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Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India

Engineering is an extremely popular profession across the world. As a result, the demand for engineering graduates has increased in the last few decades, from aerospace to software management. Similarly, the salary packages offered for engineers are also growing.

Incidentally, according to Indeed’s newly published ranking, software engineering is among the world’s highest-paying engineering jobs. However, it isn’t the only engineering job on the list; site reliability engineer and operations engineer are the others in the ranking.

Indeed’s ranking noted that tech jobs lead the list of highest-paid job roles in the world. So, this article will explore the highest-paid jobs in India for engineering graduates with a solid six-figure.

List Of Highest-Paying Jobs In India For Engineering Graduates

Software Engineer

The position of Software engineer, also known as software developer and architect, has seen an 87% rise in job posting across the globe between 2019-2022. Indeed’s Top Jobs in 2022 list also reveals that they are among the highest earning engineering jobs worldwide.

Software engineers create software for modern machines. They are also responsible for performing an array of duties; here are some of the daily tasks a software engineer does:

  • Designing and maintaining various software programmes.
  • Evaluating and testing new software programmes.
  • Writing and testing different computer codes.
  • Communicating with stakeholders, managers, and customers while developing software.

In India, the average salary of a software engineer ranges between ₹ 5,00,000 and ₹ 7,00,000 per annum. Similarly, the work opportunities for trained and skilled software engineers are increasing substantially.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for designing and building databases and systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing big data. The wide use of big data and data science applications across varying industries has broadened the scope of data engineers. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of a data engineer:

  • Make algorithms to convert data into actionable information.
  • Collaborate with different departments to understand the company’s objective.
  • Acquire datasets that align with the business needs.

On average, a data engineer in India earns between ₹ 7,00,000 and ₹12,00,000 annually. However, the figure is relative and changes with the company, job role, location, and others.

For instance, a data engineer with an advanced degree in data science can earn more than a graduate. So, taking up a data science certification course is advisable if you want to stand out from the rest and achieve a competitive advantage.

Emeritus India has partnered with renowned Indian universities to offer some of the best data science courses. These learning programmes are prepared by imminent faculty and enrolling in them can accentuate your career.

Petroleum Engineer

A Petroleum engineer is a trained professional who determines the viability of a project by locating reservoirs of natural gas and oil and determining if the efforts put into the process are worth the resources invested in it. The demand for petroleum engineers is increasing, but the number of qualified professionals is less than the requirement. That is why the salary of a petroleum engineer is lesser than the other engineering jobs. A petroleum engineer, on average, earns between ₹ 4,00,000 and ₹ 6,00,000 in India.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, maintaining, and operating aircraft and spaceships. Aerospace engineers perform an array of duties that requires them to have excellent knowledge of physics, among other things. The nature of aerospace engineering jobs varies significantly. Therefore, there are specialized subjects that an aspirant can pursue, such as:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Space flight dynamics
  • Propulsion
  • Structural analysis
  • Control system analysis and design
  • Fluid dynamics

With an average salary between ₹ 8,00,000 and ₹10,00,000 per annum, the aerospace engineer is among the highest paying engineering jobs.

Full Stack Engineer

A full stack engineer is like a software engineer. They develop, build, test, and maintain, various software applications. However, they are involved in software development, from research to prototyping. Here are some of the duties a full stack engineer performs in an organization, have a look at them:

  • Communicate with different members of the software development team.
  • Plan and develop strategies to scale the software development process.
  • They perform different steps to mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage in the industry, and more.
  • They design the user experience (UX), resolve bugs, and code.

On average, a full stack engineer with the right skills and experience gets anything between ₹ 5,00,000 and ₹ 9,00,000 annually.

These are the top five highest-paying engineering jobs in India. Therefore, if you wish to make a successful career in STEM, take up these jobs after engineering.

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