Building the Perfect Resume for a Finance Manager Role

Building the Perfect Resume for a Finance Manager Role | Finance | Emeritus

Innovation in finance and technology creates more work opportunities for finance graduates across various industries. Moreover, companies are trying to embed modern financial services into their operational model, rendering an exciting job opening for skilled and talented finance professionals with advanced degrees and certifications. Although many job titles across the industry have a positive demand, finance managers are believed to be the most in-demand role by the experts.
Therefore, if you are planning a career in finance, creating an excellent resume will help attract opportunities that foster sustained growth and increment. In addition, to that understanding, the essential points or components to include in a finance manager’s resume to increase your chances of attracting the right work opportunities. As a result, this article will enlist the prerequisites required to make your resume stand out from the rest.

What Is The Importance Of A Good Resume In A Finance Manager’s Career?

Finance managers play a vital role in an organization. They are responsible for taking care of a company’s finance-related functions, including evaluating and producing financial reports, monitoring portfolio management processes, conducting data analysis, planning and strategizing funds, and risk management, among others. That’s why experts believe that in some business scenarios, finance managers vicariously play the role of a financial risk manager in business organizations.

The demand for skilled and talented finance managers is increasing substantially, and employers are looking for candidates with appropriate skills and deep knowledge of the field. Interestingly, business leaders are considered to be scrutinizing every aspirant before recruiting them. Thus, having an excellent resume helps highlight a candidate’s skills, educational qualifications, and other job-oriented essential details. In addition to that, here are some of the reasons why having a resume elevates your career as a finance manager; check out:

  • A finance manager’s resume helps employers gauge a candidate’s abilities in performing tasks such as generating financial reports, developing strategies, and setting up goals.
  • A well-designed and structured resume provides an insight into the work culture and ethics of candidates that helps the hiring managers to understand them better and judge if they are ideal for the company.
  • Highlights the previous work experience that helps in understanding their previous roles and responsibilities, rendering to knowing their abilities to adapt and adjust to the current role.

In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the main components of a finance manager’s resume. Whether a fresher or an experienced professional, these finance manager’s resume components will help you attract quality work opportunities that lead to growth and progress.

What Are The Main Elements Of A Finance Manager’s Resume?

Here are the prerequisites required to make an excellent resume:

1. Resume header
The resume header includes details like name, address, email or contact details, current position, etc. It is considered the best way for the recruiter to understand the candidate’s personal details. Generally, it is placed at the top of the resume. Moreover, some aspirants also include their photographs in this section.

2. Career objectives
Demonstrating your career objective will help the recruiters understand what you expect from the job. Moreover, it helps them align the company’s goals to that of your objectives to see if you will be the right fit for the company.
Furthermore, career objectives help in highlighting your skills, proficiencies, and experience, among others.

3. Experience
Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher excellent resume plays a pivotal role in building a successful career as a finance manager. It highlights essential career pivots like experience, skills, and education that help the recruiter choose the best among the rest. In addition, it helps the hiring managers gauge the results drawn by the candidates with their previous projects. That’s why work experience is a pivotal component of a finance manager’s resume.
It helps combine job responsibilities with achievements. Simply put, it helps in quantifying the duties of the finance manager.

4. Skills
It is believed that there is an evident skill gap in the finance industry that extends to the finance manager’s role. Therefore, employers are in the quest for skilled and talented finance managers; including hard and soft skills in the resume can increase your chances of getting a job. Here are some of the skills employers are looking for in aspiring finance managers; check out:

  • Well-versed with cash flow and other financial statements
  • Analytical skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Basic understanding of statistical modeling and different software
  • Good communication skill

5. Certification

Employers are interested in knowing your educational qualification that they know if you know the answer to what is financial management. So, including details about your certification programmes or diploma courses is the best way to increase your chances of getting a job. It helps the hiring managers know that you have appropriate skills and deep knowledge of the field.

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