through basic security features like firewalls, routers, VPN, others, and demonstrate how you would use them to ensure the safety and security of company’s data. You can also mention any personal experience of a security breach in your personal life and how you reversed it and ensured it never happens again.

Why did you decide to go into IT?

It is one of the most common IT interview questions that is frequently asked. The interviewer wishes to know your reason for joining the industry. They also want to understand your qualities to gauge your work and dedication towards work. So, answer this question keeping in mind the above-mentioned points.

Describe your work pace?

Every business needs its staff to work efficiently and effectively. Although speed is not the most crucial feature, but steadiness, and consistency is. So, with this IT interview question, the recruiter wants to know your efficiency. Furthermore, they also need to know how you’ll fit into the company culture. So, the best way to answer this question is by researching the company and understanding its work culture in advance.

What interests you about this position?

With this question, the recruiter wants to understand your ambition and expectations from the company. They then equate it to the company’s expectations to gauge whether you are a good fit for the company or not. So, answer wisely.

Why should we hire you?

This may seem a basic IT interview question, but do not miss out on preparing for it in advance. With this, the recruiter wants to assess your interest in the job and test your capabilities with this question. So, talk about your strengths and capabilities to prove your passion and dedication.

Types of IT interview Questions

IT interviews are considered challenging to crack because there are many rounds of interviews and a ton of questions the recruiter asks the candidates. Here are three categories of questions generally asked in an IT interview.

  • Personal questions: The interviewer wants to assess your work style and abilities with these questions.
  • Job and company-related questions: The interviewer wants to gauge if you are a good fit for the company with these types of IT interview questions.
  • Technical questions– These questions are asked to learn about the knowledge, problem-solving capabilities, on-job expertise, and others you possess.

5 Ways of Preparing for An IT Interview

  • Brush up your technical questions
  • Prepare for the interview beforehand
  • Research about the company and their culture
  • Sort help from the online website to prepare for the technical round
  • You may be asked to write down your answers on a whiteboard. So, practice writing on the whiteboard beforehand.

How To Make the Best Impression in the IT Interview?

For passing any job interview, you need to impress the recruiter. Hence, here are ways in which you can impress the recruiter in the IT interview:

Dress professionally

  • Use semantics to make an engaging conversation
  • Be clear and succinct
  • Do not hesitate to ask follow-up questions, if you find it hard to understand a question asked by the interviewer
  • Remember to portray strong communication skills and practical abilities to crack the interview.

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