Is Microsoft’s Next-Gen Bing the Future of Search? Find Out Here!

Is Microsoft's Next-Gen Bing the Future of Search? Find Out Here! | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

In February 2023, Microsoft introduced its new and improved Bing and Edge browser. The AI-powered search engine created curiosity among users. Within 48 hours of its announcement, the waitlist to use the next-gen search engine increased to over a million. Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, confirmed in a tweet that more than one million people had joined the waitlist within a few hours. 

The curiosity to experience the new plaform was also partly due to the integration of ChatGPT technology into the search engine. People were excited to see how the popular AI technology could transform search. If you want to know how next-gen Bing can change the future of search, read ahead.

What is Next-Gen Bing?


The new platform reinvents the search engine experience by personalizing search results. It runs on OpenAI’s Large Language Models (LLMs), which are trained on a large body of text data and can quickly generate better and enhanced responses. Additionally, with AI, Bing can assess search queries better and provide a personalized response. For instance, when users search for a hotel on a search engine, AI-powered applications can also allow them to order food or book a table at the same restaurant.

Furthermore, AI-powered platform uses different machine-learning algorithms to generate highly fluent, accurate, and human-like search responses. 

What are the New Features of Next-Gen Bing?

Here are some of the new features introduced in the new Bing search engine: 

  1. People can now search for how they speak or think on Bing’s latest version. The new Bing can break down complex search queries and display results. 
  1. With this platform getting an upgrade by integrating ChatGPT’s underlying technology, people can use it as a creative tool. For instance, artists and writers can write poems and stories. Similarly, learners can use Bing chat to get automated topics for projects.
  1. New-age platform can conduct more visual searches. Yusuf Mehedi, in a blog, revealed that Bing search will move from text-only searches to more visual ones in the form of rich image or video answers. 
  1. The new Bing lets users refine their initial search results by offering follow-up questions and prompts. For instance, if one types a query like “How to keep indoor plants alive”, AI-powered Bing will summarize relevant information and helpful follow-up questions one might find answers to in the future.  
  1. The new-age Bing search engine summarizes and provides context to a search query in a sidebar. A chat function also provides links to sources that further enrich your discovery. 

How Does Next-Gen Bing Utilize AI Technology?

Bing revamped its search products a few months ago with more artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. This upgrade to Bing has helped increase its market share drastically. According to a Reuters report, integrating OpenAI’s technology into Bing has led to an increase of 15.8% in page visits. 

According to the Economic Times, ChatGPT reached 100 million users within two months of its launch. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in OpenAI’s modern technology to capitalize on the worldwide excitement surrounding ChatGPT

However, the new Bing is much more progressive and advanced than ChatGPT. According to The Guardian, Yusuf Mehdi, in a press briefing, revealed that Bing is based on a large next-gen language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT. These AI innovations boost search results. For instance, searching for the most influential Mexican painters on Bing will summarize interesting details about these artists in a sidebar. 

Furthermore, AI will be used to provide multi-lingual search options. The new Bing will utilize OpenAI’s large language model trained in more than 100 languages to implement this change in their search engine. 

What Sets Next-Gen Bing Apart From Other Search Engines?


For years, Google has remained the dominant search engine. According to the latest data from Statista, Google holds an 85.5% stake in the global search engine market. On the other hand, Bing has an 8.23% share of the global search engine market. Here are some ways in which the new Bing is different from other search engines: 

1. Smart Search Box

 The new Bing has a smart search box, according to a Business Insider report. The search box can enhance searches and provide a user-friendly experience. For instance, when one searches for “London itinerary to celebrate my anniversary,” the search engine prompts a congratulations message along with the search results. 

2. Provision to Use AI Tools

The new Bing helps users make the most of modern technology by integrating buttons for AI-powered tools. This enhances users’ search results. Moreover, it allows users to conduct advanced searches. For instance, one can search based on tone or specify the length or format of search results. 

3. Personalized Answers

Bing’s search results are more personalized than other search engines’ responses, says a Business Insider report. They are more tailored and personalized. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it also helps them find what they are looking for without a hassle.

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How Will Next-Gen Bing Impact the Digital Marketing Landscape?

AI will have a positive impact on the digital marketing landscape. It will help marketers understand their audience better and create personalized marketing messages. Here are some ways upgrades to Bing will impact the digital marketing landscape. 

1. Enhanced Targeting and Personalization

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms into Bing can help marketers enhance customer targeting. It helps them understand users’ intent and preferences, creating marketing campaigns accordingly. 

2. Improved Search Relevance

AI-powered search engines can provide the most accurate search results. The next-generation Bing can offer even better search accuracy and deliver more targeted website traffic. Digital marketers can optimize their websites and content to align with Bing’s evolving algorithms, improving visibility.

3. Advanced Ad Formats and Opportunities

Bing’s next-generation search engine will introduce new and innovative ad formats and opportunities. For instance, Bing has introduced features like ads in chat, rich captions for Microsoft Start partners, and others to support advertisers and encourage them to increase their ad spend on the search engine. Digital marketers could explore these new ad formats and opportunities to capture users’ attention and drive better campaign performance.

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