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M.Com, or Masters of Commerce, is a two-year post-graduate programme designed for individuals interested in careers in banking, financial services, and insurance, as well as accounting and commerce.  The two-year degree course digs into the mechanisms of the economy, revenue, capital, taxes,  and various areas covered in B.Com. M.Com, a comprehensive subject, encompasses a wide range of areas enabling the students to work successfully in different domains.  Comparatively new yet thriving fields such as FinTech and blockchain bring highly lucrative and exciting job opportunities for commerce students if they obtain certain short-term courses from reputed institutions.

Only individuals who have completed B.Com or B.Com (H) can apply for M.Com as it is a specialised field.  M.Com is another viable choice for CA/CS aspirants.  The M.Com course has an excellent ROI and might prove to be a worthwhile investment for students

M.Com is a professional course that leads to employment in practically every industry.  This opens up more options for M.Com graduates.  Every corporation or top business organisation requires highly professional commerce graduates to operate its finance, accounting, and business departments in various positions.  Banks, consultancies, and auditing organisations frequently recruit M.Com degree holders for a variety of responsibilities.

According to, there are currently 15096 job vacancies for M.Com graduates.  Also, there are about 4656 job availabilities in India for M.Com graduates as per the information provided by

M.Com’s salary in India is average between INR 5 and 10 LPA.  You can apply for commercial and public sector positions with this degree.


List Of Common Jobs After M.Com With Salary Package

Job Lowest Salary Package offered Average Salary Package offered Highest Salary Package offered
Account Assistant Nearly INR 1.21 Lakhs Nearly INR 2.16 Lakhs Nearly INR 4.12 Lakhs
Business Analyst Nearly INR 2.76 Lakhs Nearly INR 6.1 Lakhs Nearly INR 10 Lakhs
Investment Banker Nearly INR 3.43 Lakhs Nearly INR 9.4 Lakhs Nearly INR 50 Lakhs
Marketing Manager Nearly INR 2.9 Lakhs Nearly INR 7.17 Lakhs Nearly INR 20 Lakhs
Operations Manager Nearly INR 3.01 Lakhs Nearly INR 7.8 Lakhs Nearly INR 20 Lakhs
Finance Consultant Nearly INR 1.97 Lakhs Nearly INR 6.5 Lakhs Nearly INR 20 Lakhs
Chartered Financial Analyst Nearly INR 3.01 Lakhs Nearly INR 6.65 Lakhs Nearly INR 20 Lakhs
Company Secretary Nearly INR 2.9 Lakhs Nearly INR 5.84 Lakhs Nearly INR 10 Lakhs


M.Com in Finance

M.Com in finance is a post-graduate degree programme focusing on the systematic study of finance and related subjects.  Candidates enrolled in the M.Com Finance programme get appropriate data processing capabilities and quantitative approaches.  The finance course is meant to offer students a broad range of financial abilities while also developing proficiency in a specific business sector.  Students in the M.Com Finance programme study general business, accounting, finance, business management, human resources, marketing, and other topics.  M.Com in finance is a good option for students who want to pursue a PG degree and learn about basic financial principles.  Finance M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 5.17 lakh annually.

M.Com in Information Technology

The Master of Commerce (M.Com) with Management and Information Technology is a two-year post-graduate degree programme that consists of four semesters of study.  This curriculum assists students in developing knowledge in the fields of business, commerce, industry, and management, as well as the analytical and managerial abilities required.  Additionally, students can study electronic-based strategies for information collection, quick information processing, dissemination, systematic storage, and management of information with acceptable security that is required for data retrieval and processing. Candidates who wish to pursue M.Com in Information Technology may enrol in the various courses for IT available nowadays to receive guidance.  Information Technology M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 4.2 Lakh per year on average.

M.Com in Supply Chain Management

The M.Com in Supply Chain programme is a two-year course.  Degrees in Supply Chain Management prepare individuals to manage systems of people, resources, and information associated with delivering items or services from supplier to consumer.  Logistics courses include the design and execution of the delivery process while reducing expenses.  Supply Chain Management often includes working for major corporations, smaller businesses, and start-ups.  Supply Chain Management M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 11 Lakh per year.

M.Com in International Business

M.Com (International Business) is a Postgraduate Business Study programme.  It is a two-year, full-time curriculum focusing on identifying and managing difficulties associated with international business planning, control, and coordination.  The Master of Commerce in International Business degree prepares working managers and executives for more responsible professions by emphasising diversity and intercultural concerns, international interactions, and business methods sensitive to international challenges.  International Business M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 1.98 Lakh per year on average.

M.Com in Human Resource Management

M.Com (Human Resource Development) is a post-graduate Human Resource Management study.  Human Development (Biology), Developmental Psychology, Human Development (Humanity), and Human Development Index are the domains of human development defined in the Master of Commerce programme in Human Resource Development.  The Master of Commerce programme in Human Resource Development develops competence in human development, knowledge of development’s social and political contexts, communication skills, theory integration into practice, and research, preparing graduates to take on leadership roles in a variety of settings serving individuals of all ages as well as families.  Human Resource Management M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 3.44 Lakh per year on average.

M.Com in Marketing

M.Com (Marketing), often known as Master of Commerce in Marketing, is a post-graduate degree programme.  Marketing is the process of advertising and selling goods or services.  The Master of Commerce in Marketing degree covers all elements of marketing administration, including functional areas of marketing management such as industrial marketing, marketing research from both a theoretical and practical standpoint, marketing management, consumer behaviour, and so on.

Rather than simply marketing, the Master of Commerce degree in Marketing curriculum emphasises research and practice.  It prepares students to be successful marketing managers by exposing them to the marketing development environment and emphasising marketing management for small and medium-sized businesses.  Candidates who wish to pursue a Master of Commerce in Marketing degree may enrol in some of the best digital marketing courses available nowadays to receive guidance.  Marketing M.Com graduate salary in India is nearly INR 3.92 Lakh per year on average.

M.Com post-graduate degree prospects are excellent both in India and in other countries.  M.Com career opportunities in India are determined by speciality and demand.  The placements of M.Com graduates happen even in several departments of the government sector.  Working in the RBI, the banking industry, and the FCCI are the most common central government employment for M.Com graduates.  M.Com employment is available not just in India but also internationally.  They can work in fields such as finance, corporate industries, the stock market, international banks, and so on.

Freshers with an M.Com degree can strengthen their employability with certificate courses offered by Emeritus India in collaboration with reputed institutions such as IIM Lucknow, SPJIMR, IIM Kozhikode, etc.  Professionals working at the mid-senior management level can augment their skills to explore exciting opportunities.  Newer and flourishing domains such as blockchain and FinTech have immense potential and opportunities for individuals with experience and expertise.  Emeritus certifications benefit such individuals and empower them to steer their professional journey proactively.

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