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Nowadays, companies consider a graduation degree as the minimum education requirement when recruiting. Therefore, a professional graduate degree is paramount in shaping a prosperous and long-lasting career.
Moreover, with increasing competition and everyone wanting a stable job with good compensation, it is imperative to gain a competitive advantage over others. Many consider top job-oriented courses after graduation to get an edge over the competition. These courses will equip you with job-specific skills and deep knowledge about practical concepts that can be used in contemporary business.

Below, we have curated the list of the best job-oriented courses after graduation that you can opt for at your convenience.

Many courses with flexible time and curriculum, like certificate courses, allow candidates to take short-term and job-specific courses online. In addition, you can opt for job-oriented courses after a degree as per their convenience and requirements. For instance, aspirants taking courses to learn new skills can opt for courses in data science, artificial intelligence, full-stack development, blockchain, digital marketing, digital transformation, coding, and finance, among others.

Here we have curated a list of the best job-oriented courses after graduation that you can take at your convenience.

List of Job-Oriented Courses After Graduation

Below, is the detailed list of job-oriented courses to land for the most paid jobs in India after graduation.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming one of the dominant industries nowadays. And more and more companies are shifting to digital marketing because they are getting more benefits from increased digital presence. Therefore, they are recruiting people who have specialisation in this domain. Their job profile includes innovation, marketing, technology, data, and many other responsibilities.

Emeritus India offers many certificate courses in digital marketing, including Digital Marketing and Analytics, Digital Marketing Intensive, Data Strategy, Digital Marketing Strategies: Data, Automation, AI & Analytics, and many others. These programs are offered in association with reputed universities. You can opt for one of our courses as per your requirement and climb the ladder in your career.

Data Science

Data science and analytics is the most popular and demanding course among the top job-oriented courses after graduation. The reason behind the demand is the increased use of data to make functional and operational decisions in companies. Data science and analytics courses include data visualisation, business analytics application, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML).

One can excel in different data science-related skills by undertaking several best data science courses offered by Emeritus India. Some of them are Advanced Business Analytics Program, AI for healthcare, Applied Business Analytics, and many others.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a data storage database that plays a vital role in companies dealing with products or services. It has gained momentum because it is believed to elevate and automate important business processes. They are used for keeping a digital ledger of transactions that is copied and distributed throughout the blockchain’s entire network of computer systems. Otherwise, they are used for securing the company’s data.

By enrolling in a digital blockchain certification course, you may learn more about blockchain technology and its essential features. There are several Blockchain courses on Emeritus that you can opt for. Each one is offered by renowned universities and is available in different models.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack development courses are believed to be one of the most sought-after job-oriented courses after graduation. It is because companies require full stack developers. Therefore, it is considered the best time to be a full stack developer, and having relevant skills and deep knowledge can help attract quality work opportunities. Interestingly, Emeritus India provides full-stack and programming courses with renowned universities.


The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasised skilled and talented finance professionals. Therefore, the demand for advanced finance courses like master’s, diplomas, and certificate courses has increased. Moreover, the current finance course’s curriculum is designed to match the requirements of the industry experts and non-financial professionals. In addition, with the help of online finance certification courses, you can learn about financial goods and services, trade and investment, budgeting, and other topics.

Emeritus India has several finance certifications courses, such as help in upskilling or learning new skills. These are additional certificate courses with graduation and post-graduation degrees to get the dream job. Furthermore, we have several job-oriented courses which can be pursued after the degree. These courses can help you upgrade and outshine the crowd with additional skills, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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