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Project Management Certification Course: Importance and Eligibility Criteria


The demand for project management professionals (PMP) is increasing with each passing day. A recent study, published on Project Management Institute’s (PMI) website, revealed that there would be 25 million PMP jobs in the forthcoming years. Additionally, countries like India, China, Canada, the United States, and others will generate more project management employment opportunities in the foreseeable future. However, though the need for new PMP is increasing, there is a huge gap between the skills possessed by current project management graduates and what the industry demands.

The current project management graduates lack skills like team management, project management, communication skills, and budget management, which decreases their efficiency and productivity. They lack these skills mainly because they limit their learning process. After completing their preliminary studies (graduation/post-graduation), they put a halt to their learning process, which might not be a wise idea in today’s world where individuals are constantly learning and progressing. And this is what takes their career to greater heights.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, begin your journey towards success by undertaking one of the PMP certification courses. These courses equip you with practical skills and theoretical knowledge that comes in handy while managing a project.

PMP certification courses offer practical insights into project management. It equips you with tools, techniques, and skills that make you a better project management professional. Here are some of the reasons for pursuing the best project management certification course.

Why Pursue a PMP Certification Course?

There can be several reasons for taking up a PMP certification course. Here, we’ve listed some of the common reasons for choosing a short-term project management course.

1. Industry recognition
Project managers or professionals with a PMP certification are in high demand and value in the market. In addition, many companies believe that professionals with PMP certifications are more capable of completing projects in time and within the budget.

2. Learning important skills
Certificate courses are more intensive and train you for the professional world. They equip you with several hard and soft skills to enhance your efficiency and productivity in a professional milieu. Moreover, certification courses educate you on several project management processes, tools, and techniques, which prepare you for the job.

3. High income
The best thing about project management certification courses is that it helps in acquiring jobs with a higher pay scale. The average salary for certified professionals is significantly high.

4. Validates dedication
An employee who invests in learning is considered an asset by an organization. It symbolizes that you are keen on improving your professional abilities and learning new things to excel in your job.

Who is Eligible for Project Management Certificate Courses?

There is a huge demand for experienced and trained project management professionals in the industry. If you want to advance your career in project management, consider pursuing a project management course as it will give you an edge over others. All professionals having relevant work experience are eligible for such project management courses.

There are many people in a project management team. However, the most important member of the team is the project manager, who performs functions like designating, managing, recruiting, monitoring, and allocating resources, among others. Interestingly, project managers are in high demand in the industry. Here’s all you need to know about project managers and eligibility criteria for project managers.

Who Are Project Managers?

Project managers are often referred to as ‘change agents’ because they bring about positive organizational changes. They are organized, passionate, and goal-oriented individuals who use their expertise and skills to complete a business project. They perform functions like budgeting, resource allocation, human resource management, and project evaluation. Every organization has project managers, though they have different names like consultants, managers, etc. Therefore, project managers are an indispensable part of an organization.
Anyone with a project management degree or PMP certification and relevant practical skills is eligible for becoming a project manager. However, there’s a certain eligibility criterion for becoming a project manager that every individual needs to meet.

What is the Eligibility Criteria For Becoming a Project Manager?


The most important eligibility criteria for becoming a project manager is the right qualification. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in project management is imperative, but that’s not the gold standard. A project manager needs to be skilled, experienced, and up to date about the industry and its functioning to become competent in the job.


Every role requires a specific set of skills to perform the job efficiently. Similarly, project managers also possess certain skills to perform their responsibilities efficiently. Communication, leadership, organization, negotiation, and team management are common skills. However, four essential skills make an individual a good project manager – quality, scope, cost, and time. Project managers with these skills increase productivity and ensure the proper functioning of the organization.


Every company needs someone who is experienced and educated to lead their projects. So, businesses seek trained employees with proper experience in the field. So, if you want to become a successful project manager, you need to be trained enough to perform your duties and responsibilities efficiently. For that, you can undertake a PMP certification course inclusive of training.


With experience comes discipline. Every business seeks a project manager who is experienced in handling different situations, managing a team, and driving them towards business goals.

PMP Certification Course

PMP certifications ensure that you are the best at your job. These project management certification courses offer deep knowledge about complicated project management processes. It also gives you an insight into the working of the industry and offers practical knowledge about the field of interest.

If you are planning to pursue or advance your career in project management, it is advisable to take up a certificate course in project management offered by Emeritus India. We offer these courses in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and other renowned institutes like IIM (Calcutta), SPJIMR, and others. These certificate courses educate you with project management concepts and prepare you to spearhead a business project. The course is tailor-made for working professionals who wish to attain professional growth.

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