How to Become a Data Scientist in India

Technological advancements have created millions of new jobs in the last decade. From data scientists to data analysts, ethical hackers to digital marketing managers – all of them are a result of technological advancements.

It is no longer a piece of news that this decade will be overpowered by jobs that require hybrid skills (a combination of different skill sets). One such skill that has been in demand in the past few decades is data science and analytics. According to a recent survey, data science is the most in-demand skill of the decade, with companies employing candidates with data science and analytical skills more than ever.

The report further revealed that the demand for data scientists has explicitly jumped by 15% in the last decade. Although data science is an emerging career option, there is a lot of ambiguity about how to become a data scientist, why to become a data scientist and the future prospects of the profession. In this article, we will discuss how to become a data scientist step by step besides other related aspects. But before that, let’s understand what data science is.

Data science is an exciting field that combines data collection and analysis techniques and scientific methods to extract value or meaning from a group of data. It uses techniques like statistics, analysis, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make sense of the data. Those who practice data science are called data scientists.

Now, let’s glance through how to become a data scientist.


How to Become a Data Scientist?

A data scientist performs many activities, from data cleaning to preparing data for analysis and aggregation to arranging and manipulating data to perform advanced data analysis. Therefore, there is a great demand for skilled data scientists in India. However, there is not much awareness of how to become a data scientist.
In the succeeding section, we have enlisted a step-by-step guide on how to become a successful data scientist in India.

Step By Step Guide on How to Become a Data Scientist

Step 1: Find a specialization

An aspiring data scientist can collect data in any field – from the stock market to marketing. However, the motivation behind choosing the area should be chaste or else they would fail to perform efficiently. Therefore, the first step in becoming a data scientist is finding a specialization that piques your interest and attention. Thus, before you take up a course to become a data scientist, you must narrow down a field of interest and then work on developing the required skills and knowledge to excel in the field.
Moreover, having a specialization increases an individual’s chances of getting excellent job opportunities and competitive pay packages.

Step 2: Choose the right course

The next step is choosing the right course to study the basics of data science. After you have chosen your area of specialization, search for colleges that offer courses that focus on developing the skills required to excel in your area of interest.

Step 3: Explore and communicate

Data science is a dynamic industry that keeps evolving. As a result, there are new trends that emerge in the field now and then. Therefore, never stop exploring the world of data, or your knowledge and skills may eventually become redundant. And, to stay up to date and ahead of the curve, it is important to be well aware of the latest trends in data science.
You can also communicate with your peers to gain more insights into the latest trends in data science and learn about technological advancements in data science.

Step 4: Take up certification courses

You can undertake certification courses to expand your knowledge about data science and more. Emeritus offers excellent data science certification courses that increase the chances of getting a competitive pay package and lucrative employment opportunities for newbies and experienced professionals.

Step 5: Find a job

The last step is finding a job that matches your skillset.
However, these steps do not mark the end of becoming a successful data scientist. In the next part of the article, we will discuss some reasons to pursue a career in data science. But, first, here are some reasons why becoming a data scientist is the right choice.

Why Becoming a Data Scientist is the Right Option for You?

  • Data science is a highly in-demand job. Several reports state that there will be approximately 11.5 million data science and analytics jobs by 2026.
  • Data science is shaping the work environment of the future. Therefore, by becoming a data scientist, you will actively become a part of a future phenomenon.
  • Data science works on data collected from different sources. Therefore, if you are an innovative and creative individual, becoming a data scientist will help you use your creativity to develop customized and unique products for each customer.
  • As a data scientist, you will be working closely with the brand leaders. So, if you love to work with experienced people and learn new things, then becoming a data scientist will enable you with this opportunity.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence have evolved the life around us. Chatbots and other systems offer personal assistance to people who are going through a hard time. So, if you are an empathetic individual, then becoming a data scientist will help you serve people in need.

Data scientists require both technical and non-technical skills to excel in their job. Let’s get to understand the skills needed by data scientists.

What Are the Skills Required for Becoming a Data Scientist?

The demand for data scientists is substantially increasing with each passing year. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition, aspiring candidates must have some skills that make them perform their duties quickly. Here are some essential skills a data scientist must possess:

  • Knowledge about computing and statistics.
  • Fundamental awareness about different mathematics formulas and techniques.
  • Well-equipped to process large data sets.
  • Well-versed with data science techniques like data visualization, data wrangling, data cleansing, machine learning, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of different programming languages like Java, Python, R, etc.

Besides the above-mentioned technical skills, aspiring candidates must possess non-technical skills like strong communication skills and business acumen to excel in their jobs.

How To Prepare for A Data Scientist Job Interview?

Be it a data scientist or any other profession, clearing an interview round seems challenging, especially when your job requires specific technical skills. Interviewers test your technical skills and ask questions, which is sometimes daunting. Hence, preparing for data scientist requires candidates to go through common interview questions and answers.

Usually, people refer to different online websites to learn the commonly asked interview questions like an introduction to data science, data cleansing, data analysis, etc. or talk to their peers to gauge the type of questions asked during an interview. However, the best way to hone your skills and gain in-depth knowledge about data science is to undertake a course in data science or a related field from a world-class institute. Emeritus India offers various data science courses in partnership with institutes like ISB Executive Education, which will play a crucial role in helping you crack the interview and land your dream job.

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