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Class 12th is a remarkable landmark in everyone’s life, and what follows is exciting. It is a journey to choosing a career – an identity and a source of financial security. However, making that choice can be challenging, and we understand that.

Before you even think about getting a job and starting your career, you need to find your niche. Let’s take the stream of science, for instance. What can you do to give your basic science education a proper pathway for a successful career? That is what we will help you figure out.

Here are some high-salary courses after 12th science PCM to help you have a successful career.

List of high Salary Courses After 12th Science PCM

After completing 12th science in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM), you will find yourself in the cross-section of umpteen career alternatives ranging from engineering to finance. So which would be the best career option for 12th PCM students? The answer lies in learning more about the options available. Read on to know more.

Digital Marketing

The internet has changed in the business landscape, leading established companies like Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and similar organizations to embrace modern ways of connecting and communicating with the audience. So, the demand for digital marketing professionals is increasing with each passing day. For the unversed, digital marketing is a type of marketing that uses online mediums to promote a product or service. It is one of the best courses to pursue after 12th computer science. Moreover, there is a vast scope for students with expertise in mathematics, probability, and scientific methods in digital marketing. So, if you are planning to pursue digital marketing after secondary college, here are some of the job titles you can take up:

  • Digital Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Campaign Manager

The era of traditional marketing campaigns is ending, and companies are embracing digital marketing and trying to understand its fundamental concept. However, many companies find it hard to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing. So, suppose your company is going through a digital transformation, and you find it hard to cope with the changes. In that case, a diploma or certification course in digital marketing will help you upskill.

Emeritus India is the pioneer in teaching future skills to working professionals and freshers. Our certificate courses in digital marketingwith prestigious Indian universities will help you understand how to successfully formulate, implement, execute, and measure a digital marketing campaign. In addition, it will equip you with skills and deep knowledge about digital marketing fundamentals.


You just don’t build the organization; you make it from the ground. Similarly, engineers working at different organizations in varying industries are known to be creators of technology, software, processes, best practices, and more. Interestingly, many science students are piqued by an engineer’s role in an organization. That’s why many PCM students nowadays opt for engineering jobs.

So, if you are someone intrigued by engineering and the role engineers play in an organization, you can apply for these job titles after completing 12th science:

  • Automobile engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Textile engineer


As more companies embed financial services into their structural model, the need and demand for skilled and talented finance professionals are increasing substantially. Mainly to help companies implement complex financial services into their primary model. As there are more jobs for science graduates in finance, the number of PCM students pursuing it is also increasing. Here are some of the job titles that are considered the ‘best jobs for PCM students’, have a look:

  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Planner
  • Financial Analyst

Suppose you want to pursue a career in finance; gaining professional knowledge about the field is vital. For which an aspirant can take up different bachelor’s or master’s courses in finance. And if you are professional planning to transition into finance, Emeritus India’s certification courses will help you develop the acumen required to succeed in the field. Our finance certificate courses will also ensure that you attract the right and quality work opportunities after completing the programme.


Being an architect is an excellent career option for science students with a strong hold on mathematics. Many premium Indian institutes offer exciting courses for aspirants trying to develop a future as an architect. Nowadays, B. Arch or bachelor’s in architecture is a popular course that PCM students pursue after secondary school, mainly because it helps students understand architecture fundamentals and equips them with the skills required to make a prosperous career.


Working in aviation is great for students who desire to fly or break the rut of a 9-5 job and live an ideal life. With its perfect blend of science and technology, aviation has become one of the high-salary courses or career options for science students after 12th science PCM. Here are some of the popular job titles with high salary packages:

  • Commercial pilot
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer

It is a fact that completing 12th is one of the biggest milestones in every student’s life. But what happens after that defines one’s life journey. Hence, having a career roadmap is vital as it increases their chances of career growth and success.

We hope the above list of ‘high salary courses after 12th science PCM’ will help you choose the right career path.

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