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You’ll find hundreds and thousands of books and entire workshops on high-level strategies of executive leadership. But what happens to the daily minutiae of leadership? How is it possible to balance everything on your shoulders and stay sane as an executive leader? How can one balance and bring forth the quality of life while leading their organisation towards success?
Aaron Marshall, the Chief Operating Officer of Santa Barbara Zoo, will guide you through the entire procedure. He provides 20 beneficial and manageable habits that you can seamlessly build into your life. And doing so will actually help you to flourish as an executive leader.
Marshall has quite a long history of managing executive leadership along with intention and thoughtfulness. He talks about and enlightens us with all the habits that can keep us grounded. Further, he also teaches about the habits that can help you become a more discerning thinker. And the best part is that you can integrate all of these habits easily into your life.
Let us now check what Aaron Marshall has exactly got in his bag to offer.

Aaron Marshall on 20 Habits for Executive Leadership

You should note that all successful executives possess a mysterious quality dubbed executive presence. Marshall says it is a kind of engaged confidence that comes from a clear sense of self. Additionally, there is position, voice, and opportunity as well. Nonetheless, executive presence is all about groundedness at its core.
Thus, to develop this executive presence, it’s important to be honest about the person you are today. Besides, it is equally important to get comfortable in your own skin. In fact, you also need to have a clear idea about the kind of person you are actually becoming. And emphasising what you’ll achieve or who you’re going to spend your time with is not quite important.
Aaron reveals that the notion of becoming comes with a long and rich history. The routines and habits that make up your life actually help in shaping the person out of you. And that is exactly how you become. He further says that life just doesn’t happen to us all of a sudden. The routines and habits you’re associated with help you go exactly where you need to be.
However, you can seamlessly change them. Moreover, getting and remaining grounded means having a clear idea of knowing what you value. Also, it enables you to have a brief insight into the person you want to become.
He concludes by saying that one should let their personal statement empower them so that they can live with intention.

What is Covered in the 20 Habits for Executive Leadership?

Aaron Marshall provides the top 20 manageable and beneficial habits that can help you prosper and flourish as an executive leader. Through a micro-course, he offers the following habits:

  • Living as a Leader Daily
  • Habits for the Grounded Self
    • Know Your Who
    • Know Your Why
    • Practice Quietly
    • Draw Strength
    • Cultivate Courage
  • Habits for the Disciplined Self
    • Practice Early Wins
    • Train Your Body
    • Design a Daily Routine
    • Sleep on Your Agenda
    • Reframe Goals
    • Practice Deep Work
  • Habits for the Relational Self
    • Cultivate Gratitude
    • Stay Curious
    • Assume Positive Intent
    • Practice Inspiring
    • Grow Connections
  • Habits for the Discerning Self
    • Find a Guide
    • Practice Storytelling
    • Filter Your Decisions
    • Always Keep Reading
  • Make it Your Practice

To sum up, Aaron talks about the habits that can keep you grounded and those that help you stay disciplined. He further goes on to talk about the habits for handling relationships and thereafter becoming a discerning thinker. If you are ready to learn some new ways of being, then you should take up the micro-course of Marshall.

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