IT Project Manager: Your Comprehensive Guide How to Become One

IT Project Manager: Your Comprehensive Guide How to Become One | Project Management | Emeritus

An IT project manager is a trained professional who oversees projects related to a company’s IT infrastructure, setting up large IT projects, and executing any plans to meet the IT-related goals of a company.  So, if you are planning to develop a career as an IT project manager, we have listed a step-by-step guide on how to become one. But first, let’s take a deeper look at what this role actually means.

What Does an IT Project Manager do?

  • Developing project plans and outlining strategic goals for all technical projects
  • Managing the IT workforce
  • Carrying out all technology-related tasks and undertaking any related initiatives
  • Identifying key performance metrics to analyze the success of a project
  • Generating a schedule for each project to ensure their successful completion
  • Delegating and supervising project team members ensures that project expectations are met

How to Become an IT Project Manager?

IT Project managerStep 1: Get the Right Educational Qualifications

As with every profession, your aspirations to become an IT project manager need to start with the right education. For this role, therefore, you need a Bachelor’s Degree in IT, Computer Science, or IT Project Management. These can help you build a balanced skill set required for the role.

But apart from education, as an IT project manager, you will also need a unique blend of technical and soft skills. Additionally, you should also know about the most commonly used project management tools like Jira, Trello, Dropbox, and Google Sheets to automate project management processes.

Step 2: Develop the Required Soft Skills

Apart from your educational and technical qualifications, as an IT project manager, you also need to have the right soft skills to lead teams and manage projects:

  • The ability to make complex decisions
  • Leadership skills to be able to effectively manage teams
  • Excellent communication skills to explain technical topics to nontechnical teams
  • Ability to negotiate well so that you can build better and lasting business relationships
  • Effectively manage and avoid business conflict, and also knowing how to divide resources more effectively
  • Good organizational skills to implement a structured process for project execution, streamline project collaborations, and keep things transparent across teams

IT Project managerStep 3: Gain Work Experience

Consider taking a few entry-level roles like project coordinator, assistant project manager, associate project manager, or junior project manager. These positions help aspiring project managers understand:

  • How to plan a project
  • The ways to effectively manage a team
  • The method involved in successfully completing projects
  • Dealing with conflicts and issues
  • Working with vendors and clients

Step 4: Get Certified

You can take up a certification to acquire advanced skills and industry-relevant knowledge. These courses also increase your capability to perform complex project management processes effectively, minimize project risks, and drive business value. Therefore, project management certificate courses are perfect for professionals who don’t have prior project management experience or participants. What’s more, these advanced programs give them a chance to break into the field and brush up on their industry skills.

Career Prospects for IT Project Managers in India

If you are planning to develop a career in project management, now is the right time. You can pursue project management courses offered by Emeritus. These top-of-the-line programs are offered in partnership with prestigious institutes like IIM, IIT, and ISB to enhance your career prospects.  

Frequently Asked Questions About the IT Project Manager Role

1. How Much do IT Project Managers Make?

In India, IT project managers make around ₹ 14,00,000 per annum on average. However, these figures are relative, which means the salary changes from person to person and depends upon factors such as company, location, work experience, and qualifications.

2. How to Get an Entry-Level IT Project Management Job?

In order to get an entry-level IT project management job, you will need to get a degree in business administration, management, or a related field. You also need to gain IT knowledge. Then, you will need to craft an impressive resume and portfolio that highlights your strengths, your soft skills, and technical expertise.

3. What Does an IT Project Manager do?

An IT project manager’s role is to supervise a team of specialists that plan and execute technical projects,  ensure that the tech departments operate efficiently, and help companies achieve IT-related goals.

4. What Certification do You Need to be an IT Project Manager?

Pursuing advanced courses makes the transition to a managerial position faster because it equips you with the advanced skills and knowledge required to execute complex tasks effectively. 

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