The 4 Major Distinctive Features of a Quality Score

The 4 Major Distinctive Features of a Quality Score | Digital Marketing | Emeritus

In recent years bidding has become more consistent at delivering solid performance with automated features. And it vastly benefits the advertisers to create more effective ads.
The need to pick CPC bids of individual keywords is no longer required. You can easily set the CPA and ROAS goals and let the machine calculate and correct the bid automatically. However, you need to understand the underlying procedure to achieve more effectiveness. Hand-in-hand work with the device can improve the results and save money.
This article discusses how quality scores impact the effectiveness of advertisements and how you can improve that.

What is Quality Score?

Quality score is a google rating determined by the quality and the relevance of both keywords and the PPC ads. Google provides this score to your advertisements, and you can use that information and use it for the betterment of your promotions.

How does the quality score work, and what are the principal features?

Quality score is determined by google based on the effectiveness and relevance of the keywords and the advertising. The score generally counts from 1 to 10 and 10 being the highest score. However, the score can vary depending on the intent of the advertising; if you get seven or more, your quality score counts as good.
There are four major factors that define the Quality Score include:

The Quality of the Landing Page

Many essential factors can determine the quality of the landing page. The quality score depends on the quality of the landing page.
Suppose your landing page doesn’t respond or redirect the customers to the things they are searching for. In such cases, the customer will generally lose interest and move on to another section.
You can make your landing page more effective and increase its quality. It would be best if you made the landing page as much as relevant, trustworthy, easy, and reliable. You can follow the below-written tips to improve the landing page quality.

  • Instead of using a generic home page, direct your audience to the specific section that they are looking for.
  • Try to use similar keywords on your landing page as the ad campaign.
  • Use effective call-to-action, and try to use the same in your ads as your landing page.
  • You must ensure that every page element supports your ultimate goal.
  • You must confirm that your call to action and value proposition match and stand out so that it can attract more clients.

You can use many more tips to improve the quality of the landing page.

CTR (Click-through rate)

Click-through Rate or CTR is a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per impression. The higher number of impressions and clicks of the ads is a sign of successful advertising. Which means your quality score will increase and vice versa.
However, there is a limitation when the CTR will be considered a good score; depending on the commercial intent, you need to minimize or maximize the CTR. Generally, the average click-through rate is 4-6 %. So if your Click per impression is 6-7%, it counts as good quality.
It would help if you made your CTR strategy relevant and affordable. That means you must make your added text, landing page, and offering relevant. And it would be best if you prohibited the keywords which aren’t profitable.

The Relevance of Keywords and Ads

The relevance of keywords and ads is crucial for a good quality score. You need to ensure that you are generating content relevant to the keywords. Also, your ads need to be relevant to the keywords.
Suppose the visitors want to know about some particular product name; your ads need to be the exact product or relevant to the search keyword. Relevance will lead visitors to the landing page and the product which you want to sell.

Historical Performance of the Account

Your google account will log every data and provide you a report of the page’s performance. The report shows the historical performance, which includes reach, impressions, clicks, and many other pieces of information, which are undoubtedly crucial for improving your quality score.
The report helps you to determine where you need to work by providing the categorized performance details. So it would be best if you made sure that the performance history is in your favor so that you can gain more scores in your google ads.

Wrapping Up

If you want to learn more about the quality score and improve your digital marketing knowledge, you can visit the official website of Emeritus India.

Frequently asked questions

What is a good quality Score?

Quality score generally measures between 1 to 10 pointers. If you get an 8 to 10, the content will be considered of good quality. However, depending on the commercial intent, the score can vary. For a low commercial intent, keyword 7 is a good score; for high commercial intent, you need to hit the maximum number to be good quality. You should also know that you must aim for more than three quality scores for competitor keywords.

Why is Quality score important?

The quality score is crucial for any company or domain that wants to use pay-per-click ads on google. The score directly impacts how much they pay for cost-per-clicks, so the score plays a crucial role in advertising. If the quality score is high, the advertiser must pay less for CPC.

What is the importance of the CTR metric?

CTR is a crucial metric; it helps you to understand your customers. With the data, you can know the measures you need to take to reach a larger audience and what needs to be changed.
With the CTR score, you can tell if you are reaching the proper audience or not. If your CTR score is low, you need to understand that you are targeting the wrong audience or not speaking their language. Or maybe you are not convincing enough to make them click the required button.

What is the keyword quality score?

Keyword quality score determined by the google Ads calculators. If the user searches the keyword, it will gain certain points and a quality score. Keyword quality score depends on many aspects, including location, search query, and search network.

How to increase your quality score?

You can improve your quality score by the following steps:

  • Make ads more relevant to keywords
  • Try to improve your click-through rate
  • You need to update your landing page constantly
  • You can use quality scores with other metrics
  • You need to review your quality score components

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