10 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2023

10 Best Data Visualization Tools in 2023 | Business Analytics | Emeritus

In any data-driven business, data visualisation plays an important role. It helps turn data into visuals, making it easy for stakeholders and others to understand data and make critical business decisions.
There are many tools and techniques that make the data visualisation process smooth. In this article, we will discuss these tools in detail.

List of Data Visualisation Tools in 2023

There are many data visualisation tools available right now, and we have created a list of the top 10 tools that are used across industries. These data visualisation tools are versatile, user-friendly and allow you to visualise data in various ways depending on your business’s needs. Check out the top 10 data visualisation tools of 2022 below.


Tableau is one of the most flexible and powerful data visualisation tools. It is used across industries because it can convert a variety of data in a simplified manner. It is mainly used in governance, corporate companies, securities, maintenance, and other fields.
Here are the benefits of using Tableau for data visualisation:

  • Cost-effective
  • Attractive dashboard
  • Easy data blending
  • Mobile-friendly and can be used across multiple platforms
  • Best for interactive charts

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an interactive data visualisation tool focusing on business intelligence. Power BI is a collection of services, apps, and connectors that convert data into deep and coherent insights.
Microsoft Power BI lets you track your business goals and make informed business decisions based on data. It offers real-time analytics and data security features that protect user data.


Infogram is a drag-and-drop data visualisation tool that makes it easy for non-designer to visualise data effectively. It allows designers to conveniently create and share different pictorial representations, including charts, dashboards, maps, slides, reports, social media visuals, object animations, etc.

Here are some features of Infogram:

  • Responsive content
  • Possibilities for collaboration
  • Enhanced Interactivity
  • Designer templets


This visualisation tool can import data fast and accurately from anywhere, making it ideal for industries like healthcare, retail, IT, and BFSI. Designers can use the Chartblocks app to customise final visualisation, choose the correct data before importing, and create any kind of chart, among others.
Chartblocks offers excellent customer support, easily usable charts, graphs, and more. It is one of the most innovative data visualisation tools, which can be used on multiple devices, sizes, and screens.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is a part of the Qlik Active Intelligence Platform, which is known for its well-planned analytical performance and scalability. Designers without preliminary data analysis or programming skills can use this data visualisation tool. Here are some of the advantages of Qlik Sense:

  • Effective data usage
  • Faster calculations
  • Ability to combine and connect data from vast resources
  • Ideal for businesses working with artificial intelligence


It is believed that Datawrapper was initially created to add interactive elements like charts, maps, and graphs to news stories. Today, it is used by small businesses, news publishing sites, and students who want to generate graphic representations such as line charts, pie charts, vertical and horizontal bar charts and maps.

Here are the advantages of this data visualisation tool:

  • Ideal for small businesses, agencies, and students
  • Offers a wide range of pictorial representations like column, line, bar charts, scatter plots, and locator maps, among others
  • Anyone can use this tool effectively
  • Pictorial representations are automatically saved
  • Compatible with all operating systems


Klipfolio is a cloud-based data visualisation tool that gathers, shares, and displays your data in real-time. With the help of its data modeller, you can import, edit, and analyse data. It uses pre-built curated instant metrics.
The main features of Klipfolio include predictive analytics, a customisable dashboard, issue indicators, graphic benchmark tools, etc.
Here are the main advantages of Klipfolio:

  • Versatile and unlimited dashboard solutions
  • Accessibility
  • Built-in templates
  • Ability to integrate

Zoho Reports

Zoho reports is a comprehensive data visualisation tool that offers a wide variety of reporting options, such as charts, pivot tables, and tabular views. It is also known as Zoho Analytics and ingrates online reporting services and business intelligence for creating and sharing various reports. The tool also supports the import of big data from significant databases.

Here are the advantages of Zoho reports:

  • Easy report creation and modification
  • Provides functions like email scheduling and report sharing
  • Prompt customer support

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a highly flexible data visualisation tool with varied in-built features for extracting, modifying, and displaying data. The visualisation tool consists of customisable visualisations like maps, interactive scoreboards, charts, and gauges, which can be used in reports. This tool simplifies data cleansing, inspecting, transforming, and modelling operations.

Google Charts

Google charts is a leading data visualisation tool that can produce graphical and pictorial visualisations. The tool is user-friendly and easy to integrate complex data sets.


What is data science?

Experts define data science as a scientific process of drawing meaningful insights from large sets of data. It combines different principles of mathematics, science, and statistics to make sense of data.

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is an integral part of data science. It converts data into visuals, making it user-friendly, easily understandable, and highly useful in business decision-making. It creates meaningful and actionable insights for the team to work on.

What are the benefits of data visualisation?

  • Simplification of the vast and complex data
  • Easy data gathering and better accessibility
  • Deeper insights and greater efficiency
  • Accurate error identification for problem-solving
  • Intelligent decision-making from the well-organised data

What are data visualisation tools, and what do they have in common?

Data visualisation tools help designers present large data sets in a digestible manner, mainly in the form of charts, graphs, pie charts, and others.

Top data visualisation tools have a few things in common. They are:

  • They are all easy to use
  • They are capable of handling multiple sets of data in a single visualisation
  • They can create an output of both images and interactive graphs
  • They are cost effective

How important is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is critical as it converts data into usable information. Designers can use data visualisation tools to make information understandable for stakeholders and other business entities.

Who should know about data visualisation tools?

Anyone planning to make a career in data science and analytics should be well-versed with these data visualisation tools. Mastering data visualisation tools and techniques will help you build a lucrative career in data science and analytics.

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