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Final year projects help students test the learnt theories to solve real-world problems. They allow you to evaluate your competence and show it to potential employers. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right final-year project topics.

This choice can be tough, but we have a guide for you. Here are a few final-year project ideas to help you decide.

Python Projects for Final Year Students

Python is one of the most advanced and widely used coding languages. It can support several computer processes by shortening the code. The language has user-friendly syntax and layout diversity, making it a hit among developers. Many final-year students use python for their final-year project topics.

Let’s take a look at some python projects for final-year students that have been created with great success in the past:

An alarm clock

A simple and practical demonstration of your python proficiency would be to create an alarm clock. However, unlike typical alarm clock features such as a clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer, you can customise it to play your favourite music and video to wake you up. The source can be YouTube, where you can copy links to a text file and code your app to read it.

A currency converter

A similar beginner-level GUI application is to build a currency converter that can convert one currency’s value into another. For instance, dollar to rupees or vice versa. What makes it more challenging is that currency values are constantly fluctuating, unlike time, so the converter needs to have a dynamic input mechanism.

Magic 8 ball

For fun-loving people, you can use python to develop a toy Magic 8 ball which allows users to ask any question and come up with an answer that would be accurate most of the time.

Dice roller

A Dice rolling simulator is a python application that can create a virtual rolling dice resemblance. A random number between 1 to 6 will come up whenever a user rolls the dice in a game. One would be able to roll the dice as many times as desired, and each time the simulator can pick a random number and show it.

Data Science Projects for Final Year

Data Science is another highly popular option for building projects for final-year students. There are several data science projects for final year students that you can build, such as:

Gender and age detection system

One of the most popular data science final year projects is the gender and age detection app. You will get plenty of databases for training your model. As soon as a person’s image is fed into the application, it will display the gender and age.

Emotion recognition software

This project is about developing an emotion recognition system which integrates audio input to decode the voice. It is a great option for the final year students to develop real-world skills. The application built as a part of this project can be helpful for people with hearing disabilities.

Customer segmentation application

Almost all major brands use customer insights for their business analysis and strategic decision-making. That’s where an automated system segments customers based on their buying behaviour, demographics, location, interests, income categories etc., which is highly in demand.

Android Chatbots

Chatbots for the android platform are in vogue these days. The project aims at designing a chatbot that can understand users’ queries and intent and provide accurate answers. Advanced chatbots can communicate human-like and be deployed to answer queries on various topics, making them a popular final year project option.

Data Science Courses Online

Various data science courses are available online on reputed learning platforms such as Emeritus, which enable you to grasp the necessary skills and technological know-how to execute your final-year project ideas.


One needs to choose final year project topics in such a way that it helps gain the right creative skills and the ability to turn ideas into functional systems. Going for the right courses is essential to hone your technical skills.

A platform like Emeritus would be a great place to explore skill development to avail better career options after engineering. The knowledge made available here comes from industry experts and a curriculum from renowned business schools.

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