Team Building Activities for Employees

Keeping your employees highly motivated by organizing team-building activities is one of the most crucial aspects of running an organisation. Focusing on employees’ well-being keeps an organization well-oiled in terms of keeping them motivated and thus, turning them into assets.

Team building activities not only help employees in boosting their morale, but also helps improve engagement, reduce stress and help in developing trust. For the same reasons, team building is the most important investment that an organisation can choose to make.

In this article, we will discuss team-building activities for employees that can be of tremendous benefit at the workplace.

List of Team Building Activities for Employees

On-site yoga

Research has proven that the benefits of yoga are huge in terms of physical, mental, and spiritual health. So, encouraging employees to do yoga can be a great team-building activity. All you have to do is to find a quiet location at the workplace and schedule a time for employees to do yoga. Besides a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, focus and productivity of employees have also proven to improve tremendously.

Treasure hunt

As children, we’ve all played treasure hunts at some point. This can prove to be a great team-building game during annual office retreats or get-togethers. In this game, employees are divided into teams and the items are hidden in different places akin to a treasure. Teams then spread out to find the hidden items. The team that returns first with the maximum number of items is declared the winner. Usually, there is a set time limit for teams to go on the treasure hunt and find the items.

Guess the Name

Another game we’ve all played as children is “Guess Who.” In this adapted version of the team building game, this game is often played to break the ice. The name of a famous personality is written on a sticky note and pasted on an employee’s forehead in such a way that he or she cannot read the title. Through a series of questions to team members, the person must guess the name of the personality. Questions can range from ‘Am I a male or female?’, ‘Am I a sportsperson or an actor?’, etc. A timer is set for 3 – 5 minutes within which the team member must guess the name.

Two Truths and a Lie

In this game, every employee is asked to write three statements on a piece of paper about themselves – two truths and one lie. As the team building game starts, every employee reads the statements in front of the group. The others have to vote and based on this, they have to guess what is not true about the employee. This manual version of the lie detector is a great way to get to know your colleagues better.

Team Building Activities to Boost Your Employees at Work

Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are like puzzles which can be posted on the organization’s internal communication wall each day and can prove to be a great team-building activity. These can be simple or made competitive with a session thrown in between. The team member who solves the puzzle can be given some reward. This reward may not necessarily be monetary, but anything that can add value to the team-building exercise. This will also elicit good competition. Brain teasers are a good way of encouraging lateral thinking and innovation by sharpening the wits!

Lunch ‘n’ Learns

Organize ‘lunch and learn’ sessions for employees whereby they can get their lunch and someone external is brought in to speak to them. Topics can be creative, exciting and interactive like travel, an anecdote based on funny experiences or even a career or skill. For instance, employees can be introduced to various data, digital, and it courses through such sessions.

Besides being fun, team building activities can help work on problem-solving, communication, planning, and decision-making skills too. It can also let participants understand the workings of the other departments. All in all, these activities benefit the organization in numerous ways.

Team Building Games

Team Building games are a great way to improve skills and employee engagement. Keeping in mind the larger goal can help employees make the most of these activities. Encourage employees to participate and not compete, set objectives and manage expectations, select activities that elicit the maximum participation. Schedule the activity during work hours and take feedback for improving these activities in the future.

Ice breakers

Ice breakers are simple team-building activities to lighten the mood of employees especially in the middle of a heavy meeting or lecture or brainstorming exercise. Icebreakers can jolt employees from monotony and bring back heightened creativity. For instance, you can ask everyone to get up and simply move their body, or ask them to sing or dance, or even laugh at their highest decibels. All in all, this will help break the monotony and lead to employee engagement.


Team building activities offer a plethora of benefits and help employees work on various aspects of their professional lives. It can also make them aware of other departments and their work culture, thereby boosting employee engagement and paving the way for new and improved relationships at work.

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