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Once associated with a game developed by the International Business Machines (IBM), machine learning has evolved significantly in the past few decades. Now considered one of the necessary aspects of the modern business system, machine learning has come a long way in its journey. Moreover, the modern system has proliferated into industries like healthcare, business, advertising and marketing, data science, and others. As the implementation of machine learning into different industries is touted to change the face of the future, let’s look at some of the current applications of machine learning that are high in innovation and creativity:

  • Virtual assistance
  • Prediction while commuting
  • Video surveillance
  • Social media assistance
  • Product recommendation

Now, before we discuss the applications of machine learning, let’s understand the core concept of machine learning and the uses of machine learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Data scientists and business analysts who find it hard to answer what is data science will fall short of words to describe machine learning. That’s because the extent of machine learning systems across sectors is marginally increasing with each passing day, and it is hard to turn a blind eye to it.

Machine learning, it is an application that learns different programmes without any external interventions to their algorithm. They are a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that lets systems know new things and improve independently. It uses data derived from other sources to provide training to machine learning systems.

Advertising, manufacturing, retail, finance, and logistics are industries that actively use machine learning systems to attain efficacy and automation. In addition to increasing productivity, machine learning is used in various day-to-day processes. Here are some of the uses of machine learning.

What Are the Uses of Machine Learning?

  • Offering recommendations while surfing the internet or using modern devices.
  • Machine learning models are used for fraud detection.
  • Machine learning algorithms refine search engine searches providing personalized results and user experience.
  • Various machine learning applications can be integrated into businesses to solve customer woes.

Machine learning systems have integrated into different industries and incited innovation and creativity. In the succeeding part of the article, we will look at different applications of machine learning and the ways in which it is transforming the future of many industries.

What Are the Applications Of Machine Learning

With its smart and intelligent algorithm, machine learning has introduced automation and efficacy in many industries like agriculture, healthcare, finance, marketing, and others. Here are some of the machine learning applications that have transformed different industries.

Product recommendation

Machine learning algorithms utilize a customer’s browser history to analyze their likes and dislikes. They use the same data to provide product recommendations to the customers. The retail industry and e-commerce websites are reaping the benefits of product recommendation features made available due to machine learning’s smart systems. As a result, the sales and profit margins are at an all-time high.

Image recognition

Image recognition refers to the technology that recognizes objects, patterns, and images. It is an AI and machine learning technique adopted by various industries to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of data and processes. For instance, businesses keep a physical copy of important documents and data in their company locker to maintain confidentiality and keep them safe. The safe that opens only with a pin or pattern helps companies save their important data from infiltration.

Virtual personal assistance

One of the major uses of machine learning is that it collects and refines information used by virtual personal assistance applications like Siri, Alexa, and Google to offer customized services to customers. From weather updates to social media notifications, virtual assistance apps make the lives of humans easier with their automated updates and guidance.

Social media services

Machine learning personalizes your social media experience by integrating your feed with what aligns with your likes and dislikes. Similarly, it uses your data to help you connect with like-minded people. From personalizing social media feed to finding friends, machine learning provides many social media services that enrich the user experience.

Fraud detection

There are many cases of online fraud that are reported daily. Machine learning plays a vital role in reducing cybercrimes by offering protection against constant online attacks, therefore, cybersecurity is one of the significant uses of machine learning. In addition, many companies use machine learning to track malicious activities.
Artificial intelligence and its subsidiaries, especially machine learning, have been growing rapidly. AI systems have been integrated into different business functions to offer automation and productivity. Here’s how artificial intelligence and its subsidiaries will shape the future.

How Will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Shape the Future?

There is a growing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. A survey conducted by Gartner also predicts that AI systems will dominate the business milieu in the next decade. The survey further revealed that artificial intelligence and its subsidiaries would be part of all the new software, products, or services in the forthcoming years. And by the look of it, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems will have a bright future. Advertising, manufacturing, logistics, finance, education, and other industries will implement AI systems into their operations.

Furthermore, it is believed that companies will only recruit employees familiar with artificial intelligence and machine learning systems. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to build a career in data science and analysis, learning the core concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning will help you secure a prestigious job.

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