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Whether you’re a manager of a public sector bank or a sales manager in charge of a team of thirty members – one issue that every manager or team leader encounters is keeping their teams motivated throughout the year.

After spending the same monotonous work life every day and getting too relaxed after the festivities, it’s natural for the employees to feel a bit low. So, what to do to motivate them and make them feel excited every day when they come to work?

The more motivated the employees, the happier they will be. They will be more engaged with their operations and significantly contribute to your team’s productivity and output. If you expect good quality teamwork, you’ll have to take the responsibility to keep them motivated.

Today, we’ll share insights on how to keep teams motivated from the former chairman of NABARD (National Bank of Agricultural and Rural Development) – Dr. Harsh Kumar Bhanwala.

Let’s see what Dr. Bhanwala shared in his interview with Emeritus India.

Learn How to Keep Your Teams Motivated With Dr. Bhanwala

In the interview, Dr. Bhanwala starts with some points that will help you create a company that constantly comes up with something new and innovative that keeps the team hungry.

–         Constantly Updating the Preposition, We Define for Value Creation Motivates the Teams

In reference to the context, he mentioned the introduction of the Self-Help Group (SHG) in India. He pinpoints that one must help themselves first before seeking help from outside. He was proud to say that it became the world’s largest microfinance program.

Then he talked about the Kisan Credit Card (KCC), an innovative concept introduced again to the country. He asked, ‘why must a farmer always go to the bank to get some credit?’ That’s where the flexibility of the Kisan Credit Card comes to play, which is now available online too.

He also said under his administration; the country witnessed another program launch, titled Joint Liability Group (JLG), which ensures that landless people get funds for hiring some land to carry on the business. He concluded the pointers by saying that the constant development of new products and programs was seen and witnessed throughout the years.

“We went into the climate change area, and my technical staff was all hyped and responded quite enthusiastically as it was a new area to them,” he added. So, he implies that if we constantly update the preposition you define for value creation, it motivates the staff.

–         Let Their Contributions Get Appreciation & Acknowledgment

Then, Dr. Bhanwala continued to say that businesses must incentivize their employees reasonably, but they should also motivate them through avenues apart from money.

He said that you could motivate an employee in the public sector by ensuring that everyone else witnesses their contribution to society. If an employee can see the end result is very successful, they will stay motivated. He said that he successfully executed this within his former workplace – NABARD.

–         Healthcare Benefits Keep Your Team Motivated

In addition, some of the leadership styles changed. Small levels of success keep happening around the workplace. If you and your team can celebrate those successes with everybody around, they will feel motivated. At times, people confuse motivation with hygiene factors.

He says that we must not allow hygiene factors to overcome motivational factors at the employee level. So, the public sector gives suitable housing, ensures exceptional healthcare opportunities, and so on. To keep your employees motivated, the least you can do is offer them medical benefits.

–         Clarity & Delegation of Work

He then said that clarity of mission is also crucial for your teams to stay motivated. He said that when he worked for NABARD, he learned that when someone does a lot of operations, they must stop some of them.

He says that one employee must take on all the responsibilities, which everybody else should be held accountable for. The chances of the business’s success decline, and the employees start feeling demotivated.

What he means is that an employee shouldn’t take the burden of the extra workload. There must be a proper delegation of work.

–         Do Not Control Your Teams Too Closely

You must define your goal, and to do that, you must give freedom to your employee. He says that demotivation becomes high when businesses control their teams very closely.

He again emphasized delegating tasks equally to people. He says that it has always helped employees at NABARD to stay happy and motivated with this approach.

–         Introduce Simplicity with Change in Mission & Vision Statements

Then, he said that NABARD recently changed its Mission and Vision statements. He said that businesses must update themselves. The recent vision statement highlights that ‘we have to be the country’s development bank for rural prosperity.

He said that the statement is simple and easy to remember. Then he said that earlier, the statement was bigger, clumsy, and difficult to remember. Thus he advised businesses to imbibe those things which are easy to understand.

–         His Last Few Interview Words

He concluded the interview by saying that a clear understanding of what to do, along with a delegated work environment, motivates teams to reach their desired goals and results quickly.

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