How to Improve Leadership Skills –Become an Instrumental Leader with the Best Leadership Course

How to Improve Leadership Skills –Become an Instrumental Leader with the Best Leadership Course | Leadership | Emeritus

Most of us have often come across people who are referred to as “born leaders.” But are leadership skills always inherent or can they be acquired too? For those who wish to land a leadership role, there will definitely be a need to sharpen their leadership skills.

While some may have leadership skills and the tact to make others tick instantly, other leaders may struggle with their leadership skills. This is because leadership often connects with our soft skills. If you are someone who falls in the latter category, there is no cause to worry. With the multiple leadership courses available today, it is possible to hone yourself into the leader you have always wanted to become. Let us first understand how a person can improve his/her leadership skills.

How to Improve Leadership Skills?

There are different types of leadership and all of them require a diversified skill set, which can be honed by improving leadership skills. A few of you may ask – how to improve leadership skills? Follow these nine steps to find the answer –

  • Select one from the different types of leadership you want to follow
  • Start reading
  • Join a good leadership development program
  • Gain mastery over soft skills.
  • Set clear goals and track progress.
  • Take responsibility and volunteer
  • Network with leaders and find a mentor


Why Are Leadership Skills Important in the Workplace?

Relevant leadership and management skills are very important in the workplace as these skills help in making your teams stay on track, meeting objectives, and ensuring that the business is profitable. Moreover, when a person is transitioning to a higher role, then leadership and management skills are the first things that will enable them to scale the wall with ease. Apart from obvious promotions, leadership development will also earn a person more respect from colleagues and therefore, lead to better working relationships and increased job satisfaction. In fact, the benefits can stretch to a person’s personal life as well.

How to Develop Leadership Qualities?

There are some sure-shot ways of developing leadership qualities. Continue reading for some excellent tips.

Follow your passion

Leaders are passionate and therefore, can motivate others to succeed as well. It is possible to differentiate between a person who is working only for money and someone who is passionate about what they do. When a person is passionate, they will inherently develop leadership qualities to ensure that work is done right.

Enrol in a leadership development programme

As we mentioned earlier, most leaders need to possess soft skills. For example, problem-solving is a soft skill. It is possible to inculcate some other soft skills through a structured approach and this is why aspiring leaders must enrol in a leadership programme. A leadership programme can also bring awareness about different leadership styles.

Grab opportunities

Hone your skills and look for opportunities to do so. It could be through public speaking or leading a team of people for a project, etc. Even by becoming more aware of your day-to-day social interactions, you can develop the skills required of a leader.

Do not forget to hone your hard skills

While soft skills are imperative for leaders, hard skills should not be ignored either. Whenever there is a task at hand that is difficult or some situation that cannot be handled, a team naturally looks up to their leader for advice. This is why excellent hard skills and knowledge matter for leaders. When leaders have great hard skills, their team’s confidence in them increases.


One day of every week should be about personal reflection. This is something that every leader must incorporate into their routine. Going back to situations and the way they were handled, or figuring out what could have been done better, can improve things the next time something similar comes up. Only through this process can leaders be better prepared.

Find a mentor

Every aspiring leader needs a mentor. This will help them gain leadership skills and receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

What Elements Are Important in a Leadership Development Programme?

An effective leadership development programme or leadership course must have participants, instructors, high-quality content, and executive buy-in as the four critical elements. The program may not be able to fulfil its purpose even if one of these is missing. This is why leadership courses must be chosen with great consideration and thought.

Importance of Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership development programmes enable leaders to acquire leadership skills and attributes. They also help individuals in developing communication and decision-making skills as well as accountability. There are several online leadership courses offered by Emeritus India that budding leaders or existing ones can undertake to understand what outcome they want to achieve.

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