Pass Interview Round in First Attempt with These Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Pass Interview Round in First Attempt with These Sales Interview Questions and Answers | Sales & Marketing | Emeritus

Sales is the most important business function for any organization because it generates revenue for the company. From salesman to sales manager, every person in the sales department contributes to the smooth functioning of the business. Sales representatives work tirelessly to invent new hacks and tricks to excel in their job and beat the fierce competition. So, to stay ahead of the competition, aspiring candidates should give a crackling interview, and for that to happen, they need to be prepared. Below are some common sales interview questions and answers.

Common Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Tell us something about yourself

It is one of the first questions every employer generally asks. With this question, they wish to know more than your qualifications and skills. They need to know about your hobbies, your perceptions of things, and more. Therefore, while answering the question, remember to incorporate the above-mentioned points.

How comfortable are you with making cold calls?

As a sales representative, you should be confident and bold. With this question, the recruiter is trying to analyze your personality traits. While answering this question, share incidents from your previous organization where your superior appreciated you for handling cold calls well.

How do you handle failure?

Sales personnel have a challenging job as they are constantly under scrutiny, therefore, resilience and patience are two qualities every sales representative must possess. While answering this question, open your heart out and share your experience of how you deal with failure. Additionally, talk about the lessons you’ve learned from your failures.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Hiring managers seem to be obsessed with this question, the reason for which they ask it to every candidate. You might have decided on long-term goals for yourself; just share that with the recruiter. And if you haven’t, think of something in advance so that you don’t go blank when you’re asked this question. It will leave a negative impression on the interviewer. Remember to be honest and sincere while answering the question.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

Sales is a very demanding industry that requires executives to work long hours. With this question, the interviewer is trying to gauge if your personal life will affect your productivity at the workplace. Furthermore, they also want to test your commitment to work. So, while answering, keep in mind the mission and vision of the company, and collate your reply with it.

Sales Executive Interview Questions

Tell us about the most challenging client relationship you had and how did you improve it?

Sales executives are required to possess good interpersonal skills. Therefore, when a hiring manager asks you this question, they are evaluating your soft skills. So, the best way to answer this question would be by stating examples of how your patience and resilience helped solve a client’s issue.

What’s the most impactful feedback you’ve received till now?

The sales & marketing industry is changing rapidly, and old sales techniques have become redundant. In order to test your ability to strike a deal with a client, the hiring manager will ask different questions. Remember to share your experiences with clients with your interviewer.

Why did you choose sales as your career?

Sales executives need to be proactive and enthusiastic to make a successful career in the industry. Therefore, while recruiting, the hiring manager will try tooth and nail to understand your personality traits. Stress on qualities like passion, career-oriented, proactive, and energy while answering these sales behavioural interview questions.

Which sales-related skill do you believe you lack?

Recruitment managers look for honest and sincere people for the openings in sales. If you are someone who doesn’t have a filter, then sales is the domain where you will shine. Try to highlight this skill and personality trait while answering the question.

What motivated you to apply to our company?

As a sales executive, you need to be motivated and positive in every situation. Reflect on this ideology while answering this question. It is also your chance to express your enthusiasm for the company and share some crazy stories where your skills led to an unthinkable outcome.

Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers

What are your views on data analysis?

Data analysis is an important process that a sales manager performs. Managers are expected to analyze data and produce forecasts based on that. So, herein, talk about skills like problem-solving, and analytical skills, among others.

What do you think motivates executives the most?

Tread carefully through this question because the hiring manager is tricking you into giving them a bizarre and irrelevant answer. Remember that motivation is not a community experience, instead, it is a personal experience- reflect this in your answer. The hiring managers will be impressed with your answer.

How comfortable are you with technology?

The sales department is responsible for CRM- customer relationship management, a software that tracks customers’ feedback. As sales managers are in charge of CRM, they should be akin to technology. You can talk about any sales and tech-related certification programme you did in the past.

Why do you want to be a sales manager?

Everyone has a motivation behind choosing a field. While answering this sales interview question, shed your inhibitions and sincerely reveal why you chose the profile.

Why do you want to work in sales?

Herein, share anecdotes or incidents from the past that invigorated your passion for pursuing the sales and marketing field.

Technical Sales Interview Questions

1. What system do you use to maintain client information and sales?
2. How do you deal with disappointed clients?
3. What are your views on expansion?
4. Why are you moving from your current company?
5. Tell us about your background

Sales Behavioral Interview Questions

1. Have you ever lost a customer? How did to handle the loss?
2. How do you close a sale?
3. Describe how you realized your passion?
4. What about our company piqued you to apply?
5. How do you handle conflicts?

Sales and Marketing Certification Courses

Taking up a certification course will add an embellishment to your resume. Emeritus’ sales and marketing courses will enhance the skills required to excel in your job. If you wish to elevate your career, enrol yourself in the Emeritus certification programme in sales and marketing which is offered in partnership with globally renowned universities.

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