Enamoured By Marketing? Here’s How to Start Your Career in Marketing

Career in Marketing

Who isn’t enamoured by marketing? It’s creative, innovative, aspiring, and thriving. There are numerous opportunities in marketing that are spread across various fields like Public Relations (PR), branding, promotions, and others. So, if you want to kickstart your career in marketing, consider following these steps:

Steps to Kickstart your Career in Marketing

1. Choose Your Specialization

As marketing is a vast field, there are various job opportunities in marketing under each specialization. You can choose your specialization from the following:

● Copywriting and content creation
● Social media
● Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing
● Advertising
● Public relations (PR)
● Branding
● Email marketing
● Video marketing
● Data Analysis

2. Check the Job Requirements

After choosing your specialization, start finding jobs corresponding to it. You can search for marketing jobs online on portals like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Monster.com, among others. Checking job opportunities is a good way to start your marketing career. Here are some important marketing skills that hiring managers look for in marketing professionals.

● Excellent communication
● Knowledge of excel and great at organization
● Up to date about new trends
● Problem solver
● Adaptive and collaborative

3. Build Your Portfolio

Building a portfolio is very helpful in showcasing your marketing skills. A portfolio must contain your previous work, which can be attached to the resume, which in turn will enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting a job in marketing.

For instance, you are keen on developing a career in copywriting. Then add samples from your previous work that demonstrate your skills. This will prove your marketing skills and impress the employer.

4. Take up certificate courses

Graduating in marketing isn’t enough to get a marketing job. So, take up a certificate or short-term course matching your specialization. These courses offer in-depth knowledge about the field and give practical instances, which prepare you for the real world. For instance, if you want to specialize in PR, you must take an online course that gives you in-depth knowledge about the field.

5. Gain some experience

Whenever you are starting out in a new industry, it is important to start by applying for internships. They prepare you for a full-time job. During your internship, you learn many things, from management to multitasking. Often these internships are done for a certificate, not monetary gain.


Marketing Careers- Types of Job Opportunities

Marketing professionals act as a catalyst between a company and its customers. They conduct market research, devise marketing strategies, and perform other functions to meet a company’s customers’ needs. Therefore, marketing is an important function for companies of all sizes. After being well-versed in different marketing careers, you can choose the corresponding job you would want to pursue. So, here are different job opportunities in marketing:

  • Brand Managers

A brand manager might sound like a glamorous job to many, but it is a job that involves responsibility and attention. A brand manager is responsible for working with a group of people to protect the brand and ensure that the products, services, marketing, and promotional elements resonate with current and potential customers.

  • Communications and Public Relations Professional

Communication and Public Relations professionals work with a team to plan, develop, and implement PR strategies to promote products and services. They often work closely with other marketing departments like social media and content to reach out to the customers.

  • Content Marketing Professionals

Their main aim is to communicate a brand’s message to its audience using content. They work closely with the design and research team to ideate new and innovative content-related ideas.

  • Digital Marketing Professionals

These types of marketing professionals use social media platforms and internet marketing to promote products and services. It is an emerging marketing vertical that is evolving and becoming a hit among the masses. Email marketing and SMS marketing also come under this marketing type.

  • Event Marketing Professionals

These types of marketing professionals plan events and help build a brand’s persona through them. Event marketing is an emerging industry and has a great scope in the future.

Types of Marketing Careers Based on Interests

There are many career options in marketing to explore depending on your interests. We’ve put together a few of them:

1. Research

The marketing industry relies on data-driven research to devise strategies. So, if you are passionate about research and have strong skills like Data Analysis, Critical Thinking, and Communication, then it is best suited for you. In this, your roles and responsibilities as a marketing professional will largely include research and related aspects.

2. Strategy

Strategy is important at every stage of marketing, be it product, brand, or content. You need skills like planning, communication, creative thinking, and analytical thinking to pursue a career in strategy.

3. Design

Distinctive logos and eye-catching packaging are some of the functions a design professional has to perform. So, if you have skills like – attention to detail, creativity, and quirkiness, then this is best suited for you. Besides having the designing and marketing skills mentioned above, you need to be well-versed with software like Adobe Creative Suite.

4. Writing

Words are the strongest tools as they act as a medium to communicate with your audience. If you take up the role of content marketer and writer, you would be responsible for amplifying the brand’s voice through content. You need to be witty, creative, and engaging to excel in this field.

5. Events

Companies hold events to increase the visibility of their brand and products. So, if you have skills like planning, organizing, budgeting, communication, and multitasking, you are best suited for this role.

6. Social

The emergence of the internet has led to an increase in the usage of social media apps. So, if you understand the nitty-gritty of social media and have skills like creativity, strategizing, planning, and eloquence, then this role is ideal for you.

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Marketing Department?

1. Developing marketing strategies that align with the goals of the company.
2. Team with other departments to perform effortless and engaging media campaigns.
3. Analyze data and reports to improve the results of campaigns.
4. Conduct market research on products of the competitors
5. Perform market research to identify the demands of the target audience.
6. Develop content for blogs and infographics for the different social media platforms.
7. Manage budgets of campaigns and advertisements.
8. Monitor the visibility and profitability of products.

What Are the Skills Required for Becoming a Marketer?

1. Excellent communication skills
2. Good research skills
3. problem-solving skills
4. Analytical skills
5. Social media management

Marketing Jobs Available in India

Until a decade ago, marketing was not considered a lucrative industry. However, today the industry is thriving and attracting many aspirants for a variety of job titles. Here are some of the popular marketing jobs in India:

  • Digital marketing manager
  • Content marketing manager
  • Content writers
  • Copywriters
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Social media marketing managers
  • SEO executives
  • Search engine marketers

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