Data Science Course Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus & Skills

Data science is an interdisciplinary field open to everyone, from engineers to marketers. Data science is the process of collecting and processing huge sets of data to draw deep insights that can be used for making business decisions, product development, customer interaction, etc.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The eligibility criteria for data science courses in India
  • Data science course syllabus
  • Who is a data scientist, and how to become one?
  • Skills required to make a career in data science

Data Science course Eligibility Criteria

Anyone, from a newcomer to a working professional, is eligible for data science courses. The only prerequisite is that you must have a graduation degree to enrol in a regular or part-time data science course. You don’t need coding experience to take a data science course.
Additionally, being from a STEM background gives you an edge over others. It helps in understanding different scientific and mathematical concepts easier.

Data Science Course Syllabus

The data science curriculum comprises subjects like mathematics, programming, statistics, and data visualisation, among others. Below are some subjects of the data science course:


There are a lot of mathematical calculations involved in the data science process. Additionally, machine learning and deep learning algorithms heavily rely on mathematics and statistics. Therefore, in this subject, you will learn about mathematical calculations and formulas used in the data science process.


Data science curriculum lays a strong foundation for programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, etc., and their uses in business.

Probability and statistics

A clear understanding of various probability and statistical methods and techniques helps perform data visualisation, cleaning and interpretation processes effectively.

Data visualisation

Data science courses focus on laying a solid foundation in data visualisation. It (data visualisation) helps aspiring data scientists convert data insights into a graph, image, or pie chart, making it easy for shareholders and other business entities to understand them.

Machine learning

Machine learning is a branch of AI that makes innovative and intelligent machines perform similar functions to that of a human brain. In this subject, aspirants learn about types of machine learning systems, how to create machine learning, etc.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that collects and analyses large data sets to draw deep insights.

Data insights are used to make informed business decisions, gauge market demand, understand customer requirements, develop a product, etc.

Here are some of the common job roles in data science:

Who are Data Scientists and What Do They Do?

A data scientist is an individual who offers expertise at different phases of the data science process. They also collect, analyse, and interpret big data to draw meaningful insight.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

  • Gather structured and unstructured data to draw insights from it.
  • Identify data analytics tools required to interpret data.
  • Encourage business leaders and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.
  • Perform processes like data cleaning, wrangling, interpreting, segregating, etc.

Skills Required to Become a Successful Data Scientist

Data scientists need a unique blend of technical and soft skills. Below are some vital technical skills followed by soft skills required by aspiring data scientists.

Technical skills

  • Statistics
  • Programming and coding skills
  • Predictive modelling
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Data wrangling, cleansing, preparing

Soft skills

  • Excellent business acumen
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration


How to become a data scientist?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to become a successful data scientist:

  • Earn a data science degree
  • Sharpen skills like programming languages, data visualisation, machine learning, and big data, among others
  • Take up an entry-level analytical job
  • Pursue a certification course to transition into managerial positions. You can take Emeritus India’s certificate programmes to learn how to integrate data science and analytics into your organisation to gain revenue-generating insights and build strategies for business growth. Our data science courses are offered in partnership with reputed institutes like IIM, IIT, ISB, etc.

What is the salary of a data scientist in India?

The average salary of a data scientist ranges between INR 9,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 in India. (Source)

Is data science the right choice for me?

Analytical thinkers who enjoy coding and working with data are the ideal candidates for learning data science. Additionally, people interested in machine learning, deep learning, and AI can become data scientists.

What topics can I study related to data science?

After completing your graduation, you can learn about AI, deep learning, machine learning, coding languages, etc.

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