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If you don’t realize your true potential and never find your goals and ambition to do something or take the initiative, you’ll fall far behind in success. In a recent interview, Dr. K Ramkumar of thoughtLEADERS shared some amazing references to the Mahabharata to highlight the importance of understanding your true potential.

Understand Your True Potential from Mahabharata – Insights from Dr. Ramkumar

The Story of Uttara Kumara &Brihannala

He starts with a story from Mahabharata, saying it’s the years in which the Pandavas are in incognito (the agnatavasa) space. The Pandavas were in Virata Rajya, and the great arjuna as, Brihannala – a eunuch – who is inside this harem, teaching dancing to the women and girls.

On that day when this story is happening, the Virata raja, along with his entire army, had gone to take on an invasion, and this young Uttara Kumara, who is the son of this raja and only 16 years old, is in the harem with the mother and rest people.

He complains to his mother about how unkind his father is and how he wants all the credit. He was angry that his father asked him to protect the girls. He should have been on the battlefield taking on the enemies, but instead, he was sitting among the girls and women.

At that moment, the palace messenger arrived. He tells the queen mother there is an invasion on the other side. They didn’t know who it was but were rampaging through the fields and taking the cattle. Then, Brihannala gets up and tells Uttara Kumara that now is his chance.

Brihannala Takes Uttara into The Battlefield As His Charioteer; Uttara Later Runs Away

On this battlefield, Brihannala stands up and introduces the warriors there, saying Hi Uttara Kumara, do you see that – the person in that white costume, flowing beard? – that is Bhishma.

This is a battle worthy of you, Kshatriya. The boy jumps out of the chariot and starts running. Brihannala, who is actually Arjuna, runs all over the place, and the entire Kauravas Sena starts laughing. They said, ‘who sends a kid and a eunuch.’

Uttara Finds Out That Brihannala Is the Great Arjuna

Fast forward… They go to a tree, and the tree asks this boy to climb up and take the weapons. He tells Uttara Kumara that these are the weapons of the Pandavas.

Then he reveals himself, stands up, and says, ‘I am Arjunava; he picks up the Kandivali, strings it, twangs it, and the sound reverberates through the battlefield.

The Kauravas are like hell. ‘Arjuna is here.’ The signature tone of arjuna – the Kandivali – is reverberating. Arjuna tells the boy, come, my young man, and watch the battle as this is the best you learn. Hold, let me see me decimate these people.

Then, the Kauravas run away, and Arjuna gets on as a charioteer; Uttara Kumara returns on the chariot, and a winning triumph goes through the city. Everyone showered love on Uttara Kumar for his great victory.

Uttara Found His Moment 60 Days Later on the Battlefield of Kurukshetra, Where He Courageously Fought Against the Invincible Bhishma

Arjuna doesn’t say anything and moves on. Sixty days after this, it’s another battlefield called Kurukshetra.

The second day of the Kurukshetra battle, and at this moment, there is this young man full of ruby blood spots all over his body from injuries fighting one opponent after another and for a brief moment.

He takes on Bhisma himself, and Bhisma goes to him and says his father would be proud of him. At that moment, there is this chariot with whizzes past, Narayana himself on the chariot as the charioteer of Arjuna.

Uttara Surpassed Arjuna at That Moment of Valor

At one moment, Narayana stops the chariot, turns around, and tells him, Arjuna, today this boy surpassed. In this brief moment, Uttara Kumara became superior to Arjuna. All the Kshatriyas would be proud of him.

Narayana bows to him and says this is your moment of upholding the Kshatriya dharma. Uttara kumara failed that day and later received the honour of his pyres being led by the god (Narayana) himself.

The entire battlefield assembles there, the Kauravas and the Pandavas, and the only name on their lips is Uttara Kumara as an exemplar.

Uttara Found His Initiation, His Moment, And So Should You!

The question you have to ask is 60 days after his initiation. Uttara kumara found his arjuna moment. Have you found your arjuna moment? To brag as a young person is a positive quality. It’s a quality that says that I have ambition.

Appreciate The Young People Who Brag

So, whenever we see a young person bragging, do not stop that person. Look at this person and think that there is this young person who wants to be somebody. Maybe he doesn’t know how to be there.

But for every young person who is bragging, if you stop with your bragging, and if you don’t go in search of your Kurukshetra, you’ll never find that arjuna moment. For everyone who lives without finding such a moment, it’s a waste of life.

Find Your Arjuna Moment

For that one brief moment in our lives, Narayana should west pass, stop for us, bow to us, and say, it was worthy of having created you, and you are worthy of having been born.

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