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The Complete Guide – IT Manager Salary Trends in India

The demand for technology professionals has been steadily growing across all the sectors. Among these, one of the top hiring industries is information technology (IT). Some of the domains in which hiring is done include software development, artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, cybersecurity, data science, and digital marketing. One major reason for this demand is the increased digitization of workplaces. Companies are looking for professionals with the ability to manage enterprise-level tech solutions and lead staff members for better outcomes. In this blog, we’ll discuss all these aspects and an IT manager’s salary in detail. Let’s begin with understanding an IT manager’s salary in India.

IT Manager Salary in India

According to Payscale, the average salary of an IT manager in India currently stands at INR 12,94,452 per year. The mean pay is estimated at around INR 12,00,000 per year. At its highest, an IT manager’s salary can reach up to INR 32,00,000 per year. Considering these figures, the job of an IT manager is very lucrative, though the final remuneration would depend on numerous factors.

Future Scope of an IT Manager’s Salary in India

It is expected that in the times ahead, an IT manager’s salary will be hiked by about 8.6% in the post-pandemic world. We are the world’s second-fastest digitizing economy and are adopting more and more technology solutions across different industries. This is one of the major reasons behind the rising demand of IT managers and therefore, an IT manager’s salary is expected to increase even further. IT managers who have an advanced training in technology, and business management are likely to get a better salary in India. Now that you know a little bit about the basic figures of an IT manager’s salary in India, you can either begin planning a career in this domain or hone your existing skills.

IT Manager’s Job Responsibilities

IT manager’s roles and responsibilities are varied in nature. It includes developing strong foundational knowledge of computer networks, administration, and core management concepts. Those who have a background in data centre management, data governance, and personnel management have an added bonus. There are three specific areas of preparation for taking up an IT manager’s roles and responsibilities.

Operational and situational: This is to help you test critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude based on different circumstances.

Role-specific: This means understanding the domain that you will be working on. It is important to understand the curriculum and subject matter.

Behavioural: This is based on your experience and engagements in different IT tasks. It helps understand how you navigate real-life issues and predict future outcomes.

The IT manager’s responsibilities include managing and monitoring IT and computer systems, as well as the technical teams who are working on them. IT manager’s roles and responsibilities also include ensuring operational efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness of various processes and making improvements.

Factors Affecting an IT Manager’s Salary in India


An IT manager’s or IT project manager’s salary varies across different locations. According to estimates, Bengaluru is the most preferred city with an average salary of INR 8,72,436 per annum. This is followed by Gurgaon where an IT project manager’s salary stands at INR 7,95,446 per annum. The other cities that pay well for IT talent include Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Size of the company and the industry

Companies that have high profits pay the IT project managers well. However, IT managers can learn more and take up increased responsibilities in startups and therefore, the opportunity to grow is also higher.


It goes without saying that prior experience is one of the main deciding factors for an IT project manager’s salary in India. People with superior organizational skills and experience of having supervised projects and teams in the past also stand to gain.
– For freshers
For beginners in IT management, the average base salary stands at about INR 5,00,000 per annum. For post graduates and certified candidates, the remuneration is on the higher side.
– For experienced professionals
For experienced IT professionals, the average salary per annum is INR 12,00,000. This compensation improves with experience and people in the senior levels draw around INR 20,00,000 per annum, going up to INR 32,00,000 in the later stages of their career.

IT Manager Salary in other Countries

In countries outside India, the average IT manager salary will depend on the location of the company. For instance, in the UK, the average total salary is INR 65,89,240 at the highest experience level. In the US, for those at the highest level of experience, the salary is INR 43,092,000.

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