Online Courses with Certificates from Universities in Singapore

Are you looking for online courses with certificates from universities in Singapore? With Emeritus, you can access online courses from world-renowned universities in Singapore and get a certificate upon completion. These online courses allow you to learn the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to stay ahead of the game today.

The online courses are designed by faculty members of partnering universities and are offered in a variety of topics, from business to finance, technology, engineering and science. Every online course is interactive and engaging, with videos, assessments and forums to ensure you get the best online learning experience.

Keep reading as we explore the online courses available from universities in Singapore and the benefits of online learning.

Chief Strategy Officer Certification, in association with the National University of Singapore (NUS)

The Chief Strategy Officer Certification is designed to equip senior executives with the knowledge and competencies required for successful strategy formulation and implementation. This online course, in association with NUS, provides a comprehensive understanding of strategy formulation and implementation processes through interactive online content, assessments and project work. Upon completion of this online course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion issued by the National University of Singapore’s Executive Development Centre.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Programme Duration: 9 Months, Online 3-5 hours per week, 2 Live Sessions with Faculty
  • Programme Fee: US$12,000

Who is this certification for?

  • Individuals with 10 years of work experience plus 5 or more years of management experience
  • Has fluency in written and spoken English
  • Individuals who are Leading business/ functions/ business development in a region
  • Leaders focused on executing growth initiatives, introducing innovations in different markets

Negotiation Strategies Certification, in association with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

The negotiation strategies Certification online course, in association with NUSLKY, will enable you to develop effective negotiation skills by equipping you with the knowledge and tools required for successful negotiations. As an executive, you will gain valuable insight into the dynamics of negotiation, learn to handle negotiations confidently, and develop effective strategies to deliver positive outcomes. In a business setting, you will also gain key skills in negotiating deals and contracts. The programme comes with 60 Recorded Video Lectures, 12 Assignments / Applications, 6 Real-World Case Studies, and 3 Role Plays.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Programme Duration: 2 months, online 4-6 hours per week
  • Programme Fee: US$1,500

Who is this certification for?

  • C-suite/Directors who are involved in negotiations
  • Business professionals who are responsible for setting up and managing deals between multiple parties
  • Individuals aiming to acquire skills in contract negotiation, arbitration or dispute resolution
  • Mid-to Senior-Level Executives looking to gain the latest negotiation skillsets.
  • Anyone interested in developing essential negotiation skillsets.

Professional Certificate in Fintech from Singapore Management University (SMU)

The Professional Certificate in Fintech online course from SMU equips you with the knowledge and skills to help your organisation remain competitive in the rapidly changing landscape of financial technology. This online course is designed to provide an overview of fintech, covering topics such as online payments, blockchain, artificial intelligence and more. You will also develop an understanding of how technology can be used to create innovative products and services that can reach a wider audience. This is a 6-month online course with online lectures, quizzes and project work that will help you implement strategic initiatives in your function/organisation.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Programme Duration: 6 Months, Online 3-4 hours per week, Live Online Sessions every Saturday 2:30 PM-5:00 PM SGT
  • Programme Fee: US$4,000

Who is this certification for?

  • Fintech professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Professionals in the banking, insurance, and financial services sectors who are looking to drive digital transformation initiatives
  • Individuals interested in developing knowledge and expertise related to fintech.

How to Choose the Best Online Courses with Certificate in Singapore?

Choosing the best online courses with certificate in Singapore can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to consider your individual career goals and choose a relevant online course with certificates that fit your needs.

  • When selecting online courses, ensure that they are provided by universities in Singapore or have been developed in partnership with reputed institutions.
  • It’s also important to look for online courses that cover topics related to your field of interest and offer comprehensive learning materials such as live lectures, quizzes and project work.
  • Finally, evaluate the cost of the online course and make sure it is within your budget before making a decision.

How Emeritus can Help?

Emeritus offers online courses with certificates from leading universities in Singapore. Our online courses are designed and delivered by experts to ensure that you get the best learning experience. We have partnered with top universities in Singapore to offer online courses covering a wide range of topics.

We also provide access to online support groups and mentors to help you gain the most out of your online learning experience. Emeritus has a team of dedicated professionals available to answer any queries you might have regarding our online courses.

Start your journey towards professional growth today with Emeritus! Visit our website for more information on online courses with certificates from universities in Singapore.

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