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A sales manager is a professional who guides and trains the sales team in the analysis of data and the development of sales plans. Individuals interested in a career as a sales manager should highlight their skills and expertise in their resume to increase their chances of getting a job offer. A well-written resume with proper formatting can catch the attention of a recruiter. In this blog, let’s discuss some helpful tips for writing a sales manager resume.

How Critical Is It To Create An Effective Resume For An Sales Manager Position?

By creating a strong sales manager resume, sales professionals can showcase their abilities and career goals to recruiters. Your talents, personality, and abilities may all be demonstrated beautifully in a resume. This aids recruiters in getting to know you better and determining whether you are qualified for the sales position.
Since it is the first time you and the recruiters will meet, your sales manager resume serves as a means of communication. It aids in expressing your abilities and potential to hiring managers.
Also, to sort through hundreds of resumes and select the best ones, recruiters utilise the ATS, or applicant tracking system. Therefore, you need to write an ATS-targeted resume with terms that recruiters use to describe the desired job.

What Should You Include in Your Resume for the Position of Sales Manager?

1. Summary
A recruiter or hiring manager will read the resume objective, also known as an executive or professional summary, first. They also want to know more about you than if you know what is marketing in business and the difference between sales and marketing. This is where you’ll give a one- to two-sentence summary of your experience to show the employer that you’re qualified for the position.

When applying for sales manager positions, include the following elements in your objective section:

  • A summary of your experience, including years of sales experience, relevant skills, and advanced degrees.
  • How you will add value to the organisation for which you are applying.
  • Your professional goals in connection to the job.

2. Education
Recruiters can identify you as a qualified candidate based on your educational credentials. Almost every job description requires applicants to have a certain level of educational qualification, so you must include them in your resume if you have them. The education section of your resumes for sales managers should ideally include all your educational details.

3. Skills
Sales managers must manage campaigns, assist in product promotion, and manage employees daily. To be a successful sales manager, you must possess a diverse set of sales skills. Listing skills on your resume is an excellent way to quickly demonstrate to the hiring manager which sales expertise and skills you possess will assist you in completing the job. You should include both hard and soft skills on your resume to demonstrate that you are a well-rounded candidate.

Hard skills:

  • Software: HubSpot Sales, Salesforce, Freshsales, Pipedrive
  • Customer and client relationships
  • Financial forecasting
  • Market research and strategy
  • Product knowledge
  • Sales planning
  • Sales presentations and demos
  • Social media management
  • Contract negotiation

Soft skills:

  • Analytical and research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Conflict management and resolution

4. Certification
According to experts, including all certification course information increases your chances of being shortlisted. Furthermore, employers today seek operations managers with broad knowledge and skills in a variety of areas, which a certification course can help with. If you haven’t taken a certification course yet and are interested in doing so, learn more about what is marketing and enrol yourself at the earliest to build on your foundation.

Emeritus India provides some of the best sales and marketing courses online that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to attract the right opportunities. They will go on to teach you more than what is marketing in business. We have partnered with renowned Indian and international universities and colleges to provide the best sales and marketing courses online, where you will learn what project management is and everything that comes with it.

How to Build A Sales Manager Resume For Freshers?

Due to their lack of work experience or relevant experience, creating a sales manager Resume for freshers can be a little challenging. You will need to persuade hiring managers to take a chance on you because you lack years of professional expertise. Thankfully, everyone started somewhere, and businesses are constantly searching for new talent to bring new viewpoints to the table. Therefore, the following considerations should be made by newcomers when writing a sales manager resume for freshers:

  • Proofread your resume: Check your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes by proofreading it thoroughly. A well-written CV indicates your professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Align your skills to each employer’s needs: Make changes to your resume to reflect each job description’s requirements. To grab the hiring manager’s attention, look for keywords in the job description and incorporate them into your CV where appropriate.
  • Keep your resume short: Even if you have a lengthy job history, keep your resume to one or two pages. In doing so, you make it simple for hiring managers and potential employers to find your qualifications.
  • Keep the format simple: Use fonts and font sizes that are easy to read. Make to add spacing wherever necessary.

Sales Manager Resume For Experienced Professionals

The following should be kept in mind when creating a Sales Manager resume for experienced professionals:

Make it attractive: It is recommended that experienced employees who are building their sales manager resume should add details that emphasize their accomplishments. It helps draw in persons with comparable work titles.

Highlight your skills for better reach: A sales manager resume for experienced employees should highlight hard and soft skills such as analytical and research skills, communication skills, customer service skills, leadership skills, financial forecasting, market research and strategy, product knowledge, sales planning, sales presentations, and demos to increase their chances of getting hired.

Do review your resume before applying: Make a good first impression on hiring managers with your resume. Check your resume for spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues. Make sure everything is factual and that you are using the appropriate professional language and vocabulary for the role. It’s a clever idea to go through at least two rounds of reviews with your resume and ask a reliable friend or coworker to examine it.

Do make your resume easy to read: Avoid using elaborate or unconventional formatting on your resume because hiring managers must sift through hundreds of them. Keep things plain and uncomplicated: use professional fonts, subdued colours, and divisions that are ordered.

Make sure to use all the tips in this blog to help you write a great sales manager resume for freshers and experienced professionals.

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