20 Leadership Qualities That Makes You A Good Leader

20 Leadership Qualities That Makes You A Good Leader | Leadership | Emeritus

Every leader strives to become a good and effective leader, but leadership is a continuous process that takes time to hone. Frantically searching “qualities of a good leader” on the internet would not render any result. Instead, working on yourself, taking leadership and management certification courses, and following the footsteps of great leaders would. Continue reading to know about 20 qualities that imply effective and successful leadership.


20 Qualities of a Good Leader


Leadership is a collective process that requires leaders and their team members to work together to achieve success. An effective leader focuses on aligning their goals to that of their team members. It keeps the employees and leaders on the same page about business goals and objectives.


An effective leader does not hold his team accountable for the failure of a project. Instead, they find out the root cause of the failure and discreetly work on solving the issue. This very quality of a good leader sets them apart from managers, who generally hold their subordinates responsible for every discrepancy.


An effective leader is courageous and can face difficult situations alone. They dare to do what they deem is right, a decision that leads them closer to their goal. Undeterred and unaffected, a good leader takes many decisions that seem unpopular at first but turn out to be successful.

Good listener

A good listener understands, processes information communicated and acts upon it or provides feedback. An effective leader should be a good listener who works upon the information shared. Strong leaders also provide feedback and ask the right question at the right time.

Effective communicator

This is one of the top leadership qualities that every leader should possess. An effective leader’s words can light a fire in people that pushes them to achieve the unthinkable. A good leader should be articulate and put across their point succinctly. Effective communication ensures that business goals are met smoothly in the stipulated time.


The adversities of the current business environment do not bother a good leader because they have a flexible personality trait that makes them accommodate change. This very quality of a good leader also helps them embrace different perspectives and empower team members by providing them with a place for growth. A leader works with a team of distinctive individuals from different walks of life. So, welcome new ideas with open arms.



Leaders foster emotional intelligence, which helps them empathize with people around them. In addition, being an active listener helps them understand the thought process of their team and become a good leader.


Being focused is one of the many distinctive qualities of a good leader. They are focused on achieving long term benefits for the business and their team. Good leaders push their team members towards achieving the best of their capabilities.

Challenges status quo

An effective leader challenges the status quo rather than confiding in it. They guide their team members through difficult times and motivate them to do the same. This quality of good leaders differentiates them from average leaders and managers.

Eager to learn

Effective leaders are aware that learning is a continuous process. Therefore, they undertake different leadership and management certification courses to hone their skills. Besides that, they keep themselves updated with the ongoing business trends.


Fostering creativity helps in solving business problems in innovative ways. An effective leader bustles with creative ideas to solve the hardest business problem tactfully. They also encourage creativity and innovation in their teams by conducting activities like brainstorming.


Good leaders are optimistic about the future of their organization, it transcends to the team members, who leave no stone unturned to do their best in achieving business objectives.


Leaders direct their team members toward their goals. Effective leaders are passionate about their goals, and evoke the same emotion in their employees, who take their goals seriously and try tooth and nail to achieve them.


A good leader remains unaffected by failure, and they remain perceptive and resilient in difficult situations. A resilient leader focuses on the end result and not the journey. They communicate the same to their team, who follow the footsteps of their leader and set an example.


Effective leaders know that mistakes and failures are inevitable. They remain patient during difficult times and offer guidance to team members who find it hard to tackle failures. A good leader works on resolving the issues.


Honest and open leaders foster a work environment that is efficient and enjoyable. An efficient leader must be transparent with their team members, making it one of the must-have qualities of a good leader.


An effective leader is a role model for many, from team members to colleagues. Everyone looks up to them for their dedication and hard work. They also inspire others to be the best version of themselves.


Leaders are strategists who formulate various strategies for the efficient functioning of the business. Therefore, leaders are visionaries who set the company in the right direction. An effective leader’s charisma ignites the fire in people to give their best.


Another unique quality of a good manager is that they are self-aware of their skills and knowledge. Therefore, they work on honing what they know and what they may not be an expert in.

Problem solver

Having problem-solving skills allows teams to effectively solve business problems and move past roadblocks. Good leaders are great problem solvers. Therefore, aspiring leaders undertake many certification courses to attain these skills.
There is no litmus test to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership. However, the above-mentioned qualities of good leaders guide aspiring leaders to develop these skills to excel in their job. In the succeeding sections, we’ll discuss the characteristics of a good leader, and enlist the skills required by a leader.

Characteristics of a Good Leader

Leadership is about solving problems, fostering creativity, aligning business goals to personal goals, and more. Therefore, a leader must have peculiar characteristics that distinguish them from other business roles. If you aspire to become a good leader, here are the characteristics that will make anyone an effective one.


Leaders must exercise authority from the first day of the project. Then, gradually, increase the influence over the team to steer them in the direction you think the company should head to achieve their long-term goals.


Another characteristic of a good leader is transparency. The more open leaders are to the organization’s goals and challenges, the easier it is for the team to understand their role in the business. However, never be overtly transparent with employees; draw boundaries on the information you would and wouldn’t share from the first day.

Encourage innovation

Innovation ensures that the company has a competitive advantage. It is the guiding force behind the success of a brand. Therefore, leaders must encourage teams to foster innovation and creativity within the organization.
Innovation can often lead to failure, so develop an ecosystem that embraces failures. It encourages the employee to experiment as they see creativity is valued in the company.

Value ethics

To ensure maximum employee engagement and motivation, a leader must adopt high ethical standards in the business. It fosters a safe environment where everyone feels valued. Employees want their leaders to treat them fairly.


The evolving complex business environment forces leaders to make strategic decisions quickly, making decisiveness one of the important characteristics of a good leader. However, an effective leader sticks to their decision unless there is a compelling reason to shift focus.

Skills of a Good Leader

Every organization looks for an effective leader who possesses the below-mentioned skills. If you aspire to build a career in leadership, here are must-have skills that will prove valuable for anyone applying for the job.

  • Integrity
  • Relationship building
  • Critical thinking
  • Realistic goal setting
  • Positive reinforcement

Aspiring leaders can undertake Emeritus’s leadership and management certification courses to hone their leadership skills. We offer an array of courses that delve deep into different aspects of leadership, from what is leadership to top leadership qualities. Emeritus’s certification courses provide a deep insight into the functioning of the industry.

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