Top Operations Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Top Operations Manager Interview Questions and Answers | Project Management | Emeritus

Have you received an interview call from a business organisation for the role of an operations manager? Are you nervous about what operations manager questions you will be asked during the interview?
Operations managers play a vital role in organisations across various industries. From day-to-day business activities to planning and strategizing product roadmap, operations managers perform many behind-the-scenes roles and responsibilities that help keep the business afloat and running. Hence you will be asked a mix of skill and situation-based questions.
This article will list some of the general operations manager questions asked by the hiring manager during the interview.

Top Operations Manager Interview Questions and Answers

1. What skills do you use to solve business problems?
Business organisations, government agencies, and non-profit organisations hire operations managers to manage their daily operations. In addition to that, they recruit them to mitigate operational bottlenecks the organisation might face. Therefore, hiring managers ask different questions to understand the candidate’s role in their previous organisation. Below, we have stated an example of how to answer this question.
I use various skills to solve an organisation’s operational issues. Using my critical thinking and problem-solving skill, I work towards finding a solution to the business problem. In addition, my ability to work in teams helps me communicate with every project member to understand what went wrong.

2. How will you juggle achieving your target and helping your team reach their goals?
An interviewer can ask various operational, situational, and behavioural questions to determine if you fit the role. This situational question is a great opportunity for you to showcase your multi-tasking, organisational, and strategic planning skills. So, frame your answer to highlight your skills to help the organisation achieve efficiency and productivity.

3. How do you measure the success of a project?
Operations managers work with executives and other departmental heads to ensure the smooth functioning of an organisation. Typically, hiring managers ask an array of questions about the success measurement tools an operations manager uses because they are responsible for evaluating the team’s performance and answerable to senior management. Therefore, it is a common operations manager question.
So, when answering this question, remember to highlight the techniques used to assess performance and briefly explain it.

4. How do you handle failure?
It is a very common question that helps interviewers analyse an operations manager’s leadership style. Therefore, include the learning from a failed project that altered your perspective, while answering this question. You can also add how you turned around a setback into a positive outcome.

5. How do you delegate work among the team?
Delegating work among the team members is one of the operations manager’s responsibilities. Here’s how you can answer this question:
I first identify the duties and tasks that need to be completed in priority and then delegate work among the team members. I align tasks to people with the necessary skill set to ensure efficiency and productivity.
The operations manager’s interview questions listed above are generic. Let’s explore some niche interview questions.

Operations Manager Interview Questions for Freshers

  1. What is project management, and how are operations managers different from project managers?
  2. How skilled are you in negotiating contracts with vendors?
  3. Which data processing software are you well-versed with?
  4. How do you identify the bottlenecks, and what measures do you take to eradicate them?
  5. What steps do you regularly take to ensure the smooth operation of different activities?

Operations Manager Interview Questions For Experienced Professionals

  1. Tell us some business trends, and how do you manage to cope with the trends?
  2. How have you contributed to increasing the overall effectiveness of your previous company?
  3. How would you approach an underperforming member?
  4. What agile project management methods will you undertake to improve the team’s performance?
  5. In your opinion, is there any difference between leadership and management?

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