Which is the Best Online Data Science Specialization Course?

Many students invest in professional development as a habit, taking up different specialized courses to learn and upskill. Similarly, an aspiring data scientist must continue to learn new technologies to build a strong and long-lasting career in data science. Firstly, because of the peculiarity of the field, and secondly, because of the increasing competition. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen their professional development, aspirants must take different specialized online data science courses that help build a strong base and attain expertise and efficiency.

A Guide to Data Science Courses in 2022

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of e-learning modules and a curriculum that adapts to the changing education landscape. That’s why it is believed that the number of online courses has substantially increased. In addition, many data science courses work on the hybrid learning model – combining online and offline classrooms.

Online data science courses also offer specializations that help build a strong professional base. In the succeeding section of the article, we will walk you through the data science specialization courses that will help build a strong career in the field.


A Detailed Guide to Best Data Science Specialization Courses in 2022

The demand for a skilled data scientists is believed to have accelerated in the past few decades. The main reason is the successful integration and implementation of new technologies across different industries such as healthcare, finance, business, marketing, logistics, etc. Therefore, aspirants must enrol in the best data science courses to attain the necessary knowledge and appropriate skills to tackle real-world and complex problems.
Therefore, we have curated a list of data science specialization courses that will help aspirants learn in-depth about emerging technologies in the field. Below, we have listed the top data science specialization courses:

1. Statistics

When starting your journey in data science or data analytics, it is important to know statistical methods and techniques to help you leverage data insights and convert them into actionable results.

Moreover, in a data-driven era, the significance of statistics is growing substantially. In addition, taking a specialized data science course online will help data scientists learn different statistical tools and techniques to extract structured and unstructured raw data to gain deep insights.

Furthermore, learning statistics will help aspirants think critically and be creative with data and its uses across industries. Many renowned Indian and international institutes offer the best data science specialization course in statistics online. Here are some of the topics covered in the curriculum:

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Random variables
  • Mean, variance, standard deviation
  • Linear regression

2. Python
Python is a computer programming language used primarily for web and application development. Interestingly, it is a widely-used programming language across various departments because of its simple syntax and readability. In addition, many universities and colleges offer specialized data science courses to teach aspiring data scientists the programming language basics.

Emeritus India’s certification programme in machine learning and AI with Python is an excellent choice for aspiring data scientists looking to upskill and get akin to the go-to computer language. The six-month certificate programme also builds a strong foundation to use machine learning and artificial intelligence applications effectively. In addition, any graduate or diploma holder is eligible for the data science specialization course that we offer online in association with the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

3. Artificial intelligence
In its simplest form, artificial intelligence is a modern technology that leverages machines to imitate activities performed by the human brain. Machine learning and deep learning are artificial intelligence branches that have found inroads into different industries.
Experts define artificial intelligence as the unique combination of science and engineering to make smart and intelligent machines in the modern era, when established businesses are accommodating, the market is changing, and the use of AI applications has accelerated.
As a result, many Indian and international universities and colleges have developed comprehensive data science courses that focus on educating students on the fundamentals of artificial intelligence.

4. Deep learning
Deep learning is a branch of machine learning that attempts to stimulate actions similar to that of a human brain. However, unlike machine learning and artificial intelligence, deep learning applications fail to match the intelligence and smartness of a human brain. But modern technology uses large sets of data to learn and better itself continuously.
Deep learning drives many artificial intelligence applications by offering improved automation and performing physical tasks without human intervention. As a data scientist, you must be well-versed in different deep learning fundamentals and how to use them effectively in the data extraction, cleaning, and segregation process. You can take different undergraduate and post-graduate courses to learn the basics of deep learning.

5. Machine learning
Machine learning is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence that uses data to imitate the way humans learn. It is used in many artificial intelligence applications to operate machines without human intervention effectively. Moreover, it provides a structure for machines to learn and update themselves using the data.
A machine learning course can help in understanding the fundamentals of modern technology. It also enables the data scientist to develop, store, and process data effectively for machines to use it for learning and updating themselves. Furthermore, pursuing the above-mentioned data science course specialization helps attract opportunities and build a prosperous career in the rapidly evolving industry.
In the succeeding paragraph, we will discuss in detail the eligibility criteria for data science courses.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Data Science Specialization Courses?

If you want to make a career in data science, you must choose courses that will help you build a strong base; more than that, selecting a course that accepts students from different educational backgrounds is significant. Therefore, when choosing a data science course, knowing the eligibility criteria helps make an informed decision. Here are the eligibility criteria for a few of the data science courses that Emeritus India offers –

  • Anyone who has completed their secondary education with an aggregate score of more than 50% or more is eligible to take data science courses.
  • Newcomers or working professionals with basic information and idea about data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Students with an educational background in engineering, marketing, information technology (IT), or similar field can take up data science courses.
  • Aspirants who have studied computer programming or mathematics in their 12th have an added benefit.

Why Choose Emeritus India for Data Science Courses?

Emeritus India has some of the best data science and analytics courses that help candidates build prosperous careers. We have partnered with renowned Indian universities like the Indian Institute of Management, and the Indian School of Business, among others, to offer some of the best courses.

Moreover, our courses are specially designed for newcomers and working professionals looking to gain a deep insight into data science and other fields. Therefore, enrolling in our courses will help you equip yourself with appropriate skills and in-depth knowledge about the field, giving you a competitive edge over others.


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