Top Courses and Career Options after BMS

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Creating a more equitable and successful career in commerce seems like a distant dream in the current scenario. Typically, because the field is filled with sprouts of talents waiting to make a mark in the rapidly evolving industry. However, experts believe that certain advanced courses like the Master of Business Administration (MBA), etc., with their curriculum, yield the power to shape future business leaders.
Therefore, if you are a commerce graduate wondering what to do after BMS or BCom? Then this article will enlist some advanced courses to undertake after graduation.

What Are The Top Career Options And Courses After BMS?

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a three-year professional learning programme focusing on akin candidates with appropriate skills and knowledge to operate effectively in a contemporary business environment. The undergraduate course covers various subjects such as human resource management, marketing, finance, managerial economics, business law, etc. As a comprehensive course covering different facets of business, BMS is the stepping stone for aspirants planning to make a prosperous career in commerce.

If you are a BMS graduate planning to take up advanced courses to grow professionally, these below-mentioned courses will help you achieve that and more.

List Of Courses After BMS

There are plenty of courses and career options for an aspirant after completing their BMS. They can choose from umpteen master’s, diploma, post-graduate, and certification programmes. Here are the top courses to pursue after BMS:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the popular courses that help train aspirants to tackle complex business problems effectively. Moreover, the comprehensive course solidifies your business fundamentals, including marketing, accounting and finance, sales, business management, etc.

Many Indian and international universities and colleges offer an MBA degree, and to enrol in the course, you need to pass the nationwide common entrance tests like Common Admission Test (CAT), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), and others. In addition to passing the test, you need to clear the group discussion round and interview round conducted by the universities to evaluate your critical thinking, communication skills, and aptitude.

If you are a working professional unable to commit to a full-time MBA programme, there are executive and online MBA courses. These courses are designed for working professionals; hence, they are short-term, comprehensive, and insightful.

Master of Management Studies (MMS)

Master of Management Studies is a programme offered by the University of Mumbai. It is a specialized business management course that shares the same curriculum as other MBAs. Here are some of the specializations of the advanced courses:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resource
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Operations

Taking MMS will open the door to new and quality work opportunities.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

The Post graduate diploma in management is believed to be similar to MBA and MMS. However, the one-year professional course helps in shaping aspirants into effective leaders. The course focuses on financial accounting, business economics, mathematics basics, and statistics, among others. Therefore, it is an ideal course for working professionals.

Master of Computer Application (MCA)

The use of modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning across industries has accelerated in the past few decades. And the Master of Computer Application curriculum aims to educate candidates about these applications and their use in a practical scenario. Moreover, the programme also focuses on equipping aspirants with different types of software- their uses, application, and benefits.

The three-year professional course covers computer communication networks, probability and combinations, software engineering, organizational behaviour, statistical computing, and others. Furthermore, anyone with a keen interest in computer science and an aggregate score of 50% or more in graduation is eligible to take the course. Therefore, you can pursue this course after completing the BMS degree.

Master of Commerce (M. Com)

Master of Commerce (M. Com) is a post-graduate degree that focuses on training candidates with the fundamentals of banking and financial services, taxation, accountancy, and auditing, among others. The two-year professional course also delves deep into the functioning of the economy, taxes, capital, trade, etc. Typically pursued by commerce graduates, anyone with an aggregate score of 50% or more is eligible to take the course. Moreover, taking the course will open doors to new opportunities.

What Are The Career Options to Pursue After BMS?

The commerce sector offers plenty of growth opportunities to entrants and experienced professionals. Thus, taking a commerce course ensures you will get exciting and quality work opportunities after completion. Below, we will look at the career options that are available after completing BMS.

Operations Manager

Operations managers play a vital role in the smooth functioning of an organization. They enforce effective systems and regulations in the company for smooth and efficient functioning. Therefore, employers look for candidates with skills like attention to detail, multitasker, good communication skills, etc., and to equip them with these skills and deep knowledge about contemporary business aspirants take different operations management courses.

Project manager

A project manager monitors, controls, and overlooks every project, ensuring smooth and effective functioning. They play a vital role in organizations that simultaneously work on multiple projects. Employers look for skills like multi-tasking, organizational skills, and technical knowledge while recruiting a project manager.

You can enrol in our certificate programme which is specially designed for aspiring project managers. It is in association with Indian universities and colleges and is suitable for working professionals and newcomers.

Financial Executive

A financial executive helps in managing the finances of the company. From working closely with the sales team to the accounts team, the financial executive performs various organizational duties. There are many job-oriented courses after graduation that you can pursue to begin a successful career as a financial executive.

Data scientist

Data scientists are individuals equipped with different data science techniques, tools, and applications. They are skilled in performing functions like data cleaning, segregation, analysis, and more. Many data science courses educate aspirants about different tools, techniques, etc. Moreover, these courses help in attracting quality work opportunities. Emeritus India also offers a data science certification course with renowned Indian universities.

Customer relationship executive

Customer relationship executives are the bridge between the customer and the brand. They communicate with the former to understand their grievances and share them with the stakeholders. As a vital part of the organization, customer relationship executives should have communication, multi-tasking, organizational, and collaborative skills, among others.

You can take many specialized courses after BMS to acquire appropriate skills and deep knowledge. Furthermore, these courses will help you attract quality work opportunities.

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